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Why Cellular Shades Remain The King Of Energy Efficiency After All These Years

Why Cellular Shades Remain The King Of Energy Efficiency After All These Years

Window shades form a staple of every home because they have the ability to give your room a whole new look while also being extremely practical. People invest in a reliable set of window shades to give their home some aesthetic value while making sure that they give adequate protection from the sunlight, help in insulation, and gives you some much needed privacy whenever you need them. This is why window treatments form an integral part of any home despite being a smaller component in the grand scale of home décor.

A key aspect of these practical functions that is energy efficiency. Some window treatments have the ability to reduce the amount of expenditure you incur on electricity. That being said, cellular shades are one of the most highly energy efficient window treatments in the market today. They have certain unique characteristics which make them desirable to the entire consumer base.

What are cellular shades?

Cellular shades are window shades that comprise of fabric pockets called ‘cells’ or ‘honeycombs’.

How do cellular shades work with respect to insulation?

Windows and glass panes by themselves are extremely poor insulators. This means that while windows form a physical barrier to keep you safe, it cannot submerge the temperature change in the room that is influenced by the hot or cold air from the outside. You can correct this problem by using cellular shades. The cells in the fabric trap the air that enters the room, ensuring that the room temperature is not compromised by the air outside.

How does the ability to insulate help in energy efficiency?

The insulation capabilities of cellular shades make their energy efficiency straightforward. In the absence of an insulator, you will have to resort to constant usage of your air conditioning or heating systems within a particular room. This results in a massive consumption of electricity. Cellular shades circumvent that process by acting as an insulator and being a barrier between the room temperature and actual temperature outside.

Dependency of cellular shades

While considering whether cellular shades might be the right fit for you, it is important to consider the fact the insulation capabilities of cellular shades must not be regarded in isolation. Cellular shades have other qualities and attributes of conventional window treatments as well. These advantages are listed below –

1. Enhanced privacy – Cellular shades are fairly opaque. This means that you do not have to worry about prying eyes of neighbours and people who pass by. This makes them a viable option in almost any room in your house.

2. Soundproof – Cellular shades act as a padding to your room. This means that it can not only block the noise coming from outside, it can also prevent the noise coming from within your home to be heard outside. This means that you can have peace and quiet despite living in a busy street and you can also play movies and music without risking a noise complaint.

3. Light Control – Cellular shades have light control features that allow you to dim the light in a way that it is not too harsh, while also making sure that it doesn’t completely shut off a natural light source. This can help protect your furniture from fading, there will be lesser glare on your TV and computer screens and will reduce a general feeling of irritation.

4. Aesthetic value – Cellular shades are not devoid of diversity. They come in different colours and texture and fabric. You can easily find cellular shades that are suited for your home décor based on the style of walls, the furniture etc.


In summation, cellular shades are highly efficient and is a mainstay in the window treatment market. Whenever you are in the market for window treatments, always consider cellular shades on account of their ability to be practical and beautiful as well.

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