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How to Get Smart Window Shades With in Your Budget

7 Top Reasons to Choose Smart Window Shades for Your Home

Imagine, if all the devices in your life could connect to the internet? Imagine that they could respond to your every wish and whim from anywhere in the world at any time. Well, it’s not science fiction anymore. With the emergence of Internet of Things, the world is bolting towards a smarter future. In coming days home automation is going to be a necessity more than a luxury, so choosing smart products will always be worth your investment.Managing optimal light inside the home has always been a major hassle. With Smart motorized window shades, it isn’t a challenge anymore! Here are top 7 reasons why you should choose Smart shades for your homes in 2017
Top Reasons Why Smart Shades are the Best Choice for Your Homes

Smart Window Shades Give You the Ultimate Comfort & Convenience.


Well here is the fact! Nobody wants to leave the comfort of their sofa to adjust the shades and in this age where all of our gadgets are using the latest technologies, shouldn’t your window covering get in on the home automation party as well?

It has been a practice among many homeowners to leave shades in the same position every day, on and on, because they don’t want to spend the time and effort to adjust the shades multiple times a day. With automated smart shades, you can automate these repetitive tasks or simply control the shades with the help of remotes, smart phones, and voice assistants. Smartphone control and voice assistant controls are available when integrating these shades to compatible smart home hubs.

    1. Smart shades save big on your energy bills.


The types of window treatments you use to play a major role in lowering your monthly energy bills. Connecting your automatic shades to your smart home hub like Samsung SmartThings can help minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by allowing the blinds to react independently reading from temperature and sunlight sensors also connected to the Smart hubs. Both during summer and in winter the shades adjust themselves smartly as per weather outside to cooling or heating. Of course, you would have to setup the rules in your smart hub, but the savings can be huge!

    1. Smart shades secure your homes by creating an illusion of occupancy.

Do you ask your neighbor to pick up the morning paper when you leave town for vacation or a long weekend? If you do, you’re probably aware that you are taking simple yet important steps to make your home a little safer. When you automate the movement of the shades using sensors and timers it would look as if someone’s home, smart shades can deceive burglars with the right rules to make it look like someone is home. Smart shades with the help of a compatible Smart Hub can use Geofencing and smartphone detection to shut themselves in the absence of the owner and open when they are at the home. When something about your changes is it the lights or the movement the shades, it would make.

    1. Smart shades don’t have any dangling cord, hence are completely Child Safe.


Hanging cords have been one of the prominent domestic hazards recording over hundreds of death each year.  As a parent, you know that toddlers are mobile and their heads weigh proportionately more than their bodies compared to adults and their muscular control is immaturely developed which make them more prone to be unable to free themselves if they become entangled between cords. However, smart shades are completely free of any hazardous cords and satisfy all norms by consumer product safety commission which makes them an ideal choice for homes with kids and pets.

    1. Automatic window shades increase the value of your home.


Wouldn’t you wanna buy a home with cutting-edge voice activated window shades (compatible smart hubs and voice assistant required. Voice assistant control the shades through the hub)?  Sure everybody does! As most smart technologies, automatic shades significantly increase the value of your home. So if you had any thoughts about moving in the next few years, it would be a great choice to choose cheap motorized shades and recoup the cost when you sell your home.

    1. Smart shades assure you absolute privacy.


Smart shades are the perfect choice for your home if you have hard-to-reach windows and desire complete privacy. The automatic shades for can be simply opened or closed with a just touch of a button, using a phone or a voice assistant (compatible smart hub and voice assistant required) which covers you from sneaky neighbors and streets.

    1. Smart shades help you protect your furnishings.

In addition to benefits in terms of convenience, safety and security, comfort and energy efficiency, Smart motorized shades can confer is protecting furniture, floor, and valuable art

In addition to benefits in terms of convenience, safety and security, comfort and energy efficiency, Smart motorized shades can confer is protecting furniture, floor and valuable art from damaging sunlight. When the sun continuously streams through your windows, over time it can wash out all of the vibrant colors that find themselves in its rays. While you certainly don’t want to live in the dark lowering your blinds during the brightest part of the day can prolong the life of your furniture.

The image is shown of SmartThings home automation using the SmartThings app by a community made Device Handler.
  • Installation

The installation of Smart shades is pretty simple, effortless and rarely ever takes more than five minutes. The shades come with a power source of your choice and a Z-Wave integrated module which can connect to on popular home automation hubs like Smart Things, Wink and Vera Plus (a few limitations exist in Wink). Including these shades into your existing home automation system is very simple. You just have to turn the shades into pairing mode by pressing a button on the headrail up until it is flashing green, then amber and the shade will tug. Once the shade does that you got into your SmartThings or Wink device and select add a new device option. Then by simply pressing and holding headrail button until it starts to flash green will connect your shades to the home automation system.

  • Motor Controls

The Graber smart shades on ZebraBlinds offer flexible controls to users. Graber uses a unique Virtual Cord motorization system that comes with Z-Wave capabilities built-in. These Smart home shades can be operated in three different ways as follows:-

Virtual cord motor switch
Virtual cord motor switch with integrated LED that comes on HeadRail of the shades
  • Using the button on the headrail just in case if your home automation system fails and you misplace your included remote.
  • Remotes: Graber Virtual Cord shades come with an included remote. You can raise or lower the shades by pressing the Up and down button on the remote or you select the percentage of shades to be opened or closed.


The image is shown with shades paired to SmartThings home automation and using the SmartThings app by a community made Device Handler.
  • Smartphones: If you connect it to a Z-Wave home automation system such as SmartThings and Wink, you can control the system and have the shades automated. Just by adding it to the Z-Wave network and SmartThings app you’ll get to control the shades with slider adjustments. The shades opening and closing are set with the dimmer switch inside the app, and that can be controlled by the percentage of opening and closing.
Control your shades using Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa when the shades are paired with SmartThings Home Automation Hub.
  • Hands-free control: The shades can be voice controlled by interfacing your home automation hub that is compatible with voice-activated Google Home and Amazon Echo. Upon integration, you can just ask your virtual voice assistants “Ok Google set dining room shades to 55 percent” and “Alexa turn on shades to 32 percent” to position the shades. Your z-wave hub must be compatible with Alexa or Google Home and allow the device to be used by them for this to work.
    • Noise Level of Automatic Motorized Shades

The Graber automatic shades are uniquely engineered to operate on negligible noise while traversing from one end to the other.  It uses Somfy motors which are powered by Virtual Cord technology.

We at Zebrablinds, always try to provide customers with the latest innovative solutions for windows. With Graber’s new range of revolutionary Virtual Cord Z-Wave smart motorized shades, we have pushed the envelope providing next-generation shades at very competitive price. Check out our collection of Smart cellular, natural, pleated and solar shades along with automatic skylight and automatic outdoor shades only at ZebraBlinds.

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