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Why Concertina (Cellular) Blackout Blinds Are Better


If you are on the lookout for a versatile pair of shades for your windows, look no further than the cellular honeycomb shades. They have been an integral part of window treatment market for a long while. Even with the introduction of newer blinds and shades with advanced features, cellular blinds have lost none of their sheen or lustre. They remain a favourite among homeowners and are a go to window shade option for anyone looking for added insulation and energy efficiency.

Why Cellular Honeycomb Shades?

Cellular honeycomb shades enjoy the reputation of being the most energy efficient window treatments in the world of window shades and blinds and this is due to their superb insulating capabilities. Cellular honeycomb shades consist of a single continuous piece of fabric and they can be either rolled up or folded up along their crisp pleats. The fabric is bonded together to create cells resembling the honeycomb structure. These shades can be single, double or tripled layered and they help to trap the air between layers of the shade in individual cells to provide increased insulation. Anyone staying in parts of the country that experience particularly harsh and severe winters, cellular shades are recommended for the windows. Glass as we know are extremely poor insulators. They cause warm air to escape easily thereby causing the temperature inside to dip. The room starts to get chilly and to beat the cold you have your heaters operating round the clock and consuming more units to keep the house warm and cosy. The result is reflected in the monthly energy costs that shoot up. Honeycomb shades help to enhance insulation of the windows and prevents the warm air from escaping through the glass windows. The heater is not under pressure to consumer more units to keep the house warm which helps to keep the energy costs low.

Apart from their brilliant insulating capabilities, cellular shades also address privacy concerns. They are great for room looking for enhanced privacy like bedrooms. Cellular shades are available in different light control options from sheer to blackout which accounts for their universal appeal across rooms in any house.

Need for Light Control & Light Blockage

Different rooms have different needs for light control. Living spaces and dining space love lots of natural light but the glare and the harsh rays of the sun are not welcomed as they heat up the rooms and also cause damage to furniture, furnishings and raises health concerns due to exposure to UV rays of the sun. sheer shades and light filtering shades make a great choice of window shades for these rooms. They allow sufficient amount of natural light to create a bright and cheerful ambiance but diffuses the harsh glares of the sun.

Bedrooms however have different requirements. Bedrooms are spaces in the house where you retire after a long hard day and where you allow your body and mind to rest. It is the place where you sleep and hence at your most vulnerable self. Privacy concerns are high as also the need for a perfect ambiance where the body and mind can rest with ease. Our bodies need solid deep sleep for 8-10 hours each day and for the body to rest well you need complete darkness as light can cause disturbance to your eyes and also your brain. This is particularly true for emergency workers and shift workers who have to work through the night and catch up on their sleep only during morning time when the sun is at its peak. With the sun’s rays streaming into the room relentlessly it will keep the brain alert and prevent you from getting a restful sleep.

Why Dark Rooms Better for Bedrooms?

A dark room helps a better sleep and wake cycle. It will help stimulate the hormones that is needed for sleep at the right time instead of sending wrong signals to the brain. Keeping your sleep cycle free of light exposure will go a long way in allowing you to sleep better and also fall asleep faster. To cut off excess light and creating a dark and soothing ambiance inside the room, blackout shades are universally recommended. Blackout shades are made of fabrics that prevents lights to pass through. Mounting them on your windows will seal off the room completely and create a night-like environment even during the day time when you are trying to catch up on your lost sleep. Blackout shades also cuts down noise from outside which could otherwise interfere with your sleep during the morning hours when everyone is up and about.

Double Advantage with Cellular Blackout Shades

Cellular blackout shades are a fantastic choice for people who are looking for added insulation and light blockage in rooms during the cold winter months. These shades will prevent heat loss, keep the rooms warm and cosy and also cut out light. They help create the perfect ambiance for snuggling into your beds and allowing your body and mind to rest adequately before taking on the world a few hours later. They are also great for the summer months when you want to keep the heat out and cut out the excessively harsh summer rays of the sun which can play havoc in your rooms. For the whole year round, blackout cellular shades are the best choice for your rooms, particular bedrooms and nurseries.

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