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Why Do Houses Have Fake Shutters And Are They Worth It?

Why Do Houses Have Fake Shutters And Are They Worth It

Shutters are one of the most popular window treatments as they have stood the test of time. Homeowners in general are always eager to add value to their houses, and shutters emerge as the go-to option when it comes to increasing curb value. Historically speaking, the use of shutters started in ancient Greece and Egyptian kingdoms. The earlier shutters were made out of marble. Overtime , people replaced marble with wood because of the easy availability and flexible nature of wood. Usually, it was believed that shutters are most suitable for tropical areas but eventually, their popularity spread across the world. In many modern houses, one finds different types of shutters installed serving the specific requirements of the owner. They are available in wood, faux wood, MDF, aluminium and vinyl.

What are fake shutters?

Fake shutters are fitted to the outside of the window to enhance the overall appearance of the room. Fake shutters are designed and structured differently because they have to withstand the vagaries of nature. In contrast to interior shutters, which have moveable louvres, fake shutters come with the fixed louvres. They are tilted downwards so that the excessive water from rainfall should drain away. Fake shutters are normally used for decorative purposes..

Why do people use fake shutters?

There are various reasons why people use fake shutters in their houses. Some of them are as under:

  • Fake Shutters for Additional Sunlight Protection:

People employ fake shutters as a window treatment to increase their ability to provide sunlight protection. The owner can have a fully bright and well-lit room or opt to block out light out completely. They can be opened or closed as per the requirements.

  • Fake Shutters Provide Additional Protection from Nature:

In extreme weather conditions, especially storms; debris can enter the rooms through the window. If one uses fake shutters, one can protect oneself from the elements. These also help the owner protect the interiors along with other essential safety items from the storm and can help people lead a comfortable lifestlye. 

  • Fake Shutters for an Extra Layer of Insulation:

Fake shutters can also be used to have an extra layer of insulation in the room. For example, they can be closed on a scorching day, keeping the heat out and not allowing the airconditioned air to escape. Thus, fake shutters help the owners create a uniform temperature inside the rooms. 

  • Fake Shutters help in Noise Reduction:

Fake Shutters can also help in noise reduction. They can effectively and efficiently absorb the external noise and make the room calm and serene. In addition, once closed, the fake shutters will add another layer of sound insulation between the owner and the outside world.

  • Fake shutters to Enhance the Energy Efficiency of the house:

These days, most homeowners are aware of eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products. Often it involves the use of expensive technology. Fake shutters are another effective, yet economical way to enhance the energy efficiency of the house. With an extra layer of insulation, the owner can successfully maintain the desired temperatures inside. Consequently, they spend less on electricity as the central heating and cooling systems use less electricity to maintain the desired temperature.

  • Fake Shutters Enhance Ventilation of air:

Louvred fake shutters are a good option when it comes to providing additional ventilation to the rooms. The hot air from the rooms finds an escape out through these fake shutters, and fresh air can enter the room. Thereby, these shutters ensure the flow of air and help keep the room fresh and well ventilated.

  • Fake Shutters are Available in a Wide Variety with Individual Customizations:

To increase the aesthetic appeal of the house, installing fake shutters is a good option. It is because they are available in many customizations, ranging from style, colour, and material to create a theme for the house’s decor. Through fake shutters, a wide variety of options are available to customers, allowing them to decorate their home’s as they wish.

  • Fake Shutters and Easy Maintenance:

These shutters are very easy to clean and maintain. A regular pair of fake shutters can easily be cleaned with the help of water, a moist cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Once washed, they are ready to be used again.

Are fake shutters worth it?

When the question of the styling of the house and window remodelling, fake shutters emerge as the clear winner. These shutters are placed that they can protect the inside from all vagaries of nature. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house by adding a royal and vintage touch. At the same time, they provide practical benefits like protection from heavy rains and ensuring privacy. Fake shutters are trendy because they offer many advantages to the owner. In addition, they add a lot of value to the home. So going by the benefits they provide to the owners, they are worth it.

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