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Why Children’s Blackout Roller Blinds are a Lifesaver

Why Childrens Blackout Roller Blinds Are A Lifesaver

How to Choose Blinds that are Childproof

Children are the twinkle in every family member’s eyes and ensuring that they are happy, comfortable, and playful is a top priority for parents. When you decide to dress up the windows and doors in your house with suitable window treatments, you need to be mindful of factors specific to your house. If you have kids at home, you need to consider how this can have an impact on the type of blinds you should opt for.

Kids are curious and inquisitive by nature and have a playful enthusiasm. They like to run around in the house and play with random things they find interesting in the house. If you have blinds in your house, chances are there that they will like to play around with the blinds or tug at the pull cord. This creates a probability of blinds getting damaged if they are roughly handled. The kids may lean on the blind slats putting too much pressure on them or pull too hard on the pull cord, damaging the slats and the cord in the process.

Sometimes blinds may fall down when the children try to pull them down or apply too much force. This may also result in the kids getting injured. Loose or long pull cords not tucked away neatly on one side of the blinds may catch fire in case of a fire accident in the house. All such issues raise the important question of safety, both for you and your children.
Kids Safe Roller Shades

How to Make the Window Coverings in Your Kids’ Room Safe?

If you get your window coverings installed properly, they are normally pretty safe but to further reduce the risk, you can take a slew of measures that are very simple but can be highly effective. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Keep the Window Coverings Away from the Reach of Children
If the windows in your house are not very low lying, try to mount the window treatments a bit higher to ensure that these are beyond the reach of the kids. This will discourage the kids from trying to play with them.

Keep the Area Around the Window Treatments Clear
To make sure that the children in your house are unable to access the window dressings, just mounting them higher up will not be sufficient. You need to make sure that there is no furniture or other stuff on which they can climb up to access the blinds. Keeping the area around the coverings decluttered will also prevent fire hazards and also make the window frame look more prominent.

Shorten the Pull Cord
If the pull cord of your blinds or other such window coverings is too long, kids will find it easier to access. Hence, to ensure the safety of the kids and the blinds, you can shorten the pull cord. This will not only make the pull cord look less messy but will also be beyond the reach of the kids.

Shorten the Window Coverings
If the window dressings in your house are longer than the window frame, it only not only ruin the look of the window frame but will also allow kids to access them easily. You can shorten the window coverings to make them fit your windows snugly and also to keep them beyond the reach of the kids.

Secure the Pull Cord
The pull cord hanging loosely does not make for a neat look besides posing a safety risk. You can secure the pull cords using cleats or cord guides. You can also opt for tassels in place of looped cords. Doing this will not only secure the pull cord but will also give a tidy look to the window coverings.

Use Cordless or Motorized Window Treatments
Cordless or motorized window coverings remove your dependence on pull cords for operating them. In case of cordless window coverings, you can operate them using a switch right next to them while the motorized window treatments allow you to control them using a remote, your smartphone, or even a voice command. Besides the ease of operability, these window treatments also offer better safety as you no longer have to deal with the messy pull cords.
Cordless Roller Shades for Kids Room

What are Blackout Roller Blinds?

Blackout roller blinds, as the name suggests make use of a roller mechanism and this makes them easier and smoother to operate. The roller blinds come in a variety of material choices and you can select the same as per your requirements. The blackout roller blinds make use of thicker fabric that has a higher opacity. While all types of roller blinds provide excellent light control, if you are looking for better heat insulation and privacy performance blackout roller blinds are a perfect choice.

Why Children’s Blackout Roller Blinds are a Lifesaver

Children are playful and unpredictable and hence, ensuring their safety becomes a major concern. You also want them to be comfortable and gleeful. When they are sleeping in their rooms, you want them to have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep so that when they wake up, they are as cheerful as ever. Blackout roller blinds can be extremely helpful in quelling and handling all such concerns.

Roller blinds can be retrofitted to make them motorized without having to spend too much money. This will help you get rid of loose pull cords that can increase the safety risk if you have children at your home. Blackout roller blinds are better equipped to prevent heat gain from outside besides blocking out the bright sunlight. This helps ensure a comfortable environment in the children’s room. They also get to sleep peacefully as there is no interruption due to light coming from outside. The thick fabric of the blackout roller blinds also soundproof the kids’ room to some extent by reducing noise penetration.

So, it can be concluded that when you plan to dress up the windows in your kids’ rooms, you need to take extra care to ensure their safety and comfort. Blackout roller blinds can surely fulfill all such requirements. The safety and comfort of the kids are ensured and you get the much-needed peace of mind. Child proof blinds are a lifesaver indeed.

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