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Why Large Windows in Your Home Are Not Always A Good Idea

Window Treatments for Large Windows

Are Large Windows a Good Idea for Your Home?

For many homeowners, the clear answer to this question is ‘No’. You might think that large windows are always an excellent idea as we can connect more with the outside world while inviting the nature inside our home. For many, having large windows is like fulfilling the dream of beautiful home décor. The windows might be spectacular, which highlights your overall home décor, but sometimes, the effect of these windows may not suit your needs.

For many people, big windows bring big problems. Though they offer natural light, warmth, and a magnificent outdoor view, installing this type of window has many cons that can lead you to face various problems.

When it comes to decorating for your home, we often encounter problems and end up making the wrong decisions. Through this article, we will show you what to consider before you go ahead and get large windows for your home.
Large Window Shades

Disadvantages of Having Large Windows

Large windows always allow your interior to enter natural light and fresh air that makes the space lively and astounding. But when it becomes excessive, the situation turns into a miserable one. Here we will discuss the cons one by one so that you can come to a final decision.

• Excessive Temperature – Large windows confront excess direct daylight and heat more than any other window type, increasing the temperature of the room. This will enhance the heating and cooling costs of your interior equally, making the space uneasy and uncomfortable to stay. Even harmful UV rays can damage your valuable belongings. These factors ruin the calm ambiance of the indoor. Closing the glass will not give you the permanent solution because if the glass lacks the thermal insulation, then heat will still accumulate in your interiors, which will increase the amount of heat during summer seasons.
• Lack of Privacy – If your home is situated in a busy locality or your windows confront the street side, then large windows expose the house to the prying eyes of outside people. In this way, you lost the security or protection of your home.
• Maintenance – Keeping the large windows allow more dust and dirt to enter your home. These floor level windows stand near the ground level, which means they are subject to splashes and scratches easily. In this way, the glass becomes dirty, and water spots leave a mark on them. To keep the glass maintained, you need to clean them regularly so that you can enjoy the outside view every moment. Even large windows are not that easy to clean, you must hire someone to clean every corner of the glass.
• Price Factor – There are lots of things to consider when it comes to calculating the cost of large windows. If you have more than one large window and making them insulated can break your bank. Even decorating or fixing them by professional experts will increase the cost.

Window Treatments for Large Windows

If you have already large windows in your home, then we have a solution for that which will enhance the versatility of your room and will help save your money. Window shades and blinds are the best way to compliment your home and installing them on large windows will do more than you think. There are a wide variety of window solutions available, uniquely designed for large windows only. Window treatment for large windows includes – vertical blinds, cellular shades, solar shades, curtains, and many more. All these blinds provide a complete blockage against harsh weather conditions while giving the privacy that your indoor needs. Operating them easy and hassle-free with smart controllers.
Shutters for Large Windows
These window dressings come in an array of colors and texture choices so that you can pick up a style that will easily match your existing décor design. Dressing your large windows will these designs will create a stunning and eye-catchy makeover and will look good from both the inside and outside of the home.

Apart from these window treatments, no better choice can protect the large windows. Window blinds and curtains on large windows are like a cherry on the cake. They are the complete package of beauty, functionality, and flexibility. Simply put, window treatments are a must for large windows as you can reduce their disadvantages while reaping their benefits of natural light and a beautiful view.
Dual Shades for Large Windows


Large windows are always considered as the downside of your interior project. Not only in-home, but they also are not a good idea for commercial areas and workspaces. Even the cost will make you think twice before you plan to have them. If you look at the expense of installing these windows and multiply this with the number of windows you have, the overall price will be huge.

It’s always best to have a look at the cons before making a substantial investment in large windows. Instead of these big windows, you can opt for small or specialty shaped windows, which will look great. That said, if you do have large windows, you’ll want to get window treatments to help cover them and reduce incoming heat and light. For more inspiration, you can consult with our professional executives.