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Why Light Orange Walls Are Making A Comeback

Why Light Orange Walls Are Making A Comeback

What Curtain Colors Should You Use with Orange Walls?

Orange is a one-of-a-kind color that adds a lot to the beauty of your home. This vibrant color is a cross between red and yellow.  It’s certainly worth contemplating in your home because it’s such a unique color that’s frequently connected with happiness and joy. The color orange evokes sentiments of joy, zeal, and warmth. 

A vibrant hue of orange paint will create a warm and welcome atmosphere in your living room or dining room walls. And, once you’ve decided on the shade of orange as the primary wall color, you’ll need the perfect curtain colors to complement it.

To assist you with this process, we’ll go over the best curtain colors to go with your orange walls, as well as some helpful hints at the conclusion. So, let’s get right way to the point.

Eight Colors of Curtains that go with Orange Walls

  • Sheer White
    • When combined with orange, white creates a contrast that draws attention to the wall color while also emphasizing the strong orange. In a minimalist design environment, a sheer white curtain will help to balance the color scheme. Most orange tints are enhanced with white curtains, which provide a stark contrast that draws attention to the walls.
    • The orange walls have become the focal points of the room as a result of this contrast. In a room with brilliant orange walls, sheer white curtains assist to calm the energy of the orange and create an organized ambience.
    • A living or dining room with white curtains and orange walls has a royal and expansive impression to it, which helps the flow of optimism.
  • Light Yellow
    • Yellow is a lively color that pairs nicely with a dynamic hue like orange to brighten up any space.
    • To take your color scheme a step further, instead of going with a safe hue like white, choose a light yellow to add energy to your space.
    • The use of orange walls and light-yellow curtains give the room a summery feel without becoming overly flashy. Because they are both linked with sunshine, you can employ these color combinations in a slightly toned-down style.
  • Shiny Black
    • Black is another lovely curtain color that complements orange beautifully. In reality, because black is a dramatic and mysterious color, it complements all shades, just like white, and gives the room a unique edge.
    • The ambience in the bedroom or dining area is enhanced by the mix of orange walls and black curtains. The key is to coordinate your room’s furnishings and decor with the drapes and walls so the color combinations don’t clash.
    • Please remember that if the combo is overdone, it may appear aggressive. As a result, rather than a matte black curtain, we recommend a satin or silky black curtain, which will help to soften the orange tone of the wall.
  • Silky Brown
    • Brown and orange complement each other well because they are both warm colors. These soothing color combinations create a warm atmosphere in any space.
    • Light, lustrous brown curtains work nicely in a bedroom with orange walls because they help to filter out extra light while also providing privacy.
    • The only thing to keep in mind is that dark brown drapes will darken the space with orange walls. Pick a good softer shade of brown for the walls and a slightly darker shade of orange for the ceiling to achieve the finest aesthetic appeal.
  • Light or Dark Blue
    • A gorgeous color matching with orange is any shade of blue. For a balanced and clean finish, we particularly like pale orange walls with a light blue blend. This color scheme guarantees that your living room or bedroom is well-lit without being cluttered.
    • Consider a light or dark shade of blue for the curtains if you want bright and cheery environments. The only thing you have to watch out for now is the shade of orange you choose for the walls, as certain lighter tints don’t work well with dark blue tones.
    • Paint your orange walls a mellow orange color for a dark blue curtain combo to avoid them looking too stark.
    • A brilliant shade of orange, on the other hand, will go nicely with sky blue curtains, so consider the color intensity before going.
  • Gold
    • Gold is a gorgeous metallic color that works well with your orange wall color scheme. This gleaming shade will add to the aesthetic appeal of the living area and give any traditional home an elegant feel.
    • The combination of gold drapes and orange walls exudes a classic elegance that you won’t find in many modern homes. So, if you want your living room to stand out, match your orange walls with luxurious gold drapes for an extra dose of glam.
  • Light Orange
    • Finding orange curtains to match your orange walls is probably one of the simplest solutions for you. This does not, however, imply that your curtains should be the same orange as your walls.
    • Incorporate two contrasting orange colors to create contrast and depth. For example, when it comes to curtains, avoid the darkest hue of orange because it will clash with the orange walls. When paired with subtle or aggressive orange walls, a dark hue of orange for the curtains is never appealing.
    • Unless you want to create a fading appearance with orange curtains, try for a light tone like apricot or honey. Choose gold, spice, or salmon orange for the walls, as these colors will readily blend in with the room’s general color scheme.
  • Beige
    • Curtains in a neutral color like beige serve to balance out the aggressiveness of the orange walls. However, you should use caution while using beige because some hues that are closer to grey don’t go well with orange.
    • Even if your walls are painted in a vibrant shade of orange, use a light and airy shade of beige curtain for a blast of energetic mood.
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