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Why Solar Roller Shades Are Better Than Traditional Blinds

Why Solar Roller Shades Are Better Than Traditional Blinds

Natural light uplifts or sets the tone for almost any ambiance. An abundance of natural light can easily brighten up any the place, whereas mellow lighting helps make the space warm and cozy. You can control the amount of light you allow by choosing the right window treatment. There are many window treatments to pick from; many types of blinds; many types of drapery and curtains. If you want a bright home, then sheers and light-filtering blinds are good options. If you want total sun protection, then blackout blinds, cellular shades, and drapes are the right options. But if you’re looking for something in between, then you can check out solar shades.

Solar shades try to bring the best of both worlds. With these shades, you enjoy the view outside, just the right amount of sunlight, and get protection from UV rays. These blinds sport a smart, subtle and clean look. All these factors make them the right option for any decor scheme. Whether you’re installing them in the office, home study or just the dining area; these blinds will accent any space with great ease.

Why Choose Solar Roller Shades Over Other Window Treatments?

Simple yet, effective or simply effective? Solar roller shades can be considered both! These are similar to roller shades, except; their UV-resistant fabric helps reduce the sun’s harmful effect. You can relax and enjoy the outside view, without the sun raining on your parade. What makes these shades so unique is their openness factor.

The ‘openness’ of these blinds depends on how tightly woven the material is. In simple terms, the less tightly woven; the more openness these blinds have. The degree of openness dictates the amount of sunlight that streams into your space. Blinds with low openness block more sun, give more privacy but take away the view. A high degree of openness means more sunlight and less privacy. Solar shades have the right degree of openness. Here are some other benefits of solar shades:

1) Compared to other shades, solar shades are more energy efficient. They help maintain an optimum indoor temperature. This is because while it keeps out the heat, it also allows a certain amount of light. So it keeps the house cool during summers and warm during winters.
2) With solar shades, you can enjoy a UV-ray-free space! Bask under the sun indoors, without any worries. The fabric is made such that it blocks any excess lighting.
3) Since you don’t need to worry about UV-rays., enjoy ultimate protection against fading when it comes to your interiors too! Sometimes, the sunlight can cause fading of furniture, floors and other interiors. Solar shades will help you preserve the charm of your favorite interiors.
4) Have something classic yet minimalistic by your windows! Solar shades present a simple design that’ll easily accent almost any type of decor theme. From that chic rustic to sleek modern spaces, these shades will blend well with it all.
Solar Roller Shades

Are There Different Solar Shade Options?

Solar shades come with their uniqueness. They’re perfect for any purpose and almost any room in the house. While picking them, just pick the right size, measurements, and colors. Apart from this, what’s great about these blinds is their durable nature. Place them in any room and watch them retain their charm for years to come. You can even enjoy them in a cordless and corded design. If you’re considering solar shades then here are two prominent options to consider:

1) Crown Solar Shades:

Block out sunlight in great style with these shades. They come with various degrees of openness so that you can pick the one that best suits you. You choose to have your space fully bright or moderately controlled by picking the degree of openness to your preference. The shades come prepared to protect your lovely furniture and other home decor. You can pick from the corded and cordless option. Another great feature about these shades is that you can use them with a cord, wand or in a motorized option as well. The light and plain fabric will allow for privacy. Can you imagine yourself enjoying your morning beverage, enjoying the view outside with these shades?

2) Graber Solar Shades 1% To 5%:

Whether it’s a sunny day or a sweltering afternoon, you can enjoy natural light indoors with these solar shades. They’re not only energy-efficient but also sport simplistic design. Whether you plan on placing it in your office space or your very own living room, they’ll look great. You can choose various degrees of openness, according to your preference. What’s great about these shades is that they also eliminate glare, so you can enjoy your devices without compromising on natural light. Plus, they are also easy to clean and care for. Brighten up your space in a chic and minimalistic style.

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