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Why Beige Faux Wood Blinds Are A Staple In The Modern Home


A modern-day home is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, making the life of the residents comfortable and hassle-free. Modern blinds have had a significant role in shaping contemporary homes. The style and design of modern architecture result from reliance on machine-made structure instead of hand laboured craftsmanship. As a result, the focus of homes today is on the specific needs of the inhabitants being along with creating a comfortable and beautiful ambiance. It achieves the aim by adopting an innovative and experimental style that is not grand but still delivers at every front. Some of a modern houses’ important features include incorporating indoor plants, multipurpose furniture, and more importantly, wooden features and big windows to let sunlight in. It is because of the emphasis on constructing big windows that the window treatment solutions have gained prominence. Shutters, shades, curtains, and blinds are some of the more popular window solutions. Out of these, most people prefer blinds the most to add functionality, comfort, and ease of use.

What Are Blinds?

Blinds, by definition, are made up of hard material that covers the windows to provide the owner both sunlight and privacy control. It has vanes which can be lowered or raised to cover the window. As far as material is concerned, wooden blinds or faux wood blinds are some of the most popular options.  It is the latter that provides the users better variety and value for money. It makes the faux wood the most popular material used for blinds.

What Are Faux Wood Blinds?

Faux Blinds are imitation blinds, which look like wood. As they are popularly known, Faux wood blinds look like natural wood but have the advantages of both wooden and artificial materials. They are made of either composite wood or PVC/ vinyl. These blinds have slats made up of a wood core with a high-tech polymer coating, or the slats are entirely made up of vinyl/ PVC material. Both the artificial materials are incredibly durable and do not crack or fade. Areas of the house which are frequented a lot bear a lot of wear and tear. It is at such a place that these faux wood blinds come in handy. Further, these blinds are attractive to look at, comparatively less expensive, and add a unique modern look to the home.

Beige Faux Wood Blinds Are A Staple In The Modern Home.

Beige Faux wood blinds have become a staple in the modern house because of their contribution in providing a modern and cosmopolitan look to the rooms. They take the overall ambiance of the home a notch higher with their universally acclaimed elegance and grace. They have the following advantages:

  1. Beige faux wood blinds are aesthetically attractive: The beige faux wood blinds are aesthetically more beautiful than any other counterpart. These blinds help the owner attain a simple yet elegant style for the room where they are placed. The only precaution that the owner has to take is that if the walls are also beige, then the shade of the blind should be slightly different beige from it as to make a clear distinction for itself.
  2. Beige Faux wood Blinds provide a calm and serene environment: The colour beige creates a peaceful and tranquil setting. Thus, beige faux wood blinds make the living room or the bedroom a calm and relaxing place. The house owner can find comfort and peace of mind in such a room with a serene ambiance.
  3. Beige Faux Wood Blinds provide warmth and freshness: The beige faux wood blind offers the warmth of the colour brown and freshness of the white shade. The only precaution that one has to take is that the beige treatment should not be overdone in the room, otherwise, it might make it a tad dull.
  4. Beige Faux Wood Blinds create a friendly and welcoming environment: If one selects the beige faux wood blind for the living room, it helps create a very welcoming and friendly environment.
  5. Beige Faux Wood Blinds create a clean ambiance: When combined with a complementary shade of the wall, beige blinds create an immaculate and gracious environment for the room. They can help create a welcoming ambiance with simple and neutral colors.
  6. Beige Faux Wood Blinds Offer a Variety of colour options: If one decides to opt for beige faux wood blinds, one can select from a wide variety of beige shades. This can help the owner set a different tone for every room while still maintaining the overall theme of simplicity and elegance associated with the colour. Some of the different shades of beige which can be opted for the faux wood blinds are as follows:
  7. Desert sand: It is a more profound and warmer shade of beige. It is derived from the called the desert. The shade of the blind gives a natural and rustic charm to the room where it is installed.
  8. Ecru: It is a pale cream version of the colour beige. It is closer to the shade of an unbleached state of fabric like silk. At times it is treated as a distinct colour from beige, but it serves the purpose of giving an additional choice to the decorator. It helps in creating a clean and graceful ambiance of the room.
  9. French Beige: This shade of beige is slightly darker than the actual beige. It is a warmer shade and lends a natural charm to the room. French beige faux wood blinds go well with purple or silver coloured walls and curtains.
  10. Mode Beige: It is a significantly darker shade of beige which is closer to brown. If one opts for a mode beige shade for the faux wood blind, one can go for a wooden theme for the room. It also makes the room look grand and royal.
  11. Beige Faux Wood Blinds are environmentally safe yet give a natural ambiance to the room:  Faux wood blinds are safe and environment friendly. Besides, they provide the hue and colour of the actual wood blinds, which contributes to creating a natural wooden charm for the room.
  12. Beige Faux Wood Blinds Help in Creating a Modern House: One of the beige colour’s most prominent qualities is its ability to go well with neutral colors like black, white, and grey. These are the colors that are extensively used in modern-day households. Beige faux wood blinds can complement the black curtains and the grey walls of the room and can contribute towards creating a modernistic and contemporary home.

It is because of all the points mentioned above that the beige faux wood blinds have become a staple in modern houses. These are extensively used in rooms to provide the owners’ sunlight and privacy control. But at the same time, they help in creating an elegant and clean ambiance in the room. In addition, these blinds are easy to install, maintain, and clean, making them a favourite of the house owners. Furthermore, they are cheaper than wood, are resistant to moisture, are long-lasting and durable, and are available in a wide variety of shades and designs. It is no wonder that everyone wants to own a beige faux wood blind in their modern home.

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