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Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Classic Blinds

A lady looking out her window blinds.

Today’s window coverings market is saturated with so many options. There are so many different types of window dressings with so many specs available, it will be enough to send anyone’s head into a spin. 

Sometimes, simplicity wins the day. Classic window blinds will provide the requisite needs from a window covering without bombarding you with so many different options to worry about.  

Stigma of Boring and Plain

There are some who picture plain white blinds covering the windows they encounter. These can often be found in workspaces, like office buildings and warehouses. Often these places are looking for the simplest and cheapest way to cover their windows.

The windows on your home need not suffer the same fate. While blinds are not as complicated as some as their window treatment counterparts, it does not mean that they lack for appearance options. Blinds have the option to come in several different materials and colors, allowing you to have options as you try to combine them with your home’s interior decor.

Boring comes from the idea that blinds only provide one type of look. This is not true at all. Blinds can be just as fashionable as shades and drapes, you just need to know what to look for.

Materials to match your Style

Blinds have no shortage in options for you to choose from when it comes to materials and color options. Gone are the days when you are stuck having to choose white aluminum blinds to dress your window. 

Blinds do away with the complicated color schemes of drapes and shades. But, this does not mean that you should not want to find a color that fits with your home. Faux wood blinds are able to mimic the feel and look of wood. They allow you to dress your window in a way that compliments your decor by coming in several color options.

If you are looking for something that adds panache to your home, then wooden blinds are for you. Made from organic natural wood, they allow you to bring nature itself into your home. Like plantation shutters, they dress your windows with tradition and class. However, unlike shutters, they aren’t a permanent fixture, so they allow you to change and update your window fashions as you wish.

Brown wooden blinds in a living room.

If simplicity and frugality is truly your goal, then aluminum blinds is your best bet. Not that they are of poor quality, quite the opposite. Aluminum forgoes fancy options and aims to simply provide what you need most: privacy and light control. They are especially effective in places like the bathroom, as they will protect your privacy and add a splash of design on your window.


Classic does not mean boring! All styles come and go, so why not go with a tried and true window covering with the classic window blind!

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