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Why Net Curtains Are A Good Fit For Your Tilt And Turn Windows


Homes come with various kinds of windows, however most of the newly built houses feature doors and windows which open on double hinges. While tilt and turn windows open just like an ordinary window on one side, they have bottom hinges that let the windowpane enter the room at a certain angle. The window’s uppermost part opens inward when tilted open. Tilt and turn windows are becoming widely popular due to the versatility and safety it offers. However these windows can cause all kinds of issues when choosing the right window treatment.

What Is A Tilt And Turn Window?

These are windows with a European style that open on double hinges. This allows movement from a typical side hinge and the lowermost hinge that offers a top tilting operation. Most people prefer this kind of window due to its low maintenance, high versatility, and easy cleaning. Contrary to the fixed window kinds, tilt and turn windows offer a good flow of fresh air and serve better in terms of energy efficiency. These adaptable windows consist of multi-point turning position handles letting you control the amount of air entering and going out of the house. As these windows are highly energy-efficient, they present savings on energy bills because the breeze can be used for maintaining optimal temperature conditions throughout the house.

Mounting Considerations

The window treatments for tilt and turn windows can be mounted in two ways i.e., outside and within the recess. Mounting within the recess is done when the window coverings are installed directly within the window’s hollow. You can fix the window treatments in which they are directly mounted to the frame of the window facing into your room or fixed at the top.

Mounting outside the recess is done when the window treatments are installed on the wall face right above the window space. Mounting within the recess is very popular as they offer a polished and coherent appearance. But, mounting outside the recess is beneficial for windows having tapered edges as well as those having barriers like big handles.

What Are Net Curtains?

Net curtains initially originated in England and have been around for several centuries. Wool, silk, or cotton was used to design attractive lace net curtains and several decades ago, these lace curtains were seen as luxurious and costly because of the price of the materials involved. However, with the introduction of budget-friendly materials, net curtains became the most sought-after window treatments because of their functionality and you would find them installed on windows of most houses. They offer privacy while letting in natural sunlight into your home. Net curtains are realistic, aesthetic, and an ideal choice for privacy. They are perfect for allowing light to enter through the windows while maintaining seclusion and easement. They are also cost-effective because they are available at a reasonable cost! From the wide variety of typically white, delicate, and airy to modern and heavy traditional floral net curtains can be found in a wide range of patterns and colors to fit all interior styles.

Net curtains are similar to voile panels because they are lightweight and transparent. However, nets are often white featuring a knitted pattern whereas voiles are delicately embroidered. Net curtains are often preferred by allergy sufferers as they are easily washable. They don’t harbor as many dust particles as elegant curtains do and open the windows while keeping the mites out.

Benefits Of Net Curtains

Net curtains come with several advantages and here are some of the exceptional benefits which makes them perfect for tilt and turn windows:

  • Home Safety: If you stay near a busy street with many passersby, then net curtains possess the magical ability to let you enjoy the outside view while developing a dense and thick screen for trespassers trying to peep in. Due to this reason, net curtains have been considered as one of the front-line defenses against burglary.
  • Allows Light Into Your Room: Net curtains, in contrast to traditional curtains, can avoid people outside from viewing your house, while still allowing too much light from entering your house. You don’t have to compromise on privacy to let natural light enter your room in presence of net curtains.
  • Can Help Those Suffering From Asthma: Curtains harbor lots of microscopic mites that cause many allergic reactions like asthma. It is suggested that your curtains should be washed once every six months to help in the continued filtration of pollen and dust. Net curtains can be hand washed easily because they are simple to remove and install again.
  • Good Investment: Cost is one of the biggest advantages of net curtains. They are very budget-friendly and are good value for investment. While net curtains appear attractive and provide a wide range of benefits like allergy protection, security, etc, however, they are even more budget-friendly than the equivalent set of curtains/blinds.
  • Easy To Clean: Washing ordinary curtains is not an easy task as they are thick, big, and heavy. But, as net curtains are very lighter and thinner, they can be cleaned easily.

Why Net Curtains Are Great For Tilt and Turn Windows

While deciding if you want to install net curtains or blinds, you have to first consider the practicality. Net curtains are much simpler in terms of their functionality because they need a slight diagonal pull for opening and closing. However, blinds often possess a beaded pulley mechanism or a twisting mechanism so that it fits in the expected spot and can be tied together in place. While these choices are good, net curtains offer a much simpler one for maneuvering.

Net curtains are also best in terms of making the most of natural sunlight. Due to their design, net curtains let in natural sunlight enter your room and enhance your privacy. You can also keep them drawn always if you want! When it comes to blinds, they are usually kept closed, opened, or half & half. While blinds are good at blocking out light and restoring your privacy, they are too thick to let in natural sunlight when lowered which implies that you wouldn’t have the choice of complete privacy and a greater amount of sunlight at the same time.

Net curtains are also much simpler to clean when compared to blinds and voiles. Voile is a very delicate fabric and requires a lot of caution while cleaning them. However, cleaning blinds can be very daunting as it demands a lot of efforts than the net curtains. Removal of blinds from their track is hard compared to net curtains and because of the thread count in blinds, it can be too tricky to remove the dirt.

Bottom Line

In modern interiors, we can observe distinct variations of white color, a lot of glossy surfaces, and big glass windows. While this is good for a minimalistic interior, sometimes the bright light might be a bit overbearing. This is where net curtains come into the picture. If you are looking for a subtle way of filtering the light in your house, installing flowing and light net curtains reduces the glare while keeping the space insulated.

For a warm and dreamy feel, net curtains over a tilt and turn window offer you an exceptional Mediterranean feel. For a bit of a different impact, consider buying net curtains which are a bit lengthier than what you require and will eliminate the rough edges where the wall meets the floor while creating a balanced and soft area.

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