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White Roman Shades Are The Perfect Way To Elevate Your French Doors


French doors are slim, wooden doors with glass panes extending for most of their length, and often come in pairs. French doors were originally designed with the idea of blending the advantages of a window with the functionality of a doorway thereby creating an airy and open environment. Additionally, the idea of embedding windows into doors also solved the seventeenth-century issue of introducing daylight into the house for a long time before electricity came to life! With its imperishable combination of functionality and beauty, the French door never got out of style. Another benefit of French doors is that they can offer the ability to close off a room when required, while still bringing in natural sunlight into hallways and other rooms that do not possess windows. When coupled with the suitable window covering, French doors can turn out to be a focal point of any room. Window coverings that are capable of adding color, offer privacy control, block out sunlight, and improve the overall look, shape, or size of the doors can be a valuable addition to any French door.

What To Consider Before Buying Window Coverings for French Doors

Unlike normal windows, French doors have little or no depth, which is the reason why your window coverings have to be installed in the correct place. If you are planning to outfit your French doors with single coverings, then the key is to pick a window treatment that is shallow enough to fit behind the handle of the door. This allows the covering to hang closely between the French door and the handle without any interference.

If you want to limit the sunlight and optimize the privacy of your house, you might want to go for one window covering installed above the window case covering both the doors. If the doors swing inwards, the mount covering should be essentially high enough to clear the opening. If you will be lowering and raising your shades regularly, you might want to go for cordless window treatments to prevent the cords from getting tangled on the door handles while enhancing pet and child safety. If you wish to keep the window coverings lowered, then should consider using hold-down brackets for keeping the bottom of the window coverings in position.

Why White Roman Shades Are Perfect For French Doors

  • Their Flat Construction Is a Good Match for French Doors

One of the prime benefits of white Roman shades is their design which is considered to be an ideal match for any French door. Although the white Roman shades come in different styles, they often become flat when pulled down. It allows them to fit in perfectly behind the door handle without any interference. But, you will have to accurately measure the size of French doors that you would want to cover using the white Roman shades. This ensures the correct measurement of the door covering that you require.

  • Enhances the Stylish Appearance of French Doors

French doors are considered to possess a more stylish appearance than any other ordinary doors. It also has a classic element in the design. Installing white Roman shades for French doors would be a better idea as it can make them appear even more contemporary than before. Also, these white Roman shades come in a variety of designs.

  • They Reduce Fading

From flooring to the furnishings, everything in your house is liable to daily wear and tear which can wreak havoc if not taken care of properly. Common exposure to sunlight can cause fading of carpets, decorative accessories, and even the walls. With white Roman shades, the amount of natural sunlight entering the house can be adjusted to avoid fading.

  • They Are Ideal for Tight Spaces

White Roman shades are a great choice for rooms with French doors where drapes would look bulky or get in the way of furniture. They are also an excellent option for creating a cozy and airy ambiance which may not be possible with other window coverings. For instance, if you add drapes to a small room or living space, they might end up covering half of the French door. This may ruin the aesthetic of the room making it appear even smaller. However, white Roman shades can pleat away for a neat and stylish look. They don’t consume any space on the window sides which makes your home decor appear more spacious.

  • They Are Versatile

White Roman shades can be used for almost every room having French doors due to their exceptional design. All you are required to do is pick the correct fabric suitable for your home decor. For instance, if you are having a minimalist house with simple and slim furniture, then go for white Roman shades in cotton fabric.

  • They Are Available In Various Design Choices

White Roman shades are available in a wide array of design choices, with each of them adding a unique vibe and look to your decor. Some of the most sought-after designs are shaped fascias, piping, trimmings, borders, and fabric combinations. Shaped fascias can be found at the bottom of white Roman shades. The two most popular versions are zig-zag and colonial. Borders are a great blend of various fabrics for suiting particular color themes. Piping designs and trims are useful for adding colorful embellishments to your window coverings.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to install a lavish window covering that will frame while elevating the style of your French door, then Roman shades are the best option. Roman shades are available in a wide range of textures, trims, and colors that lets you personalize the appearance of your house decor. The graceful pleats of Roman shades combine well with the slim lines of the French door design that date back to the time of aristocratic estates when the doors were first introduced. The good quality fabric offers considerable blocking of sunlight.

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