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Why It’s Important To Dress Your Exteriors with Window Shades and Blinds


In contemporary cosmopolitan houses, optimum utilization of the space is a must. The focus of the designers these days is to bring the inside out in the open. An increased number of modern homes aim to use a patio or a veranda to create more useable space. In these exteriors of the house, one can invite friends over for dinner and spend quality moments in the lap of nature. Many people thus desire privacy from the prying eyes and the comfort to sit and relax. Exterior shades and blinds come in handy as they enable the people to utilize the outside space and raise the overall ambience of the house a notch higher.

Exterior shades are mounted outside the windows. They are mounted in warmer regions so that they can reflect the radiant heat back to its sources before it can hit the windows. This helps to create a sun-protected cool environment inside the house, and can create a more private and protected space outdoors when mounted on a patio. Installing window shades outside also gives the homeowners greater flexibility when choosing the type of shade they want of their interiors. Exterior window shades help to improve the curb appeal of the house as they offer an uniform look of the windows from the outside.

Types of outdoor window treatments

There are two types of outdoor window treatments, namely Outdoor Roller Shades and Solar Roller Shades.

  1. Outdoor Roller Shades: 

These comprise a crank handle along with a knitted fabric. The outdoor roller-shade fabric selection depends on the location and the amount of sunshine received by the porch or the patio. If the outdoor space gets a lot of sunlight, the roller shades selected should be designed from thicker blackout fabric, which can better block sunlight and keep the porch cool. If the outside space gets a moderate amount of sunshine, then the roller shade can be designed with a light filtering fabric to filter the light and provide a soothing natural glow.

2. Outdoor Solar Shades:

Outdoor Solar shades with side guides are made with a system that holds the blind to remain stable during high winds. The material used to make it is UV stabilized and can block up to 99% of the Ultra Violet Rays. Further, it is also heat-treated and reduces heat and glare in a wide variety of outdoor settings.  Solar fabrics are see-through to a degree depending on the openness chosen. They absorb the solar radiation which passes through hit and keeps the porch cooler.

Why is it important to use external window shades and blinds?

  • External Window Shades and Blinds maximize space:

The outdoor areas are adequately covered, giving the user ultimate comfort and privacy. The blinds add to the overall practicality of the house by creating that extra space.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Protect from Harsh Weather

High-quality blinds can protect from wind, rain and sun. With the blinds drawn, one can sit and relax irrespective of the weather outside.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Helps Protect the Furniture

High-quality blinds can block the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun. In the process, they save the furniture placed on the porch from getting faded.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Keeps Away the Bugs and Flies

Another added advantage of using the exterior shades and blinds is that they help keep away the bugs and flies. It enables the user to use it to pot dinners and parties to entertain many people.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Ensures Protection from UV Rays

Ultra Violet radiation is hazardous for human beings as it can damage the skin tissue, and excessive exposure to it can cause skin cancer. With the wide variety of Blinds to choose from, the user can ensure that they have a degree of protection from UV radiation outside the house. The shades and blinds ensure that both human beings and all the home décor and furniture items remain safe from harmful ultra violet radiation.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Ensures Privacy

It is through window shades and blinds that a person can have complete privacy. With the option of using near blackout blinds, a person can ensure that the outside world can’t peep in, and they can relax and rejuvenate themselves in peace.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Add to the Aesthetic Appeal of the House

External Windows Shade and Blinds increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. The user can pair them with a wide variety of modern décor, which gives the porch an elegant and contemporary look. They are available in various colours that the user can use to match with the overall theme of the house. They can be manually operated, motorized or even automated depending upon the need. Modern-day shades and blinds take the homes few notches up in terms of aesthetic appeal.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds are Affordable

Window shades and blinds add a rich look to the house’s overall ambience, but the best part is that they come in a variety of qualities and costs. Depending upon the requirements, shades and blinds can be customized to suit modern or traditional décor as per your budget.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds are Child and Pet Safe

Modern external window shades and child proof blinds are designed in such a way to ensure the overall safety of the children and pets. When the user deploys them in a home with proper security measures (such as a cord tensioner), the chances of children and pets getting hurt are next to zero. In modern contexts, the shades and blinds are motorized and even remote-controlled and automated as per a schedule. Thus there is no way that children and pets can hurt or harm themselves while operating them.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Ensure Cleanliness

Window shades and blinds ensure the house’s complete cleanliness as they block the sunlight and UV radiation, and dust particles. With less dust entering into the porch, it remains clean for a longer duration of time. It is effortless to clean the blinds, and with just one swipe of a moist cloth, they are as good as new.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds are Ideal for Every Type of Porch

Owing to the wide variety of designs, shapes and colours that window shades and blinds are available, they have emerged as the best-suited option for every porch and veranda.  Depending upon the requirement, theme, and functionality, the modern window shades and blinds can perfectly blend and enhance the home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

  • External Window Shades and Blinds Make our Homes Look More Finished and Professionally Designed:

Whether a designer has designed the home or not, external window shades and blinds give a professional touch to the décor. If chosen correctly, they can be a perfect fit for the specific style of the house. They add elegance, charm and an upscale image to the house.

The external window shades and blinds are thus an integral part of the modern-day household. The user needs to choose them wisely to make the house practical, trendy, contemporary and stylish.

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