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Why Bamboo Shades Are A Great Option For The Summer

Why Bamboo Shades Are A Great Option For The Summer

From area rugs and wall colors, to chairs and other furnishings, decorating your home can be overwhelming. Some parts of decorating your home like purchasing furniture might be more essential than the rest. But, covering your windows is crucial more than just for decoration purposes. The appropriate window coverings offer privacy, keeps light out, and even help in energy efficiency. Here are some latest trends that should be considered while covering your house windows:

  • Organics

Irrespective of what style is chosen, several different materials are used to make window coverings. Covering your windows with natural materials is an exceptional option for any style of décor. However, it can be extremely complementary in houses decorated with organic materials and elements. For example, bamboo can be an elegant choice for window shades. Bamboo is a cost-effective and durable material that can stand the test of time. Bamboo shades create the required privacy while letting in some sunlight. No matter which decor style you choose, the use of natural materials for your window coverings adds value and appeal to your house.

  • Energy Efficiency

Windows, because of its lack of insulation, account for about 25 to 40 percent of a home’s overall heating and cooling expenses. Thus, window coverings that offer an insulation layer to these windows are smart options. During the summers, when you cool your house, the window shades are capable of reducing the solar heat gain by 80% thereby, reducing your annual cooling bills.

  • Technology

From smartphones and smartwatches, to speakers that let you order groceries and pizza, technology has become an integral part of most households. Luckily, our window coverings can also become a part of this current technological age. You can buy a motorized system that lets you raise and lower your shades easily. If required, the motorized system can be set on a timer so that the window coverings can open up to let in the natural sunlight to wake you up in the morning or close to create privacy when required. The motorized feature is beneficial as well as offers a classic touch to your house.

What Are Bamboo Shades?

Bamboo shades are made of 100 percent natural and eco-friendly materials. These natural blinds are available in a wide array of natural wood shades and various styles, particularly Roman Shade style. The materials used in the bamboo shades are grown naturally which implies that there would be variations in the thickness, shape, grain, and texture. This lets sunlight pass through and therefore, liners can be added to achieve full light control. Bamboo shades used along with the liners can be energy-efficient by keeping your space at an optimal temperature by blocking out heat during the summers.

Benefits of Bamboo Shades

  • They Keep Your House Cool During Summers

Installing bamboo shades in the correct spot on our house exterior keeps the interiors cool during summers. They will block out the excessive natural light to keep the glare away, while regulating the temperature by blocking out the heat. This makes the bamboo roller shades environment-friendly. With bamboo roller shades, the use of a fan, air cooler, and air conditioner can be lessened during the hot season.

  • Secures Your Furniture Against Sun Fade

Overexposure to sunlight can cause the fading of furniture exposed to the sunshine from outside. In such a situation, the installation of bamboo shades prove to be useful. This is because the shade can offer additional protection that keeps the furniture from fading. Also, with the bamboo shades, you will be able to enjoy some time in the area conveniently without worrying about the heat and the sun-glare.

  • It Appears Naturally Elegant and Stylish

Another advantage of bamboo shades is their appearance, which is very simple yet organically elegant at the same time. When these shades come in an unfinished form, they feature a rustic style in them. The addition of bamboo roller shades introduces a natural touch instantly to the exterior design of your home. The style of the bamboo shades is a factor that can complement the space. Therefore, these shades are helpful for places can use an upgrade in its appearance.

  • Durability and Versatility

Also, it is important to be aware that when compared to other common materials used for making shades, bamboo is more durable. It gets even better as bamboo roller are versatile as well. These shades are ideal for various types of outdoor areas like the patio, porch, balcony, veranda, and so on. Their versatility is also useful when it comes to the outside design. Due to the neutral appearance and color, bamboo roller shades can fit into any decor style without difficulties.

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