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Why You Should Always Go for Custom Window Solutions over Pre-made

Custom Window Solutions

House Decor Dilemmas

Doing up your home, and getting functional window treatments is a time-consuming task. You are faced with several dilemmas. Which color combination to go for, will high contrast work well or look too loud, should you stick to all-white kitchen or include dashes of color, should you stick to neutral shades or opt for darker and more daring colors like green, purple or blue, etc. This list is endless. You are faced with one such dilemma when you are choosing window treatment solutions for your windows and doors. The first inevitable question that pops up in your mind is: should you got for readymade shades and curtains or should you stick to the more conventional method of getting your treatments customized. ?

Arguments in Favour of Readymade Window Treatments

There are two factors that tempt customers towards opting for the easy way out and settling with ready-made solutions. Firstly it is hassle-free. All you need to do is take basic measurements, go to the shop, choose the fabric and design that appeal to you and goes with your decor, make the payment and you are done. As these are manufactured in bulk quantities, the pricing is also reasonable. It is not impossible to get the color combination and design that you have been looking for. With loads of stuff to do, readymade shades are drapes that can greatly reduce workload.

Arguments in Favour of Customized Window Treatments

Unfortunately, shortcut methods more often than not fail to work. Ready-made shades may not fit your window completely, or may not be at the quality that you expect. There is no 100% satisfaction guaranteed, there will be niggling concerns and imperfections that will continue to bother you and despite saving money on the readymade stuff you are not happy. This is because you know in your heart that custom-made window treatment solutions despite the effort and cost are worth every penny. Sometimes they can be too small for your window, or if you outside mount they are a bit awkward and too big and need to be modified.

Custom Fit & Perfect Measurements

The biggest argument in favor of customized window treatments is the perfect tailor-made fit of the shades and drapes. These are manufactured only when you confirm every measurement detail of your windows. It doesn’t matter if you have differently shaped windows that do not follow the standard measurements. Your window treatments will make the best fit. Readymade window treatments come in a few specific sizes which may not make the best fit for your windows. Ill-fitted coverings lose much of their functionality and charm.
Different Shaped Window Shades

Best Fit & Falls for Drapes

If you are opting for drapes, customized ones look way grander and more elegant. They make the right fall. Readymade ones may fail to cover the whole window and leave gaps. They made fall short in length and hang abruptly, looking poorly.
Ready Made Drapes

High Quality of Craftsmanship

Another factor strongly in favor of customized window treatments is the high quality of craftsmanship. You get what you paid for in terms of material, the stitching and the finish. Custom-made ones are more durable and they look finer as well. As they are not made in bulks, individual attention is paid to every detail.

Choose Material & Fabric of Your Choice

For custom-made treatments, you get to choose the fabric, material, color, design and textures. You can choose the exact color and pattern that you wanted for your house and you don’t have to compromise. Readymade drapes or shades are available in limited colors and patterns and do not have as many material choices.
Sheer Shades and Curtains

Add Customized Embellishments

With custom-made window treatments, you can add embellishments of your choice. You can add trimmings, frills or any other details that you wish. The window treatments get a character of their own which you cannot find elsewhere. Moreover, you can go ahead and add details even after order has been placed and make alterations. Readymade treatments will be made to cater to all and not have the kind of specifications you may desire. They cannot support the kind of changes or alterations you may want and you have to settle with whatever is available and it may not be the best.
Custom Made Window Dressings

Improved Functionality & Efficiency

The functionality and efficiency of custom-made window treatments are far better than readymade ones. As the customized ones are tailor-made for your windows, irrespective of their shapes and sizes, they make a better fit, leave no gaps or leakages and hence no energy loss.
Tailor-Made Window Coverings

Best Quality Lining

Most readymade curtains do not come with linings that protect curtains from sunrays. Even if linings are included they are of poor quality. When you are getting your own drapes or curtains stitched you can add linings and of the best quality so that they do not shrink or wear off prematurely.

Better Product Knowledge

When you work closely with a drapery designer it gives you access to extensive knowledge about the product. They will help you find the right treatments which will make your smaller rooms appear larger, maximize or limit light control as per your needs, etc. When you purchase a readymade treatment you simply buy the product but not the kind of knowledge that customized products give you.


Since customized window treatments are made for your windows specifically they make installation easier. Exact measurements are taken to ensure that your shades and drapes make the best fit. Your drapery designer will specify the best placement for your drapery rods.

With all arguments heavily in favor of customized window treatments, there is little doubt who the clear winner is. Readymade blinds and drapes can opt as a stop-gap solution or when you have serious financial constraints. Customized blinds or shades through expensive prove to be economical in the long run as they are more durable, long-lasting, of better quality and craftsmanship.