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How Do Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Work?

White Faux Wood Blinds

The aim of technology is to constantly give us innovative ideas to help us do most regular tasks simply and efficiently. In short, making ways to make our everyday lives easier by coming up with disruptive ideas to do the same work in, well, a much better and relaxed way. The field of modern window treatments to adjust the amount of light or heat inside while maintaining the decorum and style of the house is no exception.

An important consideration while visualizing the perfect blinds in your home is how neat you want your living space to be. While the idea of a stylish window treatment that is both useful and beautiful to look at sounds good, do you want to see an unnecessary cord dangling by its side?


White Faux Wood Blinds


The world is constantly changing. White faux wood blinds are impressive in their appearance and are designed to upgrade your lifestyle. They add a subtle hint of class and upscale living to any home. These window treatments with cord mechanisms have always been around. But recent innovations have brought us to a point where you do not have the need to pull the curtains or blinds through a cord anymore.


White Faux Wood Blinds: Functioning And Operation


The following are the ways in which cordless faux wood blinds work:


#1. The Rail System


Pulling Down the Rails

  • Many blinds come with a rail system which enables them to be pulled down to close
  • It is a very easy and a convenient process and can be operated by just about anybody

Lifting or Rotating the Rails


Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


  • Just like pulling down the rails, you can lift them up and decide whether you want to open them completely or partially
  • This action is as simple to carry out as closing them


Cordless Roller Shades Mechanism



There are, however, a few things you need to consider while using the rail system to operate white faux wood blinds:

  • They need regular maintenance. There may be a point where you may face difficulties in the opening, closing or rotating them. In this case, contact the manufacturer or company instead of forcing them down.

  • If the blinds are installed from the top of the window, the rail should be at the base of the slats. In case they are installed at the bottom, the rails need to be at the top.


#2. Motorized Blinds

Aren’t we all lovers of comfort? Who would like to exert themselves unnecessarily when there are alternate ways to do the task at hand. Many of us wouldn’t want our work to be more cumbersome and tiring if we invest in home décor. These days, there are many blinds with motorized options to make your life easier.

Remote Controlled Blinds and Shades

    • Operate them from the comfort of your couch or bed by a click of the button of a remote-controlled device
    • Some blinds also work with modern gadgets like a smartphone or a tablet


Certain points need to be kept in mind before operating remote-controlled devices:

  • Read the instruction manual completely before using the buttons
  • You can also talk to a customer service representative if you are not clear about the set of do’s and don’t’s
  • If you are operating the blinds through a smartphone, the specific app needs to be downloaded first
  • Go through the instructions carefully before taking the next step

Using Buttons to Control Blinds

  • Blinds that are operated through remote controlling devices have buttons on the side of them
  • You can use them to open or close the shades to the level you want in case your remote is misplaced
  • However, you must note that not all blinds with remote controls have buttons
  • In case you don’t have a remote, do not hesitate to call customer care for help

Automatic Adjusting of Blinds

  • This is a very cool and convenient way to enjoy the shade (or the lack of it) by customizing the settings of the blinds
  • Use your smart device to automatically adjust their position at regular intervals
  • If you aren’t sure about its mechanism, refer to the instruction manual online or the booklet they come with


#3. Panel Track Shades/Blinds


Panel Track Shades And Blinds


  • Panel track shades and blinds are easy to install, operate and move in any setting
  • Used for both doors and windows, they are a great option when you do not want the hassle of a cord mechanism


Here are the multiple ways in which you can use them:

    • Using a Guiding Wand: This is installed at the top of the blinds to move them left or right
    • Wands come in shades that do not move up or down
    • Moving Them Manually: In case the panel track shades do not have guiding wands, you can open or close them manually
    • In many cases, the setup is such that the blinds fall in a sequence wherein moving one of them moves all


#4. Norman Faux Wood Blinds


Norman Faux Wood Blinds


With the installation of the Norman technology, blinds can withstand the effects of outside heat and light from damaging their surface over time. Following are a few advantages of Norman faux wood blinds.

  • Breakthrough Technology

Their material is built with state of the art technology that prevents them from fading and yellowing. The Patented SmartPrivacy feature resists light and provides a hardened closure.

  • Easy to Use

Cords, when installed, can be a great way to adjust the position of the shades. However, over time, they become loose and dangling which makes them difficult and harder to use. With the cordless mechanism, you just need a mere push of a button or a slide by the hand which hardly requires any effort.

  • Safer for Children

Whenever things that are lying around the house are within the reach of children, they are bound to be played and tampered with. Rough use of cords and blinds may result in their damage and the children can also injure themselves. In that respect, cordless blinds are safer in that you may be assured of their safety when you are not at home to monitor your kids.

  • Neat and Clean Look

Cordless window blinds are attractive and more pleasant to look at than being accompanied by messy-looking cords that you will always feel the urge to pull off.

  • Light Control and Privacy

As is the case with most window treatments, they ensure you can limit the amount of natural light and outside sounds that can distract you when you need privacy and concentration to do some assignments.

To sum up, cordless blinds are one of the high-on-demand, low-maintenance window treatments that can not only enhance the beauty of your home but make your lives much easier with their convenience and functioning. Look for options online or at your nearest store to make your purchase.

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