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Why Should You Oversize Your Patio Door Curtains

Why Should You Oversize Your Patio Door Curtains

A well-imagined house is also a well-lit one. Having a grand patio door opening up to a wide, open space instantly makes the room more glamorous and inviting. Even on a dark, winter day, your patio doors let in lots of light, instilling your cosy interiors with warmth and delight.

However, the abundance of light comes with its own problems. In winter, the light is really precious. But on a hot sunny day, the long hours of sunshine can really turn your room into a blasting oven.

For this reason, patio door coverings invite a lot of thought and considerations. You would want to have enough flexibility to make most of the light, and cover them up when you need more privacy and protection from the sun.

Are Curtains the Best Option for Patio Door?

Patio doors cover a large area on the walls, and how you dress them up will determine the rest of your décor. While patio doors come in various different styles and sizes, the most common are sliding glass doors. Curtains can be customized to fit any sized door or window, making then an ideal choice for patio doors. Curtains are both elegant and practical. The endless design choices give you plenty of options to suit any décor style you choose, while innovation in fabric materials give you a wide range of functionalities to choose from. These two factors make curtains the ideal choice for patio doors.

Room Darkening Effects

If you choose to have curtains with blackout linings, you will be able to cut off around 90% of the light that fall on them. This feature would enable you to create the darkroom effect, perfect for movie time or a video game. The heavy folds of the curtains will also protect your interiors from harmful UV rays.

If you wish to have more flexibility over the light that enters the room, you can pair the curtains with sheer fabrics, which would cut off the glare and fill the room with a soft, muted glow. Either way, curtains would allow you a lot of control over the light that seeps through the large glass doors.

Block that Draft

As patio doors come in large dimensions, they are prone to let in more air than windows. The ceiling to floor design offers little protection against the chilly winds blowing outside. The heavy folds of curtains can be fitted with thermal lining, which would act as an extra layer of insulation over the glass.

Temperature Control

The combined effect of the two factors mentioned above would ultimately lead to temperature control. In the summer, the heavy drapes would keep the room cold by cutting off the glare and keeping the cold air in.  In the winter, the reverse would happen. The curtains would work round the clock to stop the heating from escaping through the glass, keeping the room warm and toasty. All this will culminate into significant savings on your energy bills.


As patio doors look directly into your living room or kitchen, you would want to have greater privacy features, especially during the night. As the family gather around the table for dinner, simply slide the heavy drapes across the tracks, to shield from prying eyes or unwanted attention.

Why Should You Oversize Your Patio Door Curtains?

Once you are done selecting the design and material for your curtains, you can turn your attention to the how you wish to hand them and how to measure for them. As patio doors are used quite often, you have to make sure that the curtains are placed in such a way that they don’t get in the way.

Where to Place the Rod?

Your curtain length will be determined how high you want to hang the rod over the frame. If your patio door reaches up to the ceiling, you can hang the curtains from the ceiling as well. Otherwise, add 4 inches to the height of the door. The reason many users prefer to hand the rod higher than the frame is to ensure that the fabric does not scrape over the floor every time you open or close them.

If the fabric scrapes across the floor, the ends will tear and fade quicker than the rest of the fabric. It will also get entangled with other things you might have on the floor.

How to Measure the Width of the Curtain?

Patio door curtains require a bit more width than the door size. This is to ensure a stack-back style which allows the curtains to stack into a neat pile at the end of the door, clear off the handles or any other operational devices. This would ensure that when you are moving in and out of your open patio doors with heavy trays or equipment, the curtains won’t make you trip and fall.  The extra lengths of fabric will also make the curtains cover the edges, giving you more insulation and privacy.

When you measure the length of the curtain, measure between the outer edges of the door and then add according to the specifications given below. The specifications take into account three different stack-back scenarios. These measurements would vary slightly with different curtain styles. For this article, we have chosen pinch-pleat curtain as an example.

  • If your door is 60 inches wide, add 5 more inches to the curtain width.
  • If your door is 72 inches wide, add 8 more inches to the curtain width.
  • If your door is more than 74 inches wide, add anything between 8 to 12 inches in curtain width.

These examples are given to provide you with a rough idea regarding how much more curtain fabric you need to get a neat stack-back pile. The greater the length of the door, the more fabric you will need.

Give your patio doors a gorgeous makeover with oversized curtains, and watch how it transforms the whole look of the room.

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