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Why Plantation Shutters Might Be For You (And Why They Might Not!)


Window shutters are one of the oldest forms of window coverings. This confirms that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with such window dressings. It’s not only perfect for homes but also for office space. These type of window coverings can be a good match for almost any kind of ambiance and environment.

Being one of the most elite window dressings, plantation shutters can make a timeless addition to any space whether it’s personal or professional.

Mentioned below are some of the major Pros of Plantation Shutters:

Conserves energy: This is one of the most important and biggest benefits of plantation shutters. They are extremely efficient and helps in conserving energy. If you are also conscious about the environment, then this should be a major factor to consider. This is one of those home improvement ideas which lets you stick to a budget also along with conserving energy. Plantation shutters seal right up against the window frame preventing inside air to move outside and outside air from entering inside. So, in short, plantation shutters keep your home warm in winters and cold in summers.

Easy to maintain: When it comes to maintenance, everybody looks for something which requires the least and easy maintenance. If you are also looking for something like that then plantation shutters are the most suited option. They offer the convenience of easy maintenance along with simple installation. When it comes to the built on these window coverings, they are sturdy and can handle some friction. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. You can also wipe them down with a damp cloth quite easily.  This brings an advantage over other window covering options as you won’t need to worry about damaging delicate materials or taking them apart to really get them clean. This results in saving of time and energy both.

Shutters are long-lasting: Window coverings are exposed to the harsh rays of sun, dust, and changing temperatures. This can cause damage to them easily. But, when it comes to plantation shutters, they can be made from several different materials, all which are very durable. For example, shutters made of composite material can stand up to high humidity and can also effectively resist fading and cracking due to their synthetic materials.

Helps in Controlling Light: As plantation shutters are installed right up against the frame of the window, they help in reducing the amount of light entering the space. This will reduce the impact of harsh rays on the room’s temperature keeping it cosy and comfortable. With the help of these window coverings, you can completely control how much light enters a room. You won’t have to worry about the glare on your television screen as you watch a movie during the day or in the evening. You can simply adjust your plantation shutters for the exact amount of lighting you want in your space.

Safe for children and pets: When it comes to little ones, no parent leaves any stone unturned for their safety and well-being. Window coverings with cords can be risky for both children and pets; therefore, plantation shutters eliminated that concern. These window coverings work with levers that are attached to the shutters themselves.  So, with these window dressings, you won’t have to worry about a child or pet getting curious about a cord that’s hanging and getting themselves tangled in it.

Affordability: Needs and preferences vary from person to person. Every home and family present different requirements and ideas when it comes to design, aesthetics, layout, and functionality for all facets of a home.  However, every kind of home needs some sort of window covering to control heat, cold, privacy, and light. Plantation shutters offer a wide range of pros for all such purposes. Given that Plantation shutters offer energy efficiency, simple maintenance, longer durability, light control and safety, they definitely make sense for people who are considering home improvement ideas on a budget

Plantation shutters are a great option when it comes to window dressings, but every coin has two sides. Along with so many pros, there are some cons also of plantation shutters. Let’s discuss them too so that you can make an informed decision.

Placement of furniture: After installing plantation shutters, it will be difficult to place furniture in front of your windows as they need a plenty of space. They open just like a door so keeping furniture like a couch or any other kind of furniture in front of the windows won’t be possible. If you are planning to keep your furniture in front of the windows, then it’s better to go ahead with curtains or blinds.

Lack of complete view: Because of how they are built, plantation shutters limit the complete and clear view of outside. If you want a clear, complete view from your window each day, you might want to consider other options like blinds or curtains.

Visible from outside: Shutters are clearly visible from outside no matter they are open or close. If you want your window coverings to remain invisible from outside for outsiders, then these are not a great option for you.

Difficulty in replacement: As shutters are built using multiple panels, replacing any broken or worn off panel is difficult as well as costly. Also, you won’t be able to fix the broken panel on your own.

Shutters come in a wide range of variety offering different designs, materials, colors, and patterns. If you are still unable to decide which option is best for your home then, you can check out our website to have a look at the various types of windows covering options. Apart from this, you can take guidance from our experts too.

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