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Which Window Blind Aesthetic Is the Right Fit for You?


Home Décor Style & Window Aesthetics

Home décor does not follow a single chosen style. Every room holds infinite possibilities when it comes to designing and styling. Between what different people in different places have come to agree on what is good and isn’t innumerable design styles have emerged across the world. These styles have evolved over the years and there are also styles that overlap with each other which has given birth to unique décor looks. Despite all this overlapping and not withstanding the hybrid styles that have developed, some styles have continued to hold their ground and have retained their uniqueness against all odds. These are timeless décor styles which have never gone out of fashion. They are as coveted and cherished as ever before.

Traditional Style

The roots of traditional interior design style can be traced back to old European times of 18th and 19th centuries. There is a lot of stress of heavy furniture and stylish elegant fittings. Classic art pieces, antique elements have a huge presence in these homes. They are chosen with care and much artistic thinking goes into picking up these pieces of décor. There is a huge stress on symmetry. Nothing must be out of place. The décor style is marked by use of rich overtones, sophisticated colors and dark wood. There is a regal flair about this décor style. For traditional décor style real wood blinds, Roman shades and heavy draperies are a popular choice of window treatment. Real wood blinds with their rich and elegant appearance blends beautifully with the dark wood colors in the room. Roman Shades with their flair and style lends the perfect touch to surrounding décor. If you are a drape lover, heavy drapes made of silk, velvet or suede makes a wonderful choice of window covering for a traditional home. Hang the drapes high and let them fall till the ground. The yards of gorgeous fabric add a sensual and luxurious appeal to the ambiance.

American Beach Style

As the name suggests, the focus of this décor style is the beach. The dominating colors are blue, reflecting the color of the sky and surf alongside varying neutral tones of sand color. There is nothing extravagant about this style. The furniture has straight neat lines. A white couch with cushions of pastel shades like blue and green thrown in looks attractive. Light colors and lots of natural light helps to create a cheerful ambiance inside the house. Bursting with positive energy, the home needs window treatments that can remain true to the spirit of the décor. White shutters make a fantastic choice of window covering. They blend beautifully with the décor. Nautical curtains, sheer curtains, white linen curtains with sky blue borders adds a soft warm glow to the surroundings. Flat Roman shades and roller shades in color tones of blue and white is also a great choice for beach style homes.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern blinds has remained a favorite interior décor style for homes. As the name suggests, this style evolved during the middle of the 1900s. the style is refined, restrained, sober with emphasis on simplicity. It followed the ostentatious display of wealth that characterized Art Deco Style which preceded mid-century modern style. ‘Streamlined pieces in warm wood tones and an understated aesthetic characterize this style’ perhaps best sums up this style of décor. Simple window treatments like roller shades, cellular honeycomb shades are highly recommended. High on functionality and aesthetically pleasing works best for mid-century modern style.

French Country Style

With their elegance, style and subtlety, French Country Style has continued to charm homeowners even after all these years. Marked by ‘traditional patterns, willingness to embrace asymmetry’ and ornamental flourishes in its lighting is what sets apart this style of décor from the rest. Use of textures, patterned rugs and simple rustic touches across the room makes French Country style so very popular. Roman shades and white or off-white wooden blinds and solid cotton drapes offers the finishing touches to the room.

Art Deco Style

Jazzy, use of bold geometric patterns, innovative furniture designs heavy usage of metallics marks the Art Deco style of décor that became at the beginning of the 20th century. The Art Deco style left its imprint not only on home décor but also on architecture, painting and sculpture of the period. There is an ostentatious show of wealth that was rejected post the Great Depression of 1930s. custom painted shutters, richly colored and textured draperies remain the most loved choice of window treatment for Art Deco styled homes.

Rustic Style

Rustic style is simple, unsophisticated, natural, plain with a raw and distressed finish. Completely unpretentious, rustic styled homes are relaxed, welcoming with use of natural neutral colors like white, beige, brown and grey. You will hardly ever come across pops of bright colors or bold paints in a rustic home. It is all muted and monochromatic. The natural look of wood blinds, natural blinds or faux wood blinds and shutters with solid earthly colors make a great choice of window coverings for these homes. Even in unsophistication there is an elegance that is no where better conveyed than in a rustic home.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist style of décor has a huge following across the world. Their emphasis is on all things that have strong clean lines, is sleek and straight with no extravagance or flairs. Marble veining, woven touches, embossed surfaces are what instills life in a minimalist home décor style. There is no compromise of functionality or artistic beauty. They just do away with excess and curves. Cellular honeycomb shades and roller shades are tailor-made for these minimalist homes. Motorized versions of these shades is desirable for minimalist homes as they keep the windows clutter-free. These are some of the most popular home décor styles followed in different parts of the world. Which window aesthetic is a right fit for you depends upon the kid of home décor style you have chosen for your home. For example, a roller shade in a traditional home or a heavy velvet drape in a minimalist home will only spell a fashion disaster. Choose your window aesthetics as per the décor style you have zeroed down for your home and see the magic unfold.