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Why Flat Sheer Shades Are Growing In Popularity

Why Flat Sheer Shades Are Growing In Popularity

Blind, shades and various kinds of other window dressings have always been popular with the masses. Be it homes, restaurants, hotels, or workspaces, blinds have become essential not just for their privacy purposes but also for upping the overall look of the space. One of the most popular choices in shades has been the flat sheer window shades. When you take a look at the recent trends, you’ll see that their popularity is only going in an upward direction. The question arises why flat sheer shades are growing in popularity? There are many reasons behind the growing demands of the flat sheer shades. Flat sheer shades are curtains or shades that are light and thin. They allow light to pass through freely and are breezy in nature. Flat sheer window shades are the window dressing of choice if you like to let in plenty of air and natural light.

Now, let us list the reasons for the question why the flat sheer shades are growing in popularity. The answer may help you to make your choice when you are on the lookout for your next window dressing.

• Privacy
Most people shun away from sheer flat window shades because they believe that these do not provide an ample amount of privacy when used in a living space. But the recent shopping trends show that this misconception is slowly going away from the minds of the people.

While it is true that there are other kinds of curtains that provide more privacy, recent technology advances have made sure that the flat sheer shades of today can provide the look along with enough privacy.

Today, you can choose from many textures and patterns of sheer flat window blinds to suit your tastes about the amount of natural light it lets in and the amount of privacy you may need in a particular area. You can now enjoy the view outside from the snug comfort of your couch but can be sure that prying eyes cannot look inside (note that this works best during the day).

But if you need more privacy than a flat sheer window shade can provide but still long for the classy looks that they provide, you can still achieve it. Just pair the sheer flat window shades with some thick window shades that do provide the privacy that you require.
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• Protection from the ultraviolet rays
Most curtains available today come with the UV protection feature. The flat sheer window shades of recent times also come with this feature. Now, you can choose to let in a lot of sunlight without worrying about the harmful effects of the UV rays. With a little help from the other drapes, your flat sheer window shades will last for years without sun damage or fading.

• Affordable
Most common flat sheer window shades are made from lightweight fabrics like cotton, synthetic fibers or linen. At times, they are made from a blend of two or more materials that are very light in weight. This fact makes the flat sheer curtains very affordable when compared with materials like velvet and silk that are much heavier.

• The ease of maintenance
Heavier curtains become very hard to handle. It becomes very difficult when you attempt to hand wash or machine wash them. More often than not, heavy curtains need special products or special treatments to clean and maintain them. But this is not the case with sheer flat window shades. These are easy to handle and can be easily be washed by hand.
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• Classiness
Flat sheer shades, when used as window dressing, depict the fine taste of the homeowner. The sheer flat curtains will lend a freshness and vitality to the house, no matter which room it is used in. Use flat sheer shades in solid colors for your window to sober down the look of the room. They will make your room look peaceful and aesthetically beautiful. You can also choose more showy colors and flamboyant prints to make your space happy and exciting. Flat sheer blinds can provide a graceful and delightful living in whichever room they are used in.
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• Versatile
The incredible versatility that they provide is one of the reasons. While made to filter the light, they can be used along with light-blocking blind, shutters shades and opaque curtains to get that day-night look. Flat sheer shades can look professional enough to be used in offices and workspaces. They have a delicate and breezy look that makes it suitable to be used in hotels, restaurants and resorts too.

• Many different options
Flat sheer shades for the windows are available in a lot of options in patterns, textures and colors. The options available can also be expanded infinitely by using these in conjunction with solar films, opaque curtains, faux wood blinds and decorative pieces like graphic prints, flowers, etc. Even long after the installation of the flat sheer blinds, you can make changes in the surroundings to give the space a complete new look as the flat sheer blinds blend in with every new look you try.
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• Easy installation
The flat sheer shades are versatile and lightweight. It is these very features that make it very easy to install these at your home or office. You will not need any professional help to install these. You will only need to take accurate measurements of the window and choose flat sheer curtains accordingly. Even if you fail to purchase the flat sheer blinds in the exact measurements, they are light and allow easy handling to allow you to make the required alterations. If you choose heavier materials, you might need to enlist the help of professionals to make the appropriate alterations.