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Why Vertical Blinds Are Still The Best Option For Your Sliding Doors


The open and outdoorsy spaces of a house play the role of connecting your house to nature and the outdoors. These areas can be accessed through sliding doors, also known as patio doors. After all, it is on one’s patio that one spends time to relax with a drink, meditate, unwind, socialize with dear ones, and so on. That is why when choosing to decorate your interiors; you cannot afford to overlook the patio and the sliding doors leading to it. 

Why You Need Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are not only highly efficient at providing light control and privacy, but they are incredibly versatile and easy to clean. That is why they are the top pick for patio doors. The endless options for sliding door blinds that are available in the market nowadays can get anybody’s head spinning. 

Here are some of the best features of vertical blinds that will make it evident to you that they are indeed some of the best window treatment options for sliding doors:

  • Light Control

Too much of anything can be detrimental, which is why you should try to prevent too much sunlight from entering your space. The harsh glares of the sun during peak hours of a summery day can make you feel stressed out and interfere with your quality of sleep if you choose to rest during this time.

Hence, installing vertical blinds on these sliding doors is crucial for protecting you from harmful UV rays. Moreover, exposure to sunlight for extended hours can cause your furniture to fade and get discolored. To avoid this, go for premium window treatments that ensure functionality as well as aesthetic appeal for your home.

  • Privacy 

Sliding doors are usually quite large compared to regular windows. These doors can attract curious onlookers and strangers who try to pry into your home. Every family needs privacy and it is not good if you keep your sliding doors bare. For the best results, opt for thicker fabrics of blinds for sliding doors to ensure maximum privacy.

  • Extreme Temperatures 

Sliding doors and large windows can have a great impact on the overall temperature inside the house. If you do not choose your blinds carefully, then it can make your house susceptible to the shifting and extreme temperatures of the outside.

Some blinds such as honeycomb blinds are designed specifically for insulation. Their honeycomb-like cells trap the air within and prevent it from transferring inside, which keeps your house cool even when it is a blistering hot day. 

Similarly, these blinds are efficient at keeping the space warm during the wintertime. All in all, these blinds can help you live life comfortably while saving heaps of money on utility bills. 

  • Diverse Materials

When it comes to buying versatile shades for sliding doors, you have plenty of unique options in terms of style, design, color, material, etc. You will be surprised to know that vertical blinds can be made from several materials such as PVC plastic, fabric, faux wood as well as real wood. 

Moreover, depending upon the amount of time one has to invest in their maintenance, the size of the slats can vary accordingly. For example, 1-inch slats are more preferable to 3-inch slats by those homeowners who are looking for low-maintenance.

  • Durability and Flexibility

Due to the track system that holds the blinds in a single space, vertical blinds are also immune to the fury and fiddling of one’s pets and children, which makes them highly durable and flexible. If you are particular about aesthetics and are looking for something in the designer series, then the Zebra Sheer vertical shades are probably the right choice for you. 

Zebra sheer vertical shades are multifaceted as they work as a hybrid between the vertical blinds and sheer curtains. Usually made from vinyl vanes, these shades come in a myriad of textures and prints to help you make a bold statement about interior design with your sliding doors. PVC vertical blinds are another great option for you to consider in terms of durability and efficiency.

  • Easy To Clean

Furthermore, it is also easy to clean these blinds on a regular basis. All one has to do is to dust the vertical blinds with a moist cloth and add vinegar or a bar of mild soap to facilitate the cleaning. Additionally, vacuuming the slats regularly can also be done to prevent dust accumulation that can interfere with the functionality and quality of your vertical blinds. 

This process must be repeated on both sides of the blinds to ensure the proper functioning and maximum durability. In case one comes across any parts of the vertical blinds that needs repairs such as the cords, tilt mechanisms, brackets, vanes, or fasteners, then the repair work should be prioritized too.     

On a Final Note

In a nutshell, due to their multiple functions and versatile designs, vertical blinds are still very much in demand. They are preferred over horizontal curtains due to their structure and dimensions. Some of the best sliding door shades in the market are Roman shades, solar shades, and cellular honeycomb. All in all, well-dressed sliding doors have the potential to either make or break the entire look of your house, so make sure to choose carefully.