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Why Curtains Are A Great Match With Wood Blinds

Why Curtains Are A Great Match With Wood Blinds

Curtains and blinds not only ensure your privacy from outsiders but also protects the extra amount of light entering your room. Curtains, as well as binds, come in different colours and patterns which gives your room life. Indeed both curtains and blinds add to the beauty and look of your room but it is difficult to decide whether you need curtains or not if you have wood blinds.

Wood blinds give your home a classy look. Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom, living room or even bathroom, you can upgrade your home with wood blinds. Despite the colour and texture of your walls, wood blinds are the perfect choice for every home. You don’t need much more to decorate your room if you have wood blinds that provide your home with a next-level superiority and royalty.

Although both curtains and blinds serve the same purpose, most people choose curtains while others opt for blinds. But nowadays so many people go for both. However, beautiful curtains and blinds are always a centre of attraction for your guests which compel them to praise. But this happens only if you make the right choice while choosing the two.

Pairing up both curtains and blinds in the correct way ensures a high level of privacy and blocking of an adequate amount of light. It also gives you flexibility in terms of decor. But if the pairing doesn’t go well then it can be a disaster. Though blinds are of many types, most people ask questions, what if we have wood blinds? Can we pair up curtains with our wood blinds? Will pairing of both work or not? And do curtains are a great match with wood blinds?

The answer to all the questions is yes. You can pair up curtains with your window blinds. Painting up curtains with wood blinds will give a finished look. Just some expert advice and style guidelines will serve the purpose and give you the desired results.

Wood Blinds And Curtains

Consider the following things before matching up your wood blinds with curtains:

1)Colour Of Curtains

Wood blinds give warmth and natural touch to your room. Sometimes wood blinds are painted with different colours to make them attractive. Your blind colour is the main point of consideration while choosing the curtain for your wood blinds. Choose the curtain by keeping in mind the colour of your blind. Opt for the one that complements your wood blinds but at the same time don’t compromise on the fabric of the curtain.

Go for light shades like white and cream that work well with your wood blinds. You can also mix and match dark and light colours to give your room a vibrant look. Also, keep in mind the colour of your walls. Choose the curtains that match both with wood blood as well as your room walls. A huge variety of designer curtains are also available in the shops which you can opt for according to your budget and preferences. You can buy these curtains online also.

While looking for the perfect curtain for your wood blinds don’t go for printed curtains if there is less space in your room. If you choose printed curtains for your wood blinds they will pop out and not seem to be eye-soothing. Printed curtains instead of complementing your blinds, may contrast your home decor shifting the beauty of your wood blind aside.

2) Colour Choices

Green colour curtains will perfectly get paired up with wood blinds if you want a nature’s look.

If you want a royal look then you can pair your wood blinds with dark coloured curtains like dark blue, purple or red.

It will be a great idea if you pair up your curtains with colours that are already present in the wood grain.

3)Size Of Window

All windows are not of the same size. They differ from each other in terms of width and height. So while deciding the curtain for your wood blind, the size of the window should also be taken into consideration. Even your small-sized windows may look large if you pair up your curtains and blind quite well. Also, if you have wood blinds in all of your rooms and you want to pair them all with curtains then don’t choose the same type of curtains for all of your rooms.

Pick up curtains with different fabrics, colours and textures for rooms to give uniqueness to your home.

4) Think About The Curtain Rod Too

Alwayschoose the rods of your curtains that complement the colour of your wood blinds. Mix match curtain rod and colour of your wood blinds will ruin the entire look and beauty of your room. It is advisable to choose matt finish rods instead of shiny ones because matt finish rods will pair up well with all kinds of curtains and blinds.

5) Which Curtain For Dark Venetian Wood Blind?

If you have dark coloured faux wood blinds, then try to avoid sheer curtains with them as dark blinds will make your sheer curtains look dull.

6) Consider Your Room Walls

Apart from matching the curtain with your wood blinds, note the colour and texture of your walls too. Your curtain colour and fabric besides matching with your wood blinds should also match up with your walls. Choose a curtain that would complement both your wood blind as well as your room’s wall.

However, curtains are not as durable as blinds, most people find it just a waste of money to use both curtains and blinds together. It is a matter of choice and one’s preference.


There are plenty of choices available in the market if you are planning to choose curtains that should match your wood blinds. Don’t hesitate in exploring all the options and doing experiments with them but do keep the above points in your mind while shopping for the right curtain for your wood blinds. Pairing the right curtain with your wooden blind will give your home a new stunning and pleasant look.

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