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Who Invented The Mini Blinds?

Who Invented The Mini Blinds?

A Brief History of Mini Window Blinds

In recent times, it’s hard to find a home or workplace without window blinds. They are irreplaceable and an essential part of our daily lives. They are the ultimate choice of domestic comfort providing style, warmth, and the highest level of protection all at once. There are plenty of window solutions available in the market and each of them is unique and offers specific values. Manufacturers are now making the most stylish, dynamic, and long-lasting blinds we have ever seen including pleated shades, cellular blinds, amazing roman blinds, and many more. But when it comes to a reasonable one with astounding quality, mini blinds took the first place in the list. These blinds are designed with long and horizontal narrow slats and often made of aluminum. The slats are adjustable using a pulling string or you can go cordless to ensure safety and security. You might be curious about where these stylish blinds came from? What genius mind developed these excellent mini blinds which are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality? If you are someone who wishes to know more about these window blinds, then this article is for you. Learn a little about the history of these window treatments and you’ll be grateful and feel amazed knowing about them.

Learn A Little About Mini Blinds

The first blinds were developed in 1794, made of lightweight horizontal slats, known as Venetian blinds. During the 1840s, these blinds were designed with some flat strips of clothes to hold the slats in position and operate the blinds and in 1966, the cord system was invented to maintain the functional smoothness of the blinds. Slowly these window coverings became more popular because of their stylish appeal and efficiency in offering functional benefits. The persons who were behind the creation of these amazing blinds are Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter. By using the advancements and technology, they built 50mm aluminum slats for Venetian blinds, and later on, by 1979, 25mm slats were trendy. From 1981 to 2001, there were so many changes and improvements in the window fashion industry. Many window dressings and manufacturing brands came and went because of trend, popularity, cost, technology, people preferences, and many more reasons. In 1981, mini blinds became the most popular choice among U.S. homeowners because of their affordable price, easy installation, and high quality. And slowly they took a huge place in the list of window coverings. Though in recent times, the popularity and the market of these blinds are not the same as it was. And there are many other window solutions that are more innovative and tech featured. But if you are looking for something that will give windows and doors a long-lasting durable appearance while maintaining the old tradition, then mini blinds are the number one choice to go for.

1-inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

Mini Window Blinds Give Windows a Clean Look

No matter how old these window blinds are, their astonishing beauty will never fail to enhance the aura and grace of your space. Although there are many historical window covering options available, but mini blinds always remain the most stylish one. Their sleek and smooth look can create a statement for your overall decor. They are lightweight and bring the perfect elegance to your arena. From choosing the right slat size to customizing them with proper hue and design texture, these blinds will improve the look of the interior in a dramatic way while matching your existing decor style. With these window coverings, you can add a finishing touch, creating a streamlined appeal.

Talking about functionality and versatility, they are incredible. Keeping the slats closed will prevent all the incoming rays while providing complete protection from the outside hazards. And keeping them open will allow fresh air along with an unobstructed outdoor view. On a note, they can easily coordinate with your decor style to fulfill all your requirements. The best part of these blinds is their affordability – you won’t find any other window solution that is as economical and as functional. They are the oldest yet valuable window coverings in today’s market. If you wish to know more about these magnificent window coverings, feel free to get in touch with the professionals.