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Why are Exterior Blinds Good for Your Interiors?

Exterior Blinds

Decorating Interior with Exterior Blinds

The trend of bringing the ‘indoor-outside’ is growing, and when you start inhabiting a space you want to adjust it according to your preferences. Adding furniture, adding an outdoor mural or painting the exteriors of your house might seem like a good idea, but they are also expensive ones. The most convenient and the most economical way of dressing your home is through adding exterior blinds to your house, be it for the large porch that the evening sun makes unbearable to enjoy or the patio that needs some privacy from time to time. The advantage of using outdoor blinds do not limit themselves to only making your outdoor space inhabitable but also to making it look elegant and classy. There are innumerable options amongst exterior shades, and you can choose whatever suits your style and aesthetics. This way you spend more time outdoors and build a lifestyle that is in tandem with nature. It does not only add to your health but changes your perspective in life and creates a more holistic environment for your kids.

Reasons for Getting Exterior Blinds

Motorized outdoor shades also add a lot to your interior spaces. Here are a few reasons why exterior blinds are great for your home:

  1. Maximizes Interior Space

A compact living area or office might just transform itself as soon as you add exterior blinds and use your outdoors as an extra room. This not only gives your house or your office a trendy appearance but also makes it more accessible and comfortable to move around in. It adds to space and even makes your interior look bigger. It’s like adding another room to your house! These newly created spaces can be used for entertainment purposes or even for holding informal meetings. These outdoor spaces are very trendy and very much in vogue. Adding a little chic cooler and with small stools to sit around in, you have the perfect spot to chill in the summer heat!

Custom Exterior Blinds

  1. Offers Protection from Elements

It goes without saying that using outdoor window coverings will offer protection against dust, rain, insects, sunlight, wind and many other elements that make sitting outside an ordeal. This keeps your outdoor space clean and even offers some protection to your interiors as it will act as a barrier from the outside. Using exterior blinds will be a good idea because it will keep your expensive furniture and other furnishings that you might use safely. These shades made from sturdy materials might be a good option to make it even safer. Similarly, using greener options such as bamboo or sawdust will make a great impact on your lifestyle.

A quick tip: Adding a layer of Indian lilac trees to your outdoor shades make the air that passes through it purer and is a very healthy option for you

  1. Energy Efficient

Exterior solar shades are known for their energy conservation tactics as they retain heat during winter and keep the heat out during summer. This can lead up to savings in electricity by 30%. The way this works is like limiting the influence of the sun to a farther place from your house by creating another ‘indoor’ space outside. This energy efficiency promotes a greener living and is very beneficial for the environment.

Insulating Exterior Window Blinds

  1. Increases Privacy

From the wide variety of blinds and shades available for your outdoors, all are very efficient in providing some privacy to your time outdoors. You can customize your exterior blinds and see what works best for you. Dark-colored window blinds offer more privacy than the neutral-toned ones. You can make the most of your outside spaces without worrying about neighbors or the prying eyes. So, be it arranging the patio for that romantic date or the confidential meeting that will be better dealt with in a more intimate environment, outdoor sun shades will be your perfect option.

  1. Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal

Exterior blinds can significantly increase the entire appearance of your house. The side by the swimming pool that just looks empty can be transformed into something by adding a mini-bar and a lounging space. Even your porch that has all the colonial appeal but remains unused can all be brought under your hands and be readily available for you to relax in. The winter sun can be better enjoyed and so can the summer evenings.

  1. Versatile

These blinds can be customized, and it is always a good idea to get something that exactly suits what you need. It is to note that outdoor blinds are very versatile by their very nature. The materials they are made from are very versatile and can be used in any place. Their styling is very neutral and basic and so are their requirements. However, you can always choose to amp it up and do something extra with the wide selection of outdoor window shadings available.

Exterior Window Shades

7. Easy to Use

The exterior window treatments are user-friendly and can be easily used through remotes, are even motorized and can even be operated manually. Such a wide range of operations make them a preferable choice and gives the buyers to select what suits their needs. Even Alexa controlled blinds and smart blinds are hitting the market which makes it easier to use and install. They can even regulate the temperature of the outside. Basically, smart blinds give you all the comforts of a room without actually restricting you indoors.

 8. Affordable

Exterior blinds are available in cheaper options and are very economical in decorating your outer spaces. They protect your furniture and your belongings from fading and protect your family from UV rays. Due to the simplicity of these blinds, they are made from renewable products, hence are more cost-effective.

Other than at homes and in commercial spaces, exterior window dressings have become a very popular choice in cafes and restaurants as people enjoy open-terraces and natural air in good weather. This can be the reason why they are garnering more and more popularity. People are crammed in smaller spaces and hanging out outside is not a bad idea as long as the temperature is regulated, and one gets their own privacy.

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