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Why Home Decorators Everywhere are Recommending Dual Shades

Why Home Decorators Everywhere are Recommending Dual Shades

The Problem of Choice: Blackout Vs Light-Filtering Shades

Not all choices are as straightforward as we would like them to be. Some choices are difficult because the options that you get to choose from, have unique advantages and disadvantages of their own. While in a certain situation one option seems like a better choice, the utility and suitability of the other option shine through, the moment the situation changes. Sometimes window coverings present a similar dilemma.

For some people, better blackout performance from their window coverings is a top priority. But there are others who prefer their window coverings to effectively diffuse the bright external light without blocking the view of the outside. However, the preference is one thing and the specific requirements for your house are another. Even if you prefer to keep the view of the outside, there may be times or situations when you will need to block out the external light and the view from the outside completely.

Places such as the bedroom or your bathroom are such sections of the house where you want to ensure utmost privacy. Moreover, external light can lead to sleep interruptions if not blocked out properly. Hence, for ensuring both your privacy and excellent blackout performance, you will need shades that are made from a thicker and more opaque material. You may have to sacrifice the view of the outside for that purpose.

While light-filtering shades diffuse the bright external light quite effectively, they don’t block out the external light completely. As a result, you manage to enjoy the view of the outside but you don’t get good blackout performance that is important to ensure privacy and also good sleep if you plan to take a nap.

Blackout shades are made from a thicker material that has a higher R-value. As a result, they not only provide better thermal insulation but also safeguard your privacy and ensure good blackout performance. The downside to this window covering option is that you have to sacrifice your view of the outside. However, much better privacy performance more than makes up for it. Blackout shades and light-filtering shades, if you choose either of the two options, you lose out of the tangible benefits of the other one.

Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades Designer Series

What Are Dual Shades?

Dual shades offer a pragmatic solution to the dilemma that emerges out of the difficult choice between blackout performance and the preference towards keeping the view. Instead of having to choose between them, you get both the options within the same set of shades. With the dual shades, you get double the style and double the functionality.

An unconventional window covering option, dual shades offer a modern design and include two fabric layers. One layer diffuses the external light and prevents UV exposure while the other one provides excellent blackout and privacy performance. You can switch between the two layers depending on what you need.

Smart Motorized Dual Shades

Why Home Decorators Everywhere are Recommending Dual Shades

Home decorators visualize a theme for the décor of your home and recommend elements based on that theme. No matter what theme you choose to go ahead with, window coverings always form an integral part of the décor. These window furnishings have a versatile quality that allows them to blend in with any kind of home décor and visibly enhance the same. Dual shades are just as versatile and functional and it is no wonder that home decorators recommend them so strongly.

There are many unique advantages that make dual shades a great choice for your home. Let us look at some of the benefits that make dual shades worth recommending:

Superior Thermal Insulation

When you decide to get window coverings for your home, heat insulation is a major necessity. Dual shades fulfill this necessity with aplomb. Dual shades consist of two different layers, one of which is a light-filtering layer and the other one is usually a blackout fabric layer. Together, the two layers of these shades offer excellent heat insulation.

Excellent Blackout Performance

When you choose window coverings for specific sections of the house such as the bedroom, you look for window coverings that can darken the room effectively whenever you want. Dual shades have a blackout layer along with a light-filtering layer. Thus you get excellent blackout performance without having to compromise on the view of the outside. You can choose to retract the blackout layer and keep the light-filtering layer drawn if you want to diffuse the external light without blocking the view of the outside.

Superb Privacy Performance

Privacy is also an important necessity that you want your window coverings to deliver upon. Your home is your private space and maintaining the sanctity of that space is crucial. Dual shades deliver exactly that by safeguarding your privacy with utmost efficacy. The dual shades help uphold your privacy both during the day and the night. The combined opacity of two fabric layers block the view from the outside and prevent the onlookers from infringing upon your privacy.

Better Value For Your Investment

With dual shades, you get double the style and double the functionality in the price of a single set of shades. For superior blackout and privacy performance along with excellent light control, you don’t need to purchase separate window coverings. When you opt for dual shades you get all these functionalities in the same set of window coverings. Thus you not only get better functionality and efficiency but also get a better value for your investment.

These are some of the benefits of opting for dual shades that make them a great choice for dressing up the windows and doors in your house. The elegance, efficiency, and functionality offered by these shades are just too good to overlook. Hence, it is no surprise that home decorators favor dual shades as your go-to window treatments.

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