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Why Vinyl Venetian Blinds Are A Timeless Classic

Vinyl Venetian Blinds

What are Venetian Blinds?

These blinds can be recognized by the two-inch horizontal slats of their window covering design. These slats lie one over the other and can be rotated so that the inner end faces downward or upward. These blinds are usually made out of plastic, wood, or aluminum. The slats can be adjusted to certain varying degrees to allow incoming natural light into any space or room of the house. Such blinds can be made with a wand or a tilt cord for adjusting the slat angle to suit the need of the homeowner.

Did You Know?

If we look at the history of these fantastic horizontal blinds, contrary to popular belief, they didn’t originate from Venice. They originally came from Iran. The running theory is that between 1100 and 1500 AD, they were introduced by the Venetian merchants who, in turn, received the invention from the Middle East. Today these blinds can be found with a cordless option where you can raise or lower the bottom rail. This operation can be done either by remote control or by hand. They are also available in a variety of lift options to suit your needs.

Why Select Vinyl Venetian Blinds?

These blinds help homeowners control incoming light and receive privacy features for their rooms at home. It helps in incoming airflow regulation and helps in sunlight blockage. They are also easy to maintain. You don’t have to spend a lot of time washing them. As compared to other types of window decorations like draperies, dusting can be done in a matter of seconds. These blinds are versatile, affordable, and functional – which is the reason for their sustained popularity after all these years.
Vinyl Venetian Blinds

Benefits of Using These Blinds For Your Home

Classic style: The reason they have been a mainstay in homes all these years is because of their eye-catching design and construction. Their horizontal slats have a neat appearance
Excellent light control: Their lift systems and easily-operated slats give control of incoming sunlight
Privacy: The horizontal blinds provide lots of privacy when the slats are closed
• Range of materials, styles, colors, and options: Due to the plethora of colors, designs and patterns these blinds can match any décor
Affordability: These blinds are quite reasonably priced, but it can depend upon the material you select
• Moisture resistant: Vinyl or aluminum window dressings are resistant to humid conditions so they can be installed in the bathroom and kitchen areas
Durable: They last longer than most window treatments. Because of their material construction, they will not change their shape, peel off or warp after usage
Room darkening features: Since they can block incoming light, they can make rooms appear dark and create an environment suitable for home theaters, bedrooms, nurseries and more
Easy installation: Mostly made out of faux wood and PVC, these blinds are easy to install in your home due to the lightweight design
Vinyl Hoizontal Blinds

Places to Install Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

These blinds are ideal for:
• Garages
• Offices
• Bathrooms
• Laundry Rooms
• Spare Bedrooms

How Do These Blinds Work?

When comparing such blinds to other types of blinds such as Austrian or Roman blinds, you will notice that the primary mechanism is hidden from view. Most of the time, the casings are made out of plastic, metal, or aluminum. It follows the same laws of physics prevalent in many pulleys- and- cord shading systems. As a homeowner, you will get a better grasp of how these blinds work once you have figured out the functioning of each component of the blind window mechanism. That know-how will enable you to clean it better and deal with troubleshooting any issues.

Slat Tilt Mechanism: Note that a slat has at least four to six inched holes through which the lifting thread runs. This type of slat tilt mechanism is a ladder system where the connecting thread between the slat and the two outer threads form the ‘ladder’. This is linked to the wand that tilts either counter-clockwise or clockwise to get the slat at the desired angle.

Cord Lock Mechanism: Depending on which position you want the window blinds to be at, you can raise or lower them, as the cords run across the top casing. Pull the cord that holds the blinds in place, and you can release the brake by holding the cord across the window blind. Disengage the brake by pulling gently.

Cord Safety: When it comes to cord safety, it is essential for those homes that have pets and kids, to keep the looped cord cable out of reach of small children and your furry friends. Cut the loop so that you end up with two ends. The ends won’t end up lost as they should be long enough to hang without getting them drawn into the casing component. Or screw in a cleat at the top of the window and wind up the cord around it.
Vinyl Window Blinds

Why Vinyl Blinds Are Still a Classic Design Choice For Your Home?

These blinds have been all the rage since the 1930s-1950s. In those days, they were designed using full cloth tapes. Installing these blinds on your windows can give the room a nostalgic look and feel. They also prevent unwanted incoming light from entering the spaces.

Horizontal or Vinyl Venetian Blinds

These blinds are inexpensive as compared to other types of window coverings. The best part about them is that they are not susceptible to the daily wear and tear of the home, as they are quite durable. They are also very popular among homeowners across Canada. They provide privacy for your home or place of business. These window dressings are practical for narrow as well as tall windows due to their construction and design. There is no need to fret over grime, accumulated dust or dirt at the ends of your window coverings. These blinds generally rest on the window sills rather than touch the floor. While operating these furnishings, they make less noise as compared to their vertical counterparts.

Ready to Find the Perfect Horizontal Blinds for Your Home?

It can be a daunting task buying any window treatment, let alone a Venetian blind. But if you are scouring stores for them, make sure that it fits well within your budget and daily needs. Remember that many types of horizontal blinds can be customized and fixed with added options to create the perfect fit for any room in your house.

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