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Why Are Valances So Important for Home Décor?

Valances with stunning home decor.

What is a Valance 

A valance is a piece of decorative material that is used to dress the upper portion of your window and hide window treatment hardware.. You can use valances on their own to cover the upper portion of the window, or combine them with existing window dressings. 

Valances and cornices can trace  its history as far back as the Renaissance Era. When it comes to interior design today, valances are still immensely popular, often found as a complementary piece to curtains on large windows. They add a pop of color and draw attention to that part of the windows. 

Window Valances come in a variety of types and each serve a different purpose. The types of valances are as follows:

  • Fabric Drapery Valances are similar to curtains, except they dress only the top portion of your window. They are mounted on a drapery rod and are often used with drapery, adding another layer of design.
  • Drapery Board Mounted Valances are similar to fabric valances, except they are mounted on a board instead of a curtain rod. They provide a more solid appearance compared to the loose hanging look of their drapery valances counterparts. 
A fabric board valances dressed over a window.
  • Cornice Boards are similar to board mounted valances except that they have material also wrapping over the top portion, leaving no gap between it and the wall. This feature is useful as it helps to prevent light from leaking in above the window.
  • Wood Valances are made of wood, as its name suggests, and are used often to decorate blinds and drapes. They usually measure just a few inches in height, and are meant to decorate and cover the mechanical components of blinds and shades.
  • Wood Cornice Boards are like wood valances but have the top portion covered. Similarly, they are often used with blinds and shades.
Wood cornice dressing a window with shades and drapes.
  • Cassette Valances are round shaped valances that often accompany roller shades. The roller tube is encased in the cassette valance, which houses all the mechanical components. It is made from aluminum, but can come fabric wrapped.
  • Fascia valances are L shaped aluminum valances that also accompany roller shades. They cover the front and the bottom of the roller, as the roller is concealed behind the fascia and drops from the back when the shade is lowered.
  • Contour Valances are also used with roller shades. They are fabric wrapped to coordinate with the roll. Contour valances are rectangular shaped, providing an alternative to the round look of cassette valances.

Why should you go for valances

  • Do you want to give new life to your old windows? Valances to add dimension and a new look to your windows. If you’re looking to add layers and depth to your traditional window treatments, valances will do the trick. 
  • A valance is an excellent way to soften the hard edges of your window trim. For example, if you have blinds dressing a window, you can use a fabric valance to create a contrasting look by adding a softer layer to the top of the window. 
  • Valances can add height to the room, giving the illusion of a bigger room. Outside-mounted valances installed high above the window should be placed closer to the ceiling to achieve this effect. A similar effect can be used to create the illusion of a larger window, hanging multiple valances higher and wider than the window frame.
  • A valance is one of the few, singular window treatments that can be installed out of the reach of children, making it child-friendly. 
  • They can add a splash of color to any room. If you are looking to coordinate a color pattern, valances can be added to any room’s decor to add a contrasting color, a slight change in hue, or to match the room’s color scheme.  

Though the history of valances dates a long ways back, they are still very much in fashion. Compared to the grandmotherly, ornamented styles of the past, valances have evolved significantly. These window coverings, along with tiebacks and other embellishments, can be used in any style of home, from modern to vintage. Make a statement with your valances by combining them with your other window treatments and create a stunning new window decor.