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Why Made to Order Window Shades Are Better Than Pre-made


Made to Order Window Shades vs. Pre-made Shades

When it comes to window treatments there are a number of blinds and shades available which offer your space with endless benefits while transforming the overall aesthetics. With so many patterns and texture choices, you can customize your favorite design that will add style to your interior. We believe that the right choice and fit can elevate the look of the windows in a dramatic way. Once you finalize the window treatment, the next key decision is whether you choose to have them custom-made or pre-made. Are you unsure about whether to get your shades custom-made or settle for pre-made ones? You certainly have to reasons to be a little undecided as there are benefits of both the types. According to the designers, made to order window treatments are always better than the pre-order for a number of reasons. There are a few key advantages that you will get only from custom made window treatments. Follow the below aspects where you will get to know the differences between these two and make your decision without any hassle!

What to Choose?

Are you currently having trouble making this decision? Simplify this issue by looking at the below key factors –

• Choose and Customize:
No matter whether you opt for custom made or pre-made window blinds, both of them are available in a range of colors, textures, and styles. You can pick the right design that will easily coordinate with your existing décor style. But in case of made to order blinds, you can customize them according to your taste and requirements but when it comes to pre-order blinds, you have to pick as per the availability.
• Value for Money
Pre-made blinds are manufactured in bulk, do not require extra labour and that’s why they tend to be inexpensive. And custom-made blinds are unique and need lot more manual work as per the requirements of the customers but we can assure you that this type of blinds built with quality and unique craftsmanship that will stay for longer time without any damage. The manufacturers are putting effort and time just for your windows and hence the cost will predictably be more.

• Fit any window in your home:
Pre-made blinds come in limited sizes and shapes while when you go for made to order blinds, you can customize them as per your window length and width. In this way, you get the right fit that will cover the windows perfectly while offering multiple functional values. This is particularly helpful if you have specialty shaped windows like circles and triangles. It is tough to find pre-made shades for such special sized windows. Custom-made shades will ensure a perfect fit for the gorgeous windows.
• Think for Long-term:
Ready-made blinds are easy to install and require less time to finalize but if you are looking for long-term investment, then go for made to order window dressings. Take your time, explore all the options, and then get the right one.
• Liner Adding Facility:
Blinds and shades are designed to protect your interior from harsh daylight while adding value and protection to your place. Adding liners (blackout and thermal) will maximize work efficiency. You can integrate liners in custom-made blinds but not in pre-made blinds.
Blackout Liner for Blinds
• Get Blinds at Home Doorstep:
You might think that pre-made blinds are the quickest way to cover windows efficiently you just go in a shop and buy them with ease. But getting made to order blinds is easier and you don’t have to step out to get them. Order online with easy customization procedures and get them next day at your home doorstep.
• Quality Assured:
You might not be sure about the quality of pre-made blinds but choosing custom-made ensures high-quality fabric material that enhances the durability and longevity of a product.
• Try Before You Buy:
You will be able to see samples of color and fabric of your product in case of custom-made blinds that will give you an idea that how the product will look on the windows. But this facility is not available for pre-made shades.

• Position of Cord:
When you decide on pre-made blinds and go to a local store, your first considerations are around the fabric and color, and you might end up with cord sitting on the wrong side of the frame or in a location that makes the blinds difficult to operate. But custom-made blinds let you decide the position of the cord for each window, that looks great and work efficiently as well.
Opting for custom-made blinds means you don’t have to compromise on looks and the precision of the fit. You have the power to decide how they’re going to turn out after personalizing the product from different design and lift mechanisms. We would recommend you to always opt for custom-made windows shades to get that perfect tailor-made look and fit for your windows. This works well if you are not in a rush to get your windows covered. But note that custom-made shades can take a while as they have to be customized and manufactured as per your preferences.

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