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Why Patio Blinds are Worth the Cost

Why Patio Blinds Are Worth The Cost

As any outdoor lover would tell you, the time spent outside is probably the best time of the day. The fresh air and bright light can do wonders for your mind and body. Which is probably why the patio is the best place to be when the weather turns warmer and summer bloom recaptures the garden.

This is why your patio deserves special attention. Make most of the long summer days by making your patio just as comfortable as your living room. And don’t forget to make it stylish as well. After all, you will be doing a lot of entertaining there.

Along with style and comfort, you can add a lot of functionalities to your patio by selecting the right blinds. Before we go into the perfect blinds for patios, let’s take a look at the benefits of getting patio blinds.

Natural Shades for Patio

Why Do We Need Patio Blinds?

Protection against Elements

First and foremost, patio blinds are designed to weather the elements. They can withstand long exposure to sun, wind, and rain. By keeping out the wind and the sun, you will be able to enjoy your time outdoors in relaxing temperatures. During rainy days, outdoor blinds will give you an opportunity to still spend time outdoors. This round-the-year protection will also make your patio furniture last longer.

Just imagine having a much-awaited birthday party when the rain comes unannounced. There will be no need to rush everything inside! The party can still go on in the comfort of the patio.


Insulation is a vital factor that determines the comfort level of your patio. Even in favourable weather, you cannot enjoy if it gets too hot or cold. Patio blinds can insulate your patio, and provide an extra cover for your interiors.


Along with insulation and protection, privacy is another aspect that drives up the demand for patio blinds. Spending time outdoor is a luxury which you cannot enjoy completely unless you have some privacy. Turn your patio into a functional living area with the addition of patio blinds.

The Best Patio Blinds

Patio blinds can turn your outdoor space into a luxury living area, which you can utilize even during bad weather. Before you invest in patio blinds, it is important to know what features you wish to have. Although most patio blinds are fitted with more or less similar functionalities, there is enough room for customization. Let’s look at some blinds that would be ideal for patios.

Wooden Vertical Blinds for Patio Door

Shielding from the Heat

If you wish to give your patio a natural look, go for natural wood blinds. The natural fibres of these blinds are perfect for weathering sunny conditions. Natural wood blinds are highly effective in withstanding heat and glare of the sun.

The natural fibres of these blinds also keep the heat out, turning your patio into a tropical paradise. As light filters through these blinds, they create attractive patterns on the floor, heightening the rustic look of your patio. If you wish to have greater insulation and more light control, go for slat like structures which can be angled at any desired direction to control the flow of light. At night, these blinds would give you adequate protection against prying eyes.

Shielding Against the Wind

If wind is the primary concern, go for bistro blinds. Bistro blinds are extremely popular in the commercial settings, making it possible for customers to enjoy the outdoor setting even in adverse weather. There is no reason why the same benefits cannot be extended to domestic settings.

These blinds are transparent, which is great for preserving the view. While you enjoy the view, these blinds would provide excellent protection against the wind, chill, and rain. Bistro blinds are a blessing for houses overlooking the ocean or vast fields, where high winds can cause considerable damage to the patio furnishings, not to mention spoil the whole experience of spending time outdoors.

Shielding from the Glare

If you wish to get some relief from the constant glare of the sun, go for solar shades. These shades will allow you to enjoy the view and the brightness; all without the harsh glare that come with them. Solar shades will also protect the enclosed area from the harmful exposure to UV rays. Solar blinds will give you a diffused light, which will be perfect for relaxing with a cup of long, cool drink, even when the sun is beating down relentlessly.

More Flexibility

If you wish to add some more flexibility to your patio blinds, go for day-and-night blinds. These blinds come with a unique design, incorporating both the elements of roller shades and venetian blinds.

The blind is made up of two fabrics that operate like a single shade. The outer fabric is made up of solar shades, which lets in loads of light and allows you to enjoy the view. The second fabric comprises of slats like structures, which gives you excellent control over the flow of light into the room.

This unique design gives you a lot of flexibility to meet the delicate balance between view and light control. You can tilt the slats to control the flow and direction of the light, so that when you sit down on your sofa to read a book, or watch a movie, the sun does not get in the eye. Similarly, at midday, you can tilt the slats to shift the light away from the furniture. At night, the slats can be fully closed to give heightened privacy, insulation, and protection from the elements.

Are Patio Blinds Worth It?

All the blinds mentioned above come in affordable price range, making it easy to fit into a modest budget. However, the benefits of having an extra living area, which can easily double into entertaining space, vastly outweigh the costs incurred. As the weather changes, the garden explodes in summer colors and you begin spending long hours in your patio, your patio blinds would definitely seem worth the cost.