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Why Large Windows Are Highly Desired in Modern Homes


The gravitas of large windows

There are many reasons as to why a home is usually considered to have a certain aesthetic appeal. These can extend to the interior or exterior architectural design of the home, to something that is more subtle, such as the interior décor and the organised manner of maintaining homes as well. The colour of the walls, the design and type of the doors, their frames and the kinds of window treatments and furniture you have can also go a long way in adding to the final look of your home.

Amongst all of these elements that make a home desirable, what is perhaps one of the most important is the size of your windows. Have you ever wondered why glass patio doors or ceiling to floor windows are treated with a sense of awe? Although, in theory, windows are just a source of sunlight and a view to the world outside, homes with larger windows are treated with an air of superiority and is something that people gravitate towards under most circumstances.

This article will analyse why larger windows are given the kind of respect that they get what the actual benefits are to getting larger windows. These benefits range from the perspective of aesthetics to being oriented towards health and even functionality.

What are the advantages of having larger windows?

The benefits of having larger windows can be categorised into the following list to gauge the capabilities and potential of these windows to their fullest. These advantages are –

  1. Source of natural light – Large windows allow more natural sunlight to enter rooms and illuminate them. This has multiple benefits. As a first, your dependence on artificial and electrical lighting will reduce drastically, making it energy efficient and easier on your wallet. This is especially useful during the winter. On the other hand, the access to natural light has been associated with boosting energy levels in the human body and also plays a hand in improving the moods of everybody within the house. It is because natural light gives off a warm and soothing vibe. It is also common knowledge that natural light is a good source of Vitamin D.
  2. Heating up your home slightly – A benefit of large windows that is quite often overshadowed by its other aspects is the fact that larger windows can help in heating up your home. This happens by virtue of glass being poor insulators of heat. With windows that have a large surface area, it is easier for the heat accruing from sunlight to accumulate inside a home. During winters, this will help in heating your home without having to resort to artificial temperature systems.
  3. Bridging the gap between the outdoors and the indoors – While small windows act as a gateway between the outdoors and the indoors, large windows almost make it feel like there is no barrier between the two parts of your world. It almost feels like your home is a part of the outside world or the outdoors is just another room within the walls of your house. This indicates a sense of optimism in the sense that it can be a form of escape from a monotonous or mundane day. Studies have shown that constant access to an outside view can be beneficial to a person’s health and attitude.
  4. Increases the value of your home – Since large windows have a lot of appeal, it can increase the selling price of your home in the event you want to relocate to another place. This is not only because of the appeal but it is also because larger windows can make your rooms appear to be bigger than they actually are. This is because they can blend with the outdoors.

Are there any causes for concern if you have large windows?

While there may be some minor snags that comes with having larger windows it is very important to remember two things. First, these small issues can be addressed with an adequate amount of foresight and planning. Second, the benefits far outweigh these little problems.

The first thing you need to remember is the fact that while larger windows are really good at bringing some heat into your home in the winters, the flipside is that it can be problematic in the summer. The additional heat will make it uncomfortable and you might have to resort to intensive air conditioning.

The second problem is the glare. While natural light is mostly extremely beneficial for a person’s well-being, over exposure can be quite irksome. Not to mention, there is a small possibility that it can cause your furniture to rot.

These problems can be easily solved. You can get windows that minimise the glare or even erect some shading structures that will block excessive sunlight from entering your home. Another solution is to get modern window treatments that can insulate or block the sunlight. For instance, window treatments like cellular shades can trap the hot air prevent it from entering your room. Blackout blinds on the other hand can block the sunlight completely and are perfect additions to bedrooms and dens. You can draw them open or close based on whether you want to let sunlight in.

Getting motorised smart blinds will help you control them remotely while also opening and closing at optimum time periods, while also being equipped with the ability to be accessed via voice command. With these additions to your home, you really cannot go wrong with large windows.

Things to consider before getting large windows

Windows by themselves, come with many features and accessories. Since large windows are going to occupy the predominant part of your walls, it is better to get the perfect fit for your home.

The first order of business is to consider whether you want your windows to be able to open up. Not all of your windows need to be open though. The main benefit of getting large windows that can open is the access to fresh air and constant circulation of it. While this might not be a necessity for some houses, it won’t hurt to have this option. The downside to it is that it is slightly more expensive to get windows that can open and close.

You must also make sure that your window frames are of good quality and that they are fit correctly. Frames must not warp or even split in anyway. Furthermore, it is essential they be fit tightly with the window with no gaps whatsoever.

Another very important factor to consider is finding windows that are energy efficient. You must speak to the manufacturer of your windows to get the most energy efficient option.