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Why Reflective Materials Help To Reduce Heat

Reflective Window Coverings

Windows Cause Loss of Energy

Every summer finds the temperature rising steadily and setting new records. The scorching sun beating down on earth in all its fierceness has become a common phenomenon. While you seek recluse inside your house, you aren’t spared either. The hot air from the outside flows into the house unobstructed and the harsh rays of the sun pass through your windows causing the temperature inside to rise substantially. The house offers no respite and you have no option but to seek recourse to an artificial cooling mechanism like air conditioners. This causes a steep rise in electricity bills.

While windows help to fill your homes with natural light and fresh air, the same windows expose your homes to extreme heat and harmful solar rays at the height of the summer months. These rays are harmful to your body and are a potent threat to your beautiful furnishings and furniture. Windows cause outside temperatures to influence the temperature inside your house.

You may ask, why does this happen? As the temperature outside rises, the glass of the windows absorbs this heat and transmits that heat inside your house, causing the temperature inside to rise and makes the rooms hot and uncomfortable. Materials with low solar reflectance help to absorb large amounts of solar energy causing air temperature to increase leading to increased energy use by air conditioners to keep temperatures low.
So, is there a way out? Thankfully, there is. The answer lies with reflective materials.

How Reflective Materials Reduce Heat

Reflective qualities are provided by certain materials that are equipped to reduce heat transfer that takes place through radiation. This is known as thermal heat transfer. A surface layer is added which helps to reflect this radiation back towards the source of the heat and thereby prevents heat from entering inside. This goes a long way in reducing the amount of heat inside the home and helps to maintain a comfortable ambiance within. Reflective materials are designed to offer higher solar reflectance and as they have the ability to reflect the sun rays. As the reflective surface is placed facing outwards towards the sun they help to reduce solar absorption. Even if air conditioners need to be switched on, they do not have to overwork to keep rooms cool. This helps to keep your electricity bills in check.

Reflective Window Treatments for Summer

Exterior Solar Shades
To help to reflect the sun rays from your window and reduce heat, you need to effectively dress up your windows for summer using sun-blocking materials. You now have the best solution to your needs in the form of Exterior Solar Shades. Water-resistant and energy-efficient, Exterior Solar Shades do the best job of cutting out the heat. They help to catch and block the sun out at the source before it can start streaming into the house.
Exterior Solar Shades act as a buffer between your windows and the sun. The heat is faced not by the windows but by the shades which absorb the heat and reflect it back. They help to block out up to 97% of the heat.
Outdoor Reflective Shades
Roller Shades
Dual Roller Shades are extremely versatile. They have a reflective side and a side that helps to absorb heat. The reflective side must always face the source of heat. During summer the reflective side must face the window so that they can help to reflect the sun rays and block them out. They prevent the sun’s heat from being transmitted inside and help keep the interiors cool.
Roller Window Coverings
Shades with Dual Layers of Light and Dark Colored Fabrics
Opt for dual-layered shades with a light color on one fabric and a darker color on the other side. Light color always helps to reflect heat while the darker colors help to absorb heat. During summer have the light-colored side to face the sun and reverse it during winter.
Dual Layered Shades
Reflective Blinds
Blinds are quite effective in reflecting the sun’s rays and in reducing heat inside the house. The slats of a blind can be adjusted to control glare, solar heat gain and light. When the slats are completely closed and lowered, these reflective blinds help to reflect the heat back to the source and prevent heat gain inside the house. Adjustments can be made to the horizontal slats of the blinds to help reflect the sunlight to a ceiling that has a light color shade like white or cream. This will diffuse the light without increasing the heat.
Reflective Window Treatments
Reflective Curtains
You could also settle for reflective curtains to help bring down the heat during summer. The reflective nature of the curtains helps to keep the heat out. Unlike regular curtain fabric which absorbs heat, reflective curtains reflect the sun’s rays. These curtains come with a shiny reflective side that is faced outwards and hence helps to keep sunlight out.

Light Colored Curtains
Opt for light-colored curtains like white, cream, and off-white during summer. Light-colored fabric help to reflect the sunlight back whereas darker color shades like green, navy or red help to absorb the heat. You could change the color shade before winter to help absorb heat and keep it trapped inside the house.

Reflective materials do an admirable job of blocking out the heat, dissipating sunlight and help to reduce heat inside the house. Air conditioners do not have to use as much energy to keep the interiors cool and so these items help increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills. Apart from choosing reflective materials, it is important to ensure that the window treatments that you choose make a snug fit over the windows and there are no gaps left around the shades or blinds which could cause warm air to pass through.

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