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Why Vertical Cellular Blinds are Perfect for your Patio Doors

Why Vertical Cellular Blinds Are Perfect For Your Patio Doors

What is a Patio?

Most houses in this part of the world boast of an additional open space adjoining the house which is variously referred to as the patio or the porch. These open spaces can be a small one or even a sprawling one and are truly multi-functional. On days that weather behaves well, the patio can become quite a busy part of the house. It is a favorite haunt for the kids where they can play, the children can hang out with their friends as do adults who spend much of their summers barbequing in their patio bonding out chilled beer. The patio is also for those quiet serene days when you want to spend some tranquil moments out in nature enjoying the gorgeous sunset or sunrise or a natural view if your house overlooks one.

What is a Patio Door?

It is easy to access the patio from the house as there are large glass doors that connect the interior of the house to the open space. These are referred to as patio doors. There are large wide glass doors that are often sprawled across an entire wall. They offer a beautiful view of the patio and the garden. These doors bath your indoor space with natural light and help spread cheer and positive vibes. They allow fantastic air circulation for the entire living space and aesthetically they look amazing. These glass doors can either be hinged like French doors or sliding ones that open sideways along tracks and they easily become the focal point of any room. They help to bring the outdoor view inside your living area.
Patio Door Vertical Blinds

Challenges Posed by Large Glass Doors

While these doors no doubt are a great architectural addition to your homes they also pose a number of challenges to homeowners. The wide expanse of glass exposes and large of the house to the outsider view. They can easily gain a peek into the activities inside particularly once the sun goes down and lights come on inside the house. Privacy is greatly jeopardized. Secondly, the doors allow sunlight and UV rays to stream through unfiltered which heats up the temperature inside, causes sun damage to furnishings and other parts of the house and also disrupts sleep and other activities. Glass causes the worst energy loss in the house and glass doors, given their breadth and expanse are ideal for allow energy loss both during summer and winter. In winter the warm air which is generated by the heater can escape through the glass door with ease which causes the heater to consume more electricity to keep the home warm and cozy. Similarly, during summer the hot air from outside enters the house and causes the mercury to shoot up and air conditioners have to overwork to keep the interiors cool and pleasant. In both instances, energy consumption goes up and this is reflected in increased energy bills every month.

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

It is very important to cover your glass doors well to make them functional, preserve your privacy and safeguard the security of the house, prevent energy loss and help maintain the temperature indoors despite changing weather outside. Just like you choose window treatments for your windows you have to choose shades and blinds to cover your doors. This will also help to add aesthetic interest and value to your doors. Blinds are a popular choice of window treatment for doors but for your glass doors we recommend vertical and not horizontal blinds because of practical reasons. Vertical blinds, unlike their horizontal counterparts, are not raised or lowered rather they open sideways and stack up on either side of the door or on one side. The vertical blinds run vertically from top to bottom.
Wooden Vertical Blinds for Patio Door

Vertical Cellular Blinds for Glass Doors

If you are looking for a comprehensive window treatment solution for your doors Vertical Cellular Blinds are a great choice.

Cellular blinds are the best insulating window coverings in the market today. The honeycomb cells of the blinds help to trap air and create a buffer between the glass and the room. They prevent warm air from escaping the house during the very cold winter months. Depending upon the harshness of the winter you could opt for double or even triple cell honeycomb blinds. During summer they prevent warm air from entering the room from outside. Thus they help to keep your homes cooler during summer and warmer during winter. They help to improve the R-value of the glass windows and doors and make them extremely energy efficient.
Vertical Cellular Shades for Patio
Vertical Cellular shades are fantastic for your doors and reduce energy loss significantly. They have a clean style that goes beautifully with any minimalist and modern home decor. They easily become the focal point of your rooms. Opening the shades is like operating your sliding patio doors. Press a button and the blinds will slide open side to side. These vertical cellular shades are available in a range of colors that can blend beautifully with your existing home decor. You can also choose the type of fabric depending upon your need for light filtration and light blockage. You can pair them with a simple cornice board for some flair and matching horizontal cellular shades for the windows to pull the room together into a cohesive whole.
Vertical Cellular Blinds make a perfect choice of window treatment for your gorgeous sliding glass doors.

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