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Why Blackout Cellular Shades are Best Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Why Blackout Cellular Shades are Best Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Why Are Bedrooms Important?

The bedroom is a very important part of your living space. No matter how active your social life is and how outgoing you are, the bedroom is the room you come back to at the end of each day. It is the place where you can be yourself and by yourself away from the rest of the world. It is where you can let your guard down and be your most vulnerable. Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity and peace where you can put your feet up and curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee, watch TV or simply laze around to re-energize yourself. It is where you recharge your batteries to get through the long arduous days by catching up on your much needed rest and sleep. This is why it is essential to have an organized, relaxing and well designed and decorated bedroom.

How to Create the Perfect Bedroom

There are a lot of considerations when trying to create the ideal environment for your bedroom.

Color scheme plays a vital role and has a drastic effect on your ability to sleep. You may have a love for bright and vibrant colors and may be enthusiastic to use such colors in your bedroom. But since colors have an impact on your sleep, choosing the right colors makes a lot of difference. Soothing colors like pastels, greens, muted blues are more suitable for creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the room which can help to soothe you. You can use bright colors as accents.

Uncluttered and neat rooms go a long way in creating the right vibes in the bedroom. Too many things, too much clutter and mess can cause stress. Well organized wardrobes, everything stored away neatly leaving the beds and the spaces around empty and clean will clear your mind and allow restful sleep.

Right lighting can make an enormous difference to your bedroom. Bright light will irritate your eyes and keep your mind awake for a longer period of time. You can opt for a dimmer switch which will help to lower the light levels as evening progresses so that it helps to prepare your mind for bedtime. A dim light creates a soothing ambiance, calms down the mind and lulls you to fall asleep.

Another extremely important factor is type of window treatment for your windows. Bedrooms need complete darkness when you try to fall asleep. Even a beam of light can distract your mind and prevent you from getting a deep restful sleep that your body and mind needs. Getting the right amount of quality sleep is intrinsically interwoven with good health. Like proper diet and exercise, good sleep will rest your mind adequately to recharge you for the next day.

Blackout Cellular Shades for Apartments

Why is Sleep Important?

Lack of sleep will affect your concentration and lead to poor productivity. It causes unnecessary weight gain, poor athletic performance; increases risk of heart disease, weakens the immune system, and can even trigger depression. Your physical and mental health will be jeopardized if your sleep is insufficient and not deep enough. Everything that is added to the room is done keeping in mind the need to create a soothing and tranquil ambiance that will allow sleep to come easily. While color, light etc. are important, window treatments can make a huge difference.

Complete Light Blockage with Blackout Shades

For a good night’s sleep you need to cut out light completely. This includes not only the light used inside the room but also outside light. Imagine street light flowing into your room and falling on your eyes just when you are trying to sleep. Many among us are also night shift workers like doctors, nurses, emergency service providers like firemen, policemen and more, who work while the world sleeps and they hit the bed when the sun is up and when rest of the world is waking up to a new day. With the sun streaming in relentlessly it is impossible to close your eyes and rest your mind. Your room needs window coverings that can completely block out the light and this is possible only with blackout shades. These are privacy shades that use fabrics that are tightly woven and do not allow light to pass through. Drawing close these shades will help to keep out light entirely even when the sun is at its peak. This will create a cosy, pleasant and dark environment inside the room which can help to soothe the minds and lull you to fall asleep. There are blackout roller shades, blackout cellular shades, dual blackout roller shades etc. for you to choose from. For complete blockage, you may need side channels or valances to help cover light gaps.

Blackout Roller Window Blinds

Enhanced Insulation for Bedrooms

For your bedrooms blackout cellular shades are the best. Along with complete light blockage, with cellular shades you get added insulation for your rooms. During the cold months, when the temperature outside falls, lack of insulation can cause warm air to escape from the house through the glass windows. Glass is a poor insulator and causes massive energy loss. Cellular shades are the most energy efficient window treatments in the market. The honeycomb design of these shades helps to trap air creating a buffer between the room and the glass windows. The warm air remains trapped inside keeping the rooms pleasant and cosy even when mercury dips below the freezing point outside.

With blackout cellular shades you can create the perfect atmosphere for your bedrooms that will help to ensure a deep restful night’s sleep. The temperature is maintained inside the room which means that it is neither cold nor too warm but just the perfect ambiance that is needed for complete mind and body rest.

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