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Why Cellular Shades Are The Perfect Summer Window Treatment

Why Cellular Shades Are The Perfect Summer Window Treatment

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are one of the most well-known window coverings because of their light control, insulating properties, and stylish appearance. They are popularly known for their clean, contained appearance which lets them suit a variety of interior decor styles. These window shades are available in a wide range of colors, cell sizes, and light control choices.

What To Consider While Buying Smart Cellular Shades?

  • Single Cell versus Double Cell Smart Cellular Shades

Smart cellular shades are insulating as they are built with honeycomb-shaped cells or air pockets. These cells develop an insulation layer between the room’s window and the ambient temperature of the room. Cellular shades come in a single air pocket or double air pockets. For especially hot or cold environments, double cell cellular shades are ideal due to the additional insulation they provide. This extra layer will save you quite a bit on cooling and heating costs. For a moderate climate, single-cell smart cellular shades are sufficient.

  • Opacity Levels

The opacity level of a material is the amount of light transmitted through it. When it comes to window coverings, four options are available: Blackout, Room-Darkening, Light-Filtering, and Sheer. Cellular shades are exceptional as they come in all four opacity levels which means that you can install them in every room. Go with Sheer Cellular Shades are for the highest amount of natural sunlight, Room-Darkening Cellular Shades for moderate lightroom, Light-Filtering Cellular Shades for gentle light filtering, and Blackout shades for blackout effect or room darkening.

  • Range Of Options

Cellular shades come in three options: cordless, motorized, and top-down bottom-up. Top-down bottom-up cellular shades let you close the shades from the top, open it from the bottom, or both. This beneficial privacy choice is ideal for any room where additional privacy is needed yet want to raise cellular shade for natural sunlight. Cordless cellular shades remove dangling cords which can be hazardous for kids and pets. Motorized cellular shades allow you to open and close the window shades with the use of remote control.

  • Pleats Size

Cellular shades come in different cell sizes. The major factor to be considered while selecting cell size is to consider the window size. Generally, larger windows require larger cell sizes and smaller windows require smaller cell sizes.

Benefits Of Cellular Shades During Summers

  • Security

Smart motorized cellular shades are capable of tricking potential burglars into believing that someone is present in your house with pre-set scheduling or through an app on the phone. Similarly, when these are connected to a home automation system, the cellular shades can close when you leave and raise when they return due to smartphones and geo-fencing.

  • Comfort

Smart motorized cellular shades can be raised and lowered just with the touch of a button, a smartphone app, or remote control. Window treatments are a great way of reducing solar gain and preventing heat increase. They are this simple to operate, and it is more likely that you will remember to do so to benefit yourself. Furthermore, the capability to schedule lowering as well as raising times implies you might not have to worry about them at all.

  • Energy Efficient

Integrating smart cellular shades into smart home automation reduces the amount of energy your HVAC system consumes. This is done by letting the shades respond independently to temperature readings as well as sunlight sensors connected to the smart home hub. As a result, the shades will know when to lower during the hottest part of the day to minimize HVAC usage or when to raise on a hot day during the winters to let in the sunlight heat a room naturally.

  • Aesthetics And Modern Appearance

The excellent part is that the overall appearance of these smart cellular shades never goes out of trend. They suit every décor style. The style, design, and texture add a fresh look to your room. These window coverings appear and feel so different and they possess the power to soften the harsh appearance of modern decor.

  • Smart Lighting

When coupled with smart lighting, smart cellular shades increase the amount of sunlight in your house to reduce electricity consumption. For instance, raising the cellular shades triggers smart lighting to turn off, and lowering the cellular shades triggers smart lighting to turn on.

In A Nutshell

Planning to invest in the perfect summer window covering solution that can stand the test of time and also looks stylish? Smart cellular shades are ideally designed to live up to your expectations. Smart honeycomb shades are very well-known due to the creative design of these cellular shades. They offer incredible advantages that are simply unbeatable. Smart cellular shades present an exceptional choice for windows in almost any house. They present a simple and sleek appearance for classic interiors and they work perfectly in a more traditional setting when coupled with decorative draperies or curtains. While smart cellular shades might not be an ideal option for every space, they can surely have a place in many rooms.

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