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Why Buy Voice-Enabled Smart Shades?

Voice-Enabled Smart Shades

Why Buy Voice-Enabled Smart Shades?

Imagine you are sitting at home, enjoying good music in the summer air, giving commands to your window shades to allow some gentle sunlight in! Today, all of this is possible with new voice-enabled smart shades. In today’s interconnected and digital world, portable devices have become increasingly sophisticated. Voice command technology is disrupting the shades industry like never before. In this technology, all you have to do is to ask your voice-controlled assistant to operate the motorized shades and blinds anywhere in your home. These smart shades are continually evolving with time to make your home a more comfortable place to live in.

Voice Controlled Window Shades

They Come with Myriads of Advantages

Below are some of the reasons for why you should go for voice-enabled shades.

  1. A secure home
  2. We are living in a time where the world is dominated by unpredictability, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Security has become a vital issue and it requires serious attention in today’s time. Armoring your home with a smart voice-controlled shade can surely increase the security of the home. With the help of smart devices, you can lock or unlock the door and can enable security alerts with ease. These shades can play a part of that smart ecosystem and close your blinds to provide your home with privacy and prevent intruders from looking in.

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  3. Total control – From Anywhere and Anytime
  4. Manually operating the shades is a hectic task, isn’t it? You don’t need to be worried about it anymore! You can operate the voice-activated window shades with a centralized system, which enables you to raise or lower them with your voice command. For example – ‘Hey Alexa, can you raise the door shades’ or ‘Okay Google, pull down the window shades’.

    Tired of your noisy neighbors? There’s nothing to worry about with smart shades. By giving commands to your voice-controlled assistant, you can easily attain privacy.

  5. Automatic settings
  6. The voice-controlled window coverings can now be programmed to function automatically, according to the specific time of the day or according to the setting of the room. They make mornings, afternoons and evenings easy by adjusting themselves accordingly and creating the right mood. The smart shades can now be made to sense the amount of light entering the room and control this light accordingly. Moreover, they can now be programmed to set mood for the specific room, for example, total darkness can be ensured in the home theatre, a romantic setting can be done for the bedroom, while a pleasant feel can be brought to the living room. And all of this just at your voice command, or even better, automatically in some cases.

    When you are coming home from hectic office day, voice control shades are here to make specific changes in your home according to your needs and make you feel comfortable.

  7. No need for remotes
  8. With the automated shades, everything is carried out with the help of voice assistants. This eliminates the need of using a remote control. Damage to the remote or the remote can cause inconvenience to you. Asking your smart assistant is much easier and it overcomes all the challenges that you would otherwise face with a remote control.

  9. Energy Efficiency
  10. Smart motorized shades play an important role in saving energy. With the help of solar sensors, these shades can automatically detect the temperature of the room and adjust itself accordingly. The smart shades can automatically know when to close blinds during the hottest part of the day and similarly when to allow some sunlight in the room when it gets cold. In this way, you not only make good energy saving but also maintain sufficient room temperature.
    Moreover, you can integrate them with the lights, fans, and other electrical appliances in the home. Have your smart hub switch the lights and the fan off when not needed, and instead allow natural light and breeze to flow into the room by opening your window treatments. This helps save the energy consumed and thus, the electricity bill, further. In a long run, smart shades are a brilliant as well as cost-effective investment.

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  11. Adding a touch of style
  12. Even though shades are integrated with advanced machinery, it still offers an elegant style to your home. Viewers can’t see the mechanical components of the automated shades. These shades are available in numerous colors, fabrics, and patterns. You can integrate each type of shade with the voice-enabled technology. There are a lot of options to choose from; wooden shades can give a real feel of wood to your home while roman shades add a classic touch to your interior, and so on.

Smart Motorized Roman Shades

Things to Know Before Getting Started with Voice-Activated Smart Shades

Choosing your smart assistant wisely is the first and the most important thing to consider while getting started with voice-enabled shades. Different types of voice-controlled assistants are suited for different purposes and lifestyles. Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant are some of the popular smart assistants available in the market.

After choosing the suitable voice assistant, the next step is choosing your hub. Most smart shades communicate using Z-wave, so you’ll want to look at a Z-wave smart hub such as Samsung’s SmartThings or Hubitat Elevation. The pricing of your voice-enabled shades is totally dependent on all of these factors. After choosing suitable voice-controlled assistant and hub, the next step is to integrate your smart shades with it. In this way you can easily transform your ordinary home into a smart one.

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From making your life easy to adding style to your home, these intelligent shades will help add convenience to your lifestyle and are the first choice of many homeowners.

The industry of home automation has come a long way. With each passing day, the technology is revolutionizing window treatments in an amazing way. Motorized smart blinds are here to stay. Controlling your shades with voice commands is one of the best home upgrades out there. As soon as you start using the smart shades, you will fall in love with them!

So, it’s time to create your dream home with voice-controlled window coverings!