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Why Stringless Blinds Are the Only Way Forward

Stringless Blinds

Upturning the look of our homes is a priority for many of us. Why wouldn’t we want to have a place where we can sit, relax and admire the stuff we’ve assembled for our dream home? It’s an agenda we carry all our lives. But it is often observed that even with all the money to purchase our amenities, we aren’t able to put together the right stuff without a bit of help.

An essential part of home decor is window treatments. The blinds and curtains we put together for display and comfort come with their own set of features. And as we are entering the next stage of technology, the arena of window treatments is undergoing similar changes with the advent of motorized shades.

Features of Cordless Blinds

The cordless feature is an essential one for any blinds. As against a traditional window covering which required pulling of strings to open, close or adjust the blinds, cordless blinds require the use of a remote for motorized versions or a simple push with your fingers for non-motorized versions. In this section, we find out why cordless blinds have begun to replace traditional blinds and how they will only become more popular with time.

1. Sleek Look: Just observe the space around cordless blinds. Without the string, they offer a crisp, neat and sleek look. Also, most people these days wouldn’t prefer an ugly cord that threatens to ruin the look of their walls or window space.

2. Convenience: Technology has reached its zenith with modern window coverings, where you have apps such as Alexa and OK Google to do tasks for you. In such an era, who would prefer walking over to their windows to apply effort in pulling strings to close the shutters? All you need is a voice instruction or a remote.

3. Safety for Kids and Pets: It is natural for us to keep an eye for those who wouldn’t know better. But is it really possible to ensure safety at all times. What about the times when we aren’t home? When there are corded blinds within the reach of animals or children in the house, there’s a heavy risk of them getting entangled in the cords or worse. So it is better to either have window spaces constructed at an area outside their reach or get cordless window treatments instead. The latter is a better idea for many for convenience and lower costs.

4. Range & Popularity: With the number of benefits associated with them, the market is now flooded with cordless options in blinds rather than those that come with corded loops. Now you may choose from among a variety of options in different colors, patterns, fabrics and styles, and get them at a price that suits your budgetary requirements.
Cordless Roman Shades

Popular Cordless Blinds

Cordless Aluminum Blinds by Crown: These blinds have all the modern features you come to expect from blinds, including controlled light mechanism, privacy, durability and a fabulous sleek design. Besides the obvious cordless feature that makes them safe to operate for one and all, they are made of premium aluminum which makes cleaning them a very simple and hassle-free procedure.

Cordless Cellular Shades by Crown: Cellular shades are known to possess light fabric which makes them ideal for light filtering capabilities. While they are primarily operated by the bottom rail, the top rail hides the brackets and gives them a neat and uncluttered appearance. The structure of the shades allows light and heat to get trapped in their cellular pockets. This makes them ideal shades for sound and heat absorption. They have excellent insulation properties, which makes the room warm during winters and cool and comfy during summers.
Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades
Cordless Woven Wood Blinds by Crown: These blinds possess a neat and fascinating look. The mechanism allows them to fold up neatly without appearing untidy or messy. Their durable material makes them easy to maintain and clean, and they will last you decades.
Cordless Wooden Blinds
Roman Shades by Crown: Roman shades come in a variety of options, including flat, relaxed, balloon, and hobbled. They offer a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional styles and are a delight for any home. Besides form, they are excellent in functionality and keep the home cozy and at room temperature. However, they require complete and uncompromised care. To keep them for years, dust and vacuum them regularly and take them out occasionally for a mild wash.

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