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Why Large Noble Wood Valances Are Becoming More Popular

Why Large Noble Wood Valances Are Becoming More Popular

What is a Wood Valance or Cornice?

A wood valance or cornice is mounted at the top of the window to cover the ugly window treatment hardware or curtains roads. Unlike a fabric valance which is made of materials like silk, linen, cotton or muslin or chiffon, a wood valance is made of real wood or plywood. They are much more structured and give a streamlined and neat appearance to the windows. They constitute of an ornamental framework of wood or plywood. To these cornices, curtains are attached either by using a curtain rod or hooks. These can be hung over other window treatments like shades and blinds as well.

Plywood & Fabric Mounted Wood Valances

The cornices are a box-like structure and commonly made out of plywood which is painted using colors that blend with the existing color scheme of the room or with the color of furnishings or furniture. There are also cornices which are made of plywood and then covered with fabric or wallpaper to add a dramatic effect to the windows and to the surrounding decor. You can choose from a range of fabric colors and textures to suit your preferences and tastes. Wallpapers are also widely used to cover the plywood and integrate the room into the cohesive whole.
Fabric Mounted Wood Valances

Noble Real Wood Valances

Ornamental and embellished fabric cornices no longer enjoy the amount of popularity they did previously. Simple yet elegant and luxurious appeal is what people are increasingly showing an affinity for and this has seen an increasing demand for real wood valances or cornices. If you are trying to find a way to add character to your windows and also blend the design of the room together, nothing works as brilliantly as real noble wood cornice valance. Unlike plywood, these cornices are made of real hardwood. Real wood has a natural richness and beauty that is unparalleled and all else fades in comparison. Real wood cornices are a brilliant way to add rich layered design to your window treatments. They offer a distinguished and sober appearance to the windows and to the entire room. A tastefully designed wood valance is a great way to help your rooms make a bold yet subtle statement. They are effective particularly if you have large windows. They act as a great beauty enhancer for the windows.
Wood Valances

Stained or Painted Wood Valances

You can opt for plain solid wood cornice moldings of your choice. There are various wood stain options available that come with nontoxic paint for the safety of your family members. There are simple wood carvings to more ornamental and embellished ones depending upon your room decor. If you have a minimalist and contemporary home you can opt for the simple wood moldings and if you have a more traditional set up you can get rich carvings done on your cornice to lend a touch of beauty to the surrounding.

Real wood cornices can be painted or stained. There are rich color options for staining your hardwood valance which include golden oak, mahogany, dark walnut, chestnut, golden honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cherry red and maple. Each of these shades is gorgeous and lends a luxurious appeal to your decor. Irrespective of the type of decor you have, these colors can weave magic. Variations in natural wood products can cause stain colors to vary. You can choose the stain color depending upon the color of your furniture. If you have mahogany colored wood sofa or chairs in the room, you could opt for mahogany stained wood cornices to bind the room together. If you are using real wood shutters in a lighter stain, you can create a contrast by opting for a darker shade for your cornice boards. It will help to create a harmonious balance of colors and textures in the room.
Painted Wooden Valance

If you are looking for more variety in terms of color then you can even customize your wood valances to get painted in the color of your choice. For instance, if you are doing up your nursery for a baby boy or girl, and you have a blue or pink color theme, you can get your real wood cornices to get colored in pink or blue. Similarly, If you have a dark-colored wall like navy or orange, you can create a powerful contrast by getting the cornice board painted in white. For an all-white room, a rich deep shade of red can truly make heads turn and leave a lasting impact on the people. Stained or painted, real wood valances or cornices are a sight to behold and help you make that transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

The lasting appeal yet simple and subtle beauty of real noble wood valances accounts for their increasing popularity with homeowners. They can choose from different molding styles, carvings, colors and stains to pull off the look they want to create for their rooms and customize them accordingly.