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Why Curtains are the Best Choice if You Live in a Rental Property

Why Curtains Are The Best Choice If You Live In A Rental Property

When it comes to home décor, it’s all about how style meets function. Apart from the functionality of home decor and window treatments, other factors need to be considered as well. Your home plays a pivotal role in the way you decorate your space. A home that you own is like an open canvas for you to design as you like right from the features to the paint job and the finishings as well, wherewith rental homes you need to follow the rules and regulations of the owners of the home. You may not add the finishings of your choice or do any form of permanent decoration that could later inconvenience the owner of the house financially. This is something to consider especially for window treatments. Many times, window treatments, require some form of permanent fixtures, but the number of fixtures and support they may require is dependent on the type of window treatment it is. For your rental home, there are certain factors to consider when it comes to window treatment, and one popular and reliable option are curtains. They’re not only reliable in functionality, but in style as well! They’re a great option to add with their vibrant hues.
Light Filtering Curtains

What Are the Features of Curtains?

When it comes to considering window treatments various factors need to be thought of and taken into consideration. The size of the house, the layout, the kind of window treatments that’ll fit the place. Many people turn to curtains as they’re easy to place as well as easy to maintain. Curtains are decorative and practical as well. When you enter any room, curtains can add that pop of personality while also providing ample privacy and protection.

There are various types of curtains right from light filtering material, sheers to the light blocking drapery, you can pick curtains according to the need of the hour. They each come with their unique personality too. They’re almost suitable to be hung in various types of areas as well. Here are some benefits that drapery and curtains provide.

1) Insulation:
Insulating a space not only means making the surroundings seem warm but also making space feel inviting and cozy. Depending on the curtain and the type of fabric it’s made of, curtains can help in modulating the indoor temperature.

2) Light Control:
When it comes to any window treatment, having the ability to control light is extremely important. This is because window treatments are often kept so that people can enjoy extra light control. Having a warm glow adorn your space to completely blocking light, curtains have the ability to do that depending on your choice.
Blackout Curtains to Block Sunlight
3) Revamping Aesthetics:
Your space with curtains will have an appeal of its own. Depending on the kind of curtain you have, where it’s hung, it’s the length – all of these factors can affect the way a room looks. Even the design, pattern or color of the curtain can affect how the aesthetics of any room is projected.
Floor Length Curtains and Drapes
4) Privacy:
Window treatments like curtains play an important role in maintaining privacy. It is very unnerving to have people from outside peep into your home space; hence window treatments help in keeping wandering eyes away from your space. Some curtains are completely opaque while others are not, some are sheer curtains that are transparent enough to block a bit of the indoor view. Depending on the requirement of the hour, window treatments are opted for.
Window Curtains

Why Choose Curtains for Rental Properties?

It’s always fun to choose decorative ornaments, home decor and window treatment for the space you live in. But if you live in a temporary or rental property, you may not be able to make permanent changes, and it may not be financially viable. Curtains are perfect because they can be hung on rods with minimal screws needed, or even on tension rods with no screws at all. Many homes will also have rods or surfaces in places where curtains are hung from already installed. On top of that, since curtains are designed to overhang and drape over a window, they can be reused for windows of many different sizes. As a result, when you move out, you can take your curtains with you and reuse them on a window in your new home.

At this stage choosing between blinds, shades, shutters and curtains plays an important role in the décor of your home. Whether you’re a tenant or an owner, curtains are one of the best options to choose when it comes to window treatments. Curtains in rental properties are easy to maintain and set up. Also compared to blinds, they are easy to use making them less susceptible to wear and tear as well. Here are some reasons why curtains are a good option for a rental property:

• Curtains are easy to fit, you just need to mount them on a rod, they don’t need to be exactly fitted onto the window.
• If curtains get dirty it’s easy to take them off and get them cleaned, making it easy to clean and maintain.
• They are easy to operate with a cord that can be safely tucked away from children and pets too.
• Depending on the rental room, you choose amongst a wide variety of fabrics and designs right from thick dark to light filter fabric with vibrant hues.