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A girl contemplating automatic blinds.

Let us preface this by saying that automatic, motorized window blinds are awesome. The reasons you need them are many, but there is simply a coolness factor that motorized and automatic objects bring. Modern technology is constantly pushing for greater ease and convenience for all of us. Motorized blinds are just one of the things that has been included in many modern smart homes, allowing you as the homeowner to live a life with so much convenience and peace of mind.

Before motorized window treatments came into being, every blind, shade, and drapes had to be drawn manually. This was extremely inconvenient for many, especially those who had hard to reach windows or had to worry about child safety (as children love playing with loose dangling items). The motorization of blinds and shades has done away with these kinds of concerns, as you can simply operate them with a touch of a button on a remote control and in some cases, with your smartphone.

Dress to Impress

No two homes are alike, both in its shape and dimensions, as well as how it is dressed by the home owners or tenants. With your home, you can really give it a swagger by having a smart home system in place and the best smart blinds operating on your windows. Smart blinds (also known as smart shades) come in a variety of styles, light control options, and fabric colors. With the choices at your fingertips, your home is ready to stand out.

One of the best, most impressive looking shades are natural shades. They are made of natural materials as suggested by its name, and like wood blinds, they add a magnificent, natural feel to your home. They give it a picturesque look that you simply can’t describe without seeing it in person. With a battery powered motor, it will simply leave guests and design consultants in awe.

Natural shades in a sitting room.

Unparalleled Savings

Automatic blinds help you conserve energy and save money. Yes, they are more expensive upfront, and yes, they use energy and a power source to operate. However, all of these represent a minor cost relative to the amount you can save. With smart blinds, control of the blinds is done with a remote control or they can be programmed to be automated. This feature is how you can save, let us explain.

Let’s say you live in a warm climate. The sun builds up heat on the ground’s surface and it also builds up heat in your home. As the sun gets higher during the day, it builds up more and more heat as it passes through your glass windows which creates a greenhouse effect inside your house, requiring more use of your air conditioning. With automatic shades programmed to close during these peak hours, you can negate this excess heat build up. This in turn cuts down on your energy usage as you no longer need to blast your AC, thus, helping to save you money in the long run.

The same can be said for cold climates. If you have insulating cellular shades, you can help trap the warm air generated by your heating systems and keep it from leaking through the glass windows. At the same time, you will help prevent the cold outdoor air from coming in. In regards to how you can make use of the automation, you can have the shades open up when the sun is up, having the sun rays enter your rooms and warm your home, and you can have them programmed to close as the sun sets, helping to seal off your home from the frigid night air.

Next level Convenience and Safety

You probably already have an idea on how automation adds so much convenience to your daily life when you no longer have to worry about operating the shades on a daily basis. Window coverings have always been needed for added privacy and light control. But the sun does not always remain in one place during the day, so with regular curtains and classic blinds, you always had to adjust them throughout the day to maintain the levels of light you need indoors. With motorized smart technology, you can have the blinds set to levels of openness per the time of the day, tracking the sun’s movement and saving you from having to get up and adjust the blinds yourself.

Should your home have high, hard to reach windows or skylights, then having something motorized to cover them has never been more ideal. Motorized skylight shades as always are operable with a remote, removing the need for you to climb up and manually open and close them. Not only does this add a convenience factor, but it also removes such an unnecessary risk.

The risk factor is also removed if you have young children or pets. The little ones are curious by nature and are prone to get caught up in cords of manual window treatments, risking strangulation. With a remote and motor, you remove that factor all together, giving you another area where you can rest comfortably knowing your child won’t get caught in the cords.

Your Awesome Home

A house is only as good as its occupiers. Treating it well and getting all the best gadgets, amenities and comfort zones are what make it a home. Turning it into an awesome living space comes down to building it around your needs and comforts. Motorized blinds and shades are awesome in their own right, as demonstrated above. If comfort, convenience, peace of mind, and beauty are things your want to bring to your home, then it has never been an easier time to do so by adding automatic motorized window blinds to your home.