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Why Motorized Blackout Shades Are A Must for Your Home Theatre

Why Motorized Blackout Shades Are A Must For Your Home Theater

Luxury Home Theatre Setup with Blackout Motorized Shades

Having a perfect movie night after a long working day in the comfort of your home is a rewarding experience. In recent times, home theatres have turned out to be extremely popular as most of the homeowners look to create a convenient and comfortable fun space for their loved ones rather than going out to a theatre and spending bucks. Whether you prefer to binge shows or play games on the big screen, home theatres are on the rise. Advancement of technology, widescreen television, and excellent audio system have brought the true feeling of enjoying your perfect cozy movie night. But among all these, there is one more thing that you should never neglect which is total control on the lighting. A harsh glare on the screen or light leaks can ruin the overall movie watching experience within a second. Sunlight can be a major pain for that particular space, and so can be any other external light. In a result, distraction can be a biggest barrier in the middle of your show. In this scenario, window treatments play a significant role for your space. But with so many window covering options and opacities, how do you know which one is right for your home décor? Well, according to window design specialists, blackout window treatments are the right way to make your home theatre feel like a real theatre. Blackout fabrics are designed to completely eliminate the sunbeams and glare so that you can watch your favorite show without any disturbance.
Time has changed, and these days you will find modernity and technology in each and everything. Automated products not only bring comfort and warmth inside your home but also increase the value of your space. Integrating motorization in your home theatre blackout window treatments will bring fashion and function together beautifully. The best thing about these window dressings is that you don’t have to hassle with any chain or cord to raise or lower them. Whenever you are ready to watch your favorite show, lower the blinds using your smartphone or tablet and create the perfect entertainment mood. These home theatre blackout shades motorized will add a dimension to your space while creating the perfect dark ambiance.

Impact of Motorized Blackout Shades on Home Theatre

We all know that blackout shades are built to create a dark indoor atmosphere that works well in media rooms. They completely prevent the light leakages through the windows, so that you can enjoy your TV shows without any complication. But what happens when you add motorization to these shades?

• Brings value and comfort to space
• No need to leave your favorite couch to close the window shades
• Remote controlled, but z-wave technology gives you the access to control them using your smartphone or tablet
Voice-controlled technology (Google Home and Amazon Alexa) adds smartness to space
• Offer ultimate privacy
• Darken your space entirely, no worries about falling glare or any other artificial beams on your big screen
• Tightly cover the window frames to stop sound penetration, create a peaceful environment
• Blackout shades are great when it comes to insulation. Temperature sensors maintain a pleasing atmosphere while saving energy bills
• Pre-programmable shades, schedule them to work automatically
• Cordless mechanism which means no need to keep your eye on your little ones. Extremely safe and secure
Motorized window shades are not only versatile and reliable, they offer aesthetic value as well. The dressings are available in a range of texture and hue options to match your home theatre theme. Customize to create a statement for your space.
Home Theater Window Treatments

Top 5 Motorized Blackout Shades to Compliment Your Home Theatre

• Double Cellular Shades

To make your home theatre extra efficient and high-tech, motorized blackout cellular shades are an incredible choice. Their honeycomb structured air pockets effortlessly make your space comfortable even in the extreme weather condition. Whether you have one window or more, control them with the click of a button from anywhere in the house at your convenience. From blocking sunlight to providing privacy, these motorized cellular shades are amazing.
Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

• Blackout Premium Roller Shades

If you are looking for a traditional theme for your home theatre, then blackout roller shades are the answer. The shades are made of polyester and fiberglass fabrics, which make them extremely sturdy and durable. Their excellence in blocking sunlight and glare make them a unique and brilliant choice. Get motorized dual roller shades for both blackout and light filtering in one.
Blackout Roller Shades

• Skylight Shades

If your media room has skylight windows, then they need to be covered to get protection from direct sunlight. Blackout skylight shades are the ideal choice to block all the natural and artificial light to create a darker ambiance. Their flexibility and versatility are the unique factors to get them. Use them by pressing a simple remote button from anywhere and set the perfect mood instantly.
Crown Skylight Shades

• Fabric Roman Shades

If you are obsessed with the beauty of your home theatre, then you can’t go wrong with the selection of fabricated roman shadings. They are the complete package of beauty and functionality. Adding blackout liner will diminish all the sunlight coming through the windows, creating a perfect dark movie night ambiance. The high-quality fabric material and luxurious look are the two reasons of getting these window shades. These motorized roman shades are the perfect addition to your home theatre space.
Roman Shades for Home Theater

• Natural Woven Shades

Have you ever imagined of adding the natural freshness to your home theatre? Natural woven wood shades are the unique choice to bring an eco-friendly touch to your space. Their unique construction and blackout fabric material will efficiently block out the sun rays. And integrating motorization will build a beautiful look while giving the windows highly effective covering.

Note – Attaching additional blackout liners and light blockers will enhance the functionality of blocking sunlight while improving privacy.
Natural Woven Shades


According to many homeowners, the idea of having motorized blackout shades for home theatre can break the bank budget. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with affordable window blinds, making it possible for everyone who are on a strict budget. Depending on your preference, customize and choose your favorite blackout motorized window design and create the perfect cinematic feel for your special day. Get assistance if you face any difficulty while picking any product!

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