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Why Vertical Honeycomb Shades Are The Best Summer Treatment For Sliding Doors

Why Vertical Honeycomb Shades Are The Best Summer Treatment For Sliding Doors

Beautiful homes with sliding doors come with added advantage that regular walls do not offer. And maintaining this grandeur appearance takes a lot of effort while keeping the aesthetics of the home in place. They make the spaces look larger much like a mirror does. They complement any kind of interior architecture; hence, ensuring no effort in making changes in your private space. While the visual appeal is always a pleasure to gratify the eyes, sliding doors help in getting the outdoors in. The large glass doors allow you in gazing at your surroundings and absorbing the scenic beauty without having to leave your comfortable sofa. Regular flow of fresh breezy air and direct sunlight improves the air quality, aroma and impression of your home.  And last but not the least, glass doors help reduce your electricity bills, making your home energy efficient.

Benefiting from the sliding doors at your home

Making use of the benefits offered by sliding doors at your home would be the most natural thing to do. Also, combining them with accessories to protect your home and add to the peace and calm of your space would only help increase your and your family’s daily temperaments. The most ideal accessory to add to the sliding door would be a Honeycomb cellular shade.

Honeycomb shades or Cellular shades come with many benefits to maintain your home space with sliding doors throughout the year. Their styling and unique design helps give you some benefits that none other offer.  Some core benefits are:

Light filtering and blocking properties:

The unique honeycomb structure of these shades helps in filtering or blocking UV rays and light as required. While open, they allow just the right amount of sunlight to enter, hence making your comfortably cool or warm as required. Their filtering properties are best used during summers where the harsh UV rays are blocked out by shutting the shades completely. Cellular shades offer the interiors of your home complete protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Hence, shielding your precious furniture and other items from fading away. 

Higher Insulation:

Insulation of window treatments is measured by their R-value factor, the higher the value the better the insulation. The cells of cellular shades trap air to create a barrier between the glass and the area inside your house. This helps ensure warm air does not enter the room, making it hot inside during the summers. As a result, you maintain a cool home to enjoy the weather. And the process reverses during the winter ensuring you have a warm place to go by the harsh cold winds; thereby, improving the R-value factor of the glass doors and making it enormously energy efficient.

Reduction in energy costs

The ability to provide high insulation by Cellular Shades ensures less usage of electricity during the warm Summers. With the cool air flow while the shades are open or the trapping of cool air inside the shades, ensures the drop in temperature inside the house. Hence, utilizing less electricity;    thereby, reducing your energy costs. Suitable across climates throughout the year, the Cellular Shades are the working-horses of window treatments.

Complete Privacy

Sliding doors often pose with problems of privacy to the homeowners due to their large glass doors. Choose from light-diffusion sheer fabrics to complete blackout heavy fabrics depending on your need for privacy. The light filtering sheer fabric material allows partial light filtering into your home that provides partial privacy when closed. The heavy blackout fabrics ensures no light inside the house giving you complete privacy. So, safeguard your privacy from prying eyes from outside with simple decisions.

Go Vertical!

Enjoying the outside of your home is the prime reason to choose sliding doors at your home. But also ensuring privacy without being insecure of outsiders peeping into your home. Easy and simple Cellular shade mechanism helps comfortable and quick access to your outdoors throughout the day. Choose to go Vertical.

Widely used Vertical Cellular shades are the ‘go-to’ options when it comes to sliding doors. Easy to stack up while allowing quick access to the door and complete privacy when let down. Here are some benefits of using Vertical Cellular shades that will help you make up your mind:

Versatility-Heaps of flexibility while stacking them up or pulling them down. Allows you to use the door comfortably without pulling the shades up with the side-to-side functioning of the shades.

Reduce energy gain-Clean, minimalistic and beautiful style that goes with any kind of décor hence, easily becoming the focal point of your room. The honeycomb structure of the shades ensures to retain the harsh UV Rays and heat from entering your rooms hence giving you a cool and pleasant home.

Mix-n-match-It’s no longer just the whites or the off-whites colors to choose from. With a huge range of colors, fabrics, patterns and textures to choose from, you will rather be muddled and spoilt for choice. Add style to your vertical blinds with rich and chic designs to choose from.

Keeping them functional-Vertical Cellular shades make for the best options for sliding doors. Not only do they snugly fit together for umpteen privacy but also keep the light out when not required. They open easily like your sliding door. Easy access to the patio while keeping half the sliding door covered yet getting enough access to the outdoor. Can any other window treatment can get so functional when it comes to sliding doors?

Price is important-Price is important so is functionality and versatility. Vertical Cellular blinds off the rack are easily affordable and giving you immense benefit for that extra buck.

Keep it Simple and Easy

Some don’ts’s for sliding doors:

  • Horizontal blinds – they are heavy since they cover the width of the door that puts undue pressure on them while lifting and opening.
  • Hanging cords – Long cords hanging on the sides are a hazard to kids, pets and elderly people at home.
  • Avoid Horizontal blinds – Wood blinds, Faux wood blinds, Roman shades and Woven Wood shades form a large stack on the top of your door unless your order is customized. Hence, avoid horizontal mechanism for sliding doors.

Window treatments come with a plethora of benefits but finding the right one for your sliding door will do wonders for your home. No doubt, Vertical Cellular Shades is the answer to a cool and breezy summer evening with family and friends.

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