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Affordable and High Quality – Why Crown Shades Are Preferred Among Homeowners

Affordable and High Quality Why Crown Shades Are Preferred Among Homeowners

While getting any product from the market, what is the first thing that you look for? Looks? Value for money? Features? All these are necessary but the quality is something that you would never compromise on. Quality is defined as a parameter by which the worth of the product is measured. As yourself: does the product fulfill all the promises as it advertised? A product made from bad quality will make you feel as if you have wasted money on it. And it is this factor that determines how trustworthy the makers behind it are. Brands that focus on high quality ultimately become the go-to options of consumers over time. It should be the top priority of them as quality would definitely ensure repeat customers as against heavy marketing that might lure in the buyers by making tall promises. But if the quality is not up to the mark, bad word of mouth will eventually set in. In the world of window treatments, you might as well not compromise on that front. A blind or shade that lasts you for years, even decades despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions might be rare to find. And this is what Crown – a premier window fashion brand – can boast of.

Crown Window Fashions

Headquartered near Woodbridge, New Jersey, Crown Lifestyles is known for delivering top-quality window treatments available in various designs, shapes, colors as well as sizes. Like Graber, another premium window treatment brand, Crown has made a name for itself in the past several years because of various reasons. Some of the reasons are mentioned as below.

1. The Best-Quality Cellular Shades: Cellular shades are very important window treatments that can be found in various homes because of their light filtering and heat/cold blocking properties. Cellular shades are generally made up of one or more sheets of fabric, depending on the level of privacy and natural light you want inside the room. Crown is the go-to brand that provides you cellular shades in different patterns and colors. More on this will be discussed further below.

2. Ornate Decorative Pieces and Drapery: Curtains for different rooms might not be to everyone’s taste, but by seeing the range of different styles of curtains that Crown provides, you are bound to fall in love with the brand. These curtains are available in different attachment styles, various prints, patterns, colors and light filtering materials that will make it absolutely worth it. Besides the window shades, Crown also deals in providing hardware such as rods and finials, that very few brands can claim of selling. No wonder it has become extremely popular with homeowners in countries across the globe.

3. Top Solar Shades: As the name suggests solar shades are set up on small and large windows to reduce the impact of the sun during summers, keeping you cozy and comfortable and away from the dazzling glare and heat. However, finding the right solar shades can be a challenge, and you need them in the right materials that can withstand the impact of the sun and its UV/infrared radiation for long durations. Crown solar shades come to your rescue by providing top-of-the-line solar shades. Being flame and dirt-resistant, they are built to last long, thus earning the trust of one and all.
Crown Motorized Shades with Built In Rechargeable Batteries
4. Motorized Options: Today, motorization has reached every sphere, and it is difficult to finish a task without some sort of technology accompanying you in the purpose. So whether you are buying a product or finishing office tasks on time, technology has a fair role to play in it. The convenience brought by technology has spread its wings to the world of window treatments as well, and now it is a given that many premium window fashion brands offer remote-controlled features in window shades. Crown has adopted the technology with flying colors, and almost every window shade offered by it has the motorized feature where you can open and close the shades without moving an inch from your seating space. This has made it very convenient for homeowners and also entails safety for the kids and pets in the house, who can pull on the corded strings of blinds and hurt themselves in the process.

5. Skylights Shades: Skylights are tough-to-reach windows built-in independent houses with roofs. Needless to say, you need reliable window treatments that can filter in the sunlight without making the house too uncomfortable as and when the weather changes. Crown, with its fabulous skylight cellular options, offer you the right shades which can be cleaned and maintained easily without making the process seem tough (it might require a ladder or an athletic person to climb the roof and clean the shades). Besides, the skylight shades also come with motorized options in Crown, which will eliminate the need of using a ladder every time you wish to adjust, open or close them.
Crown Skylight Shades

Top Window Treatments By Crown

So all those who are new to this brand and want to make a purchase, here are a few must-have window treatments of Crown that will be perfect for you, whether you are staying in a city apartment or a countryside cottage.

Crown Premium Blackout Cellular Shades

These shades will be perfect not just for your personal space but also for any office or cafe because of their varied properties such as insulation, light control, style and privacy. Being sleek and stylish, they can easily fit into any room, making your visitors drop their jaws in wonder at their sheer beauty. The range of colors is wide, including Amber, Beige, Cream, Black, Chino, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Golden, Pastel and Winter White. These designs are solids with no prints and patterns, making the window space minimal yet classy, adding great aesthetic value to any interior space.

The shades can be customized according to your requirement, and the crystal pleats are designed as such by sturdy fabrics that won’t sag or flatten. Being excellent insulators, they can come in handy for you any time of the year, and can reduce the need for an air conditioner or heater to keep the air at room temperature because of their construction: they have cell pockets to trap the heat or cold in different seasons.
Crown Blackout Cellular Shades

Crown Premium Sheer Shades

When their vanes are opened, they allow for diffused light to enter. The fabulous technology of Crown also allows you to raise these blinds by almost a foot without damaging them. The soft and light-diffusing vanes of these fabrics, coupled with the double sheer fabrics, create a unique experience for you. They are available in different-sized light filtering and room darkening fabrics and have various colors such as Cocoa Bean, Black, Starlight, Cloud White and Horizon, to name a few.
Crown Premium Sheer Shades

Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades

If there are any shades that can be light filtering yet can provide a good deal of privacy, they are the light filtering roller shades by Crown. These protect you and your furniture and other objects placed inside the room from the UV radiation while providing a good outside view. You can set them up in your living room or the bedroom and roll them all the way down during the day time. Constructed from 100% woven polyester fabrics, you will give a modern and contemporary look to your home. Besides, these materials are odor-free and non-toxic, ensuring that you have a great time owning them.
Crown Light Filtering Shades
Final note: Crown is a solid, trustworthy brand of window treatments because of a number of good reasons. The brand boasts of premium quality shades in varied types, including solar blinds, cellular shades, sheer shades, and drapery. They can be customized as per your liking and will lend privacy to your home besides filtering in a good amount of sunlight, thus proving to be a good enough investment.