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Why You Might Want a Drapery with White Plastic Backing

Why You Might Want a Drapery with White Plastic Backing

Drapery is one of the best window treatments available in the market whose market value hasn’t diminished despite the influx of a variety of window treatments in the past few years. In an era of motorized shades in rollers, honeycomb shades, Roman shades and vertical shades, many homeowners still go with the traditional and classic design of drapery to dress up their windows. These are window treatments with a wide variety of colors, textures, fabrics and designs to suit every preference, taste and aesthetics, and there are hardly any homes without drapery on at least one window. Looking for the right drapery or curtains might still be a challenge. We are living in an age where we are well-connected and have multiple options to choose from. So finding an authentic shade that can do justice to the other design elements of the home is a tough task. There are also other factors at play: how long will the curtains last, whether they will keep the room as comfortable (or more) than before, will the indoors stay protected, and so on. Many people have different solutions to the problem. But there is also one that might just put all these woes to rest: getting white plastic backing for your shades.

The Need for White Plastic Backing

Getting a thermal, insulated layer for your curtains has its purposes. There are people who get lightweight curtains at lower rates, which add a whole new dimension to the window, enhancing its beauty. But when it is time for the window to be covered because of fluctuations in weather and a rise in the prowlers around the house, an additional ‘shade’ becomes the need of the hour. In case of drapery, white plastic backing is pretty useful. There are plenty of reasons, and there are chances many of you might be aware of them.

Here are a few of them, just to reiterate their importance.

1. Insulation without resorting to caulking/weather-stripping: Homes in countries like Canada, known for their sub-zero temperatures in many parts of the country, require proper thermal backing in winters. Sure, there are methods like caulking and weather-stripping, but these might often threaten to ruin the appearance of your windows. The caulk can stay for a long time. If looks are as important for you as protective measures, go for a plastic backing to trap the heat indoors when the weather becomes chilly.

2. Lower the bills: This is a direct result of a properly insulated home. The room temperature of the home often gets affected because of the weather outside, and it’s often the gaps between the doors and windows that might make your abode too uncomfortable to be in at times. There are blackout and room darkening curtains that always come with an additional layer of material to keep the weather at bay. But when you know how to create a plastic backing within your shade, you can avoid being charged a bomb. What’s more? You can minimize the use of an air conditioner during summers and a heater during winters. This way, your energy bills will always stay within your monthly budget.

3. A Safe Haven: It so happens when your drapery isn’t opaque that the interiors of your abode are at the mercy of the outsiders, who can get a fair idea of whether the house is empty or not. No neighborhood is safe, and it often becomes our responsibility to ensure we protect our home from these prowlers. Get a white plastic backing to your light filtering shades and keep them shut all the way, especially during the night time or when you’re not in town.

4. Sound absorption: We value our privacy, working in peace, and sleeping peacefully. It is also an era where working from home and staying indoors has become the new normal. We deserve to secure our environment in a way that we are not disturbed by any outside disturbances: the honking of traffic, the squabbling of passersby, and neighbors who just wouldn’t turn the music down. A drapery with white plastic backing not only insulates the home but also absorbs any outside disturbances when we are focusing on a task at hand or trying for a sound sleep.

Final note: Drapery with white plastic backing is a requirement when the texture is lightweight and the shades are light filtering. You can pre-order the layer, or even create one yourself if you know the steps. This goes a long way in protecting your home and keeping it well-insulated and secure from external elements.