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Which Colors Should I Choose For My Plantation Shutters?

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White Plantation Shutters – Ideal Window Protection

Buying a new item presents its own challenges for many people. While a decent percentage of us do a fair amount of research before deciding on the right item they wish to purchase, a lot of us believe in buying products based on our instincts. However, how do you define what governs our instincts?

A lot of us would agree to the fact that our choice of colors has a lot to do with what we personally find appealing in products. People choosing consumerist goods may not be impressed by their design features if the colors are dull and unappealing.

The same logic applies for home furnishing items, especially window blinds and shades. Whether you have purchased curtains, Roman shades or plantation shutters, there must be some redeeming quality in your color choice if you wish to create a solid impression on visitors to whom you wish to display your fine taste.

White Plantation Shutters


White Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are one of the ideal window protection treatments people wish to install on their windows. The wider their slats, the sturdy the window treatments and the greater the scope for light diffusion and lower electricity bills. Besides, these beauties add a unique flavor of class and sophistication in your room, giving vitality and meaning to even the banalest of indoors. Without a doubt, white plantation shutters are what you need to add a touch of luxury and minimalism at the same time. However, there are a few other colors you may consider for these window treatments, for there’s no limit to the range of styles or colors you can design your home with.

1) Dark Grey or Black

Shutters in these colors present a timeless design that will make your household its appeal for years to come. They will easily fit in and mix perfectly well with modern decor trends. One thing that has been observed in the past few years is how people have switched over to black windows and dark trims, which have become the new millennial mantra for contemporary homes. Shutters in dark grey or black not just give a great finishing touch to windows — they enhance their beauty immensely. Besides, they add an unconventional appeal and richness to your design, letting passersby observe and appreciate your taste from a distance. Because they are universal colors, they can go well with any indoor color, but we suggest beige or tan siding with white trims and coffee brown doors to go along with them.

2) Shades of Blue

Blue is a universal favorite in clothing as well as home decor items. The best thing about the color is its variations: navy, sky blue, light blue, turquoise blue, navy and sunflower blue. Shutters in different color variations can be perfectly amalgamated with green, yellow or red siding. They can be used equally well to decorate your brick exteriors.

3) Red

Red shutters are a different yet bold choice, adding the necessary flamboyant touch that will set both your interiors and exteriors apart with the richness of the color. Modern trends suggest darker and charcoal tones, but red can also be used to provide a bright pop of color, especially when it is paired with a contrasting trim in a lighter beige or white.

4) Beige

If brighter and bolder colors are not your thing, you can go for the time-tested beige designs that are reliable and minimal. Most shutters, whether constructed from wood or PVC, are available in variations of this color. Beige shutters can be paired with sidings in darker colors to provide a balanced look in design. Like white shutters, these window coverings also add brightness to a window, making them appear larger.

Key Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters

When they started out, the purpose of plantation shutters was to provide a solid replacement for the glass to keep the weather out. However, with the increase in their appeal and the changing tastes of consumers, they have undergone major transitions, with motorized options also available now. To get back to the basics, there are three reasons why people need a window covering: privacy, security and heat/light control. Plantation shutters prove to be excellent choices in providing all these three benefits, along with a gamut of other advantages that modern consumers must consider.

1) Light Control

With adjustable louvers that may be pulled up or down at a convenient angle, you can customize the amount of light you want inside the room. To protect your floorings and furniture, you can angle them away from your stuff to protect them from the UV radiation of the sun. If you want to take a nap during a day, they can be easily shut to engulf your room in darkness. This feature makes them ideal for use in bedrooms or nurseries.

2) Ventilation and Air Circulation

When their louvers are kept open, plantation shutters allow for enhanced ventilation and air to pass freely within your home. This prevents a feeling of claustrophobia within the home and also keeps the air within fresh and healthy.  If you plan to set plantation shutters in the children’s room, ensure you put a lock on them to ensure safety.

3) Privacy and Security

Apart from their light control and ventilating features, shutters are pretty good window coverings to ensure your home stays safe from prying eyes and Peeping Toms. The thickness of their slats ensures that while there is minimal natural light in the home and a decent outdoor view, the interiors are not exactly visible to outsiders. Now, these shades also come in motorized options that can be pre-scheduled to open or shut them. This will give a fake impression of the house being occupied even when you are off to work or a vacation.

4) Durability

Lasting for years to come, shutters only need to be taken down when they require thorough cleaning for maintenance purposes. The faux wood shutters are water resistant and can be easily swiped with a damp cloth. Moreover, their louvers can be easily replaced by a professional whom you can send for.

5) Good Looks

Because of their distinctive and distinguished appearance, plantation shutters can be a worthwhile investment, for they create a consistent look in your home. As they are available in a variety of colors as already discussed, they can be a great proposition. Providing a timeless and elegant design, they have become an extremely popular choice with people on a global level.

Ultimately, the purpose of any window covering is to provide a cohesive look that becomes an extension of the good qualities in your home. They must be in sync with your home decor, and choosing them in the right color is the first step before you go about looking for those that are perfectly functional.

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