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Why Outdoor Shades Are A Necessity For The Summer?

Why Outdoor Shades Are A Necessity For Summer

Eagerly awaiting one of the most exciting seasons of the year? When the sun would be shining at its brightest in the sky and you’d no longer be privy to gloomy and chilly mornings or those brought by unceasing rainfall? We are, too! Who doesn’t want to hit the beaches, go shopping with shades on, and relax outdoor under the balmy sun? It’s that time of the year when you attend and host pool parties out in the open, move your furniture to the front porch and share a drink or two with your pals in the garden. In some cases, however, it’s easier said than done. If you think you’re not vulnerable to the sun, you might just be keeping yourself in the dark (not literally, of course!). Sure, some of you may be immediately mindful of where you kept your Sunscreens and anti-tanning creams, but there are other alternatives too, which will not just offer you protection against the hazardous effects of the sun but also give your outdoor area a much-needed makeover. Motorized outdoor shades, anyone? Let us divert our focus on the best of these alternatives that you can resort to. Through this section, we will tell you about the best outdoor shades you can go for, and the multiple advantages they bring in their wake. So brace yourself, and be prepared beforehand. There might still be a couple of months to go before the temperatures peak.

The Need For Outdoor Sun Shades

When I got my house, little was I aware of the fabulous scope I had in building it the way I want. Instead, I didn’t realize its potential for a good number of years. I won’t deny that I worked extremely hard on the interiors, getting the best furniture and wallpapers and marble floorings for every part of the house. The modular kitchen was squeaky clean, a marvel. The bathrooms were luxurious and provided a great bathing and (even) a lounging experience. The bedrooms were extremely comforting. But there was a grand open space in front that I became completely oblivious too. When I had my designer come over and check how my recently purchased space was holding up to my demands, he was befuddled. He didn’t expect that I would leave the outdoor space to its own. Because apart from mowing the lawn occasionally, I wasn’t utilizing it as much as it deserved.

By building some outdoor shades, I could have converted it into a hub of relaxation and another hangout space beyond the typical sofa chairs and tables of the living room. All I needed was some furniture to relax and keep a check on my property, and some shades that could convert the space. There were more reasons, of course. With my knowledge and experience gained, with a little help from my friend, there were a few of the advantages I got to know of.

1. Protection From Glare: This might be relatable: you squint your eyes while observing things from a distance or put up your hand to protect your face from the bright light while talking to someone or reading paper. The glare can be as irritating as it is distracting. So even when your purpose is to sit by your own in the open and relax, the scorching sun can be a spoilsport. Outdoor sun shades can create a rather relaxing atmosphere by blocking the glare and instead of creating just the perfect amount of natural glow.

2. Curb Appeal: Granted, you want your guests to be enamored by the indoors. But when the first impression isn’t great, the overall experience might get affected. When you pay attention to the patio and deck area by setting up your outdoor shades, they have something more to rave about. For it’s not just about indoor appeal these days.

3. Protection Against Intruders: There are trespassers and outsiders who might show interest in your indoors and want to have a fair idea about the structure so that they could plan their attack beforehand. However disconcerting this may sound, it always helps to stay vigilant. Securing an outdoor area with exterior solar or roller shades will prevent them from taking a good look inside, while always keeping you in the know of anyone prowling outside so that you could alert the cops.

4. Heat Protection For Indoors: By preventing the sun rays from falling on your windows directly, you can save a lot of effort you would otherwise take to keep the home cool during summers. Besides exterior shutters such as plantation shutters and board and batten shutters, protective sheaths of coverings, also known as awnings, prevent the building from fading when temperatures run high.

5. More Space: There might be times when your spouse has some friends over, and you have a few of your own. The space indoors isn’t enough to accommodate every one of them, and you don’t want them feeling uncomfortable by jostling for an extra seat for enjoying their drink or having a meal. When you have exterior solar shades set up on your porch, your friends can enjoy the outdoor area without being bogged down by the heat.
Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Shades That You Can Invest In

The advantages are multiple, and you will discover even more as time progresses. To ensure that they last long, however, you need to switch to the right brands for premium quality and materials that are built to withstand heat. Crown and Graber are some of the most reliable names in window treatments, making use of the latest technology in window treatments for coming up with great value-for-money blinds.

Exterior Solar Shades:

With the high-end brands of Crown and Graber building one of the most popular exterior sun shades available, you know that you’re in for a treat. One of their crowning highlights is the combination of high-end polyester and fiberglass to create light filtering as well as room darkening fabrics, available in a plethora of color options to accommodate your taste. Being flame resistant and fire retardant, they are built to withstand hotter temperatures with ease. If you want to sit on the porch and want to keep an eye on the gate so that you know who’s walking in your home, go for those with high openness percentages. They will also ensure that you get sufficient sunlight.
Solar Shades for Outdoor

Traditional Awnings:

Awnings are strictly used for outdoor purposes. They are built over patio doors and windows to provide shade as and when the need arises. Even if you are not aware of them by their name, recall those protective sheets of fabric that are built over the front door of buildings. They are made of lighter materials like cotton, but they can be surprisingly effective against the sun. They are great alternatives to solar shades and give an indoor-type feel on your deck while keeping you protected from the sun and its harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Outdoor Awnings

Sun Sails:

A rather unique way to protect you and your house during summers, outdoor sun sails are built in different designs, but give the appearance of a ship sail strung horizontally. They, however, almost always require the service of a professional to set them upright and are usually more expensive than exterior solar shades and awnings.

Final note: Having outdoor shades not only protects your home against the harmful radiation of the sun but also enables you to set up your porch area where you can relax on a pleasant weekend morning and enjoy the natural light. Solar shades, traditional awnings and sun sails are some of the commonly used exterior shades.

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