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Which Way Should You Tilt Your Blinds During The Summer Heat?

Which Way Should You Tilt Your Blinds During The Summer Heat

The summers can be quite unforgiving, not only for our moods and bodies but for your electricity bills as well. As the temperature rises, it makes your life quite miserable. Fortunately, the smart use of blinds can provide you the much-needed respite from the unbearably hot weather. Due to their distinctive functionality, you can tilt the slats of blinds up or down for heat control. This is one of the important reasons which makes you prefer them in comparison to the shades which usually comprise one continuous piece of material that refuses to be tilted.

How You Can Turn Your Blinds Up or Down for Managing Heat

The positioning of blinds’ slats determines the energy efficiency of your house. If your window coverings are not positioned correctly, it allows warm air to come in and it can lead to an increase in the temperature inside your house. So, to keep your house cool, it is advisable to turn the blinds’ slats upwards to reduce heat gain. Tilting the blinds up or down to neutralize heat can have very positive effects on light control and energy preservation in your house.

However, tilting the blinds has pros and cons associated with it. Have a close look at them to derive the maximum benefits and avoid discomforts to you:

Blinds Up: Rounded Side Facing Out

• Privacy: When the blinds are tilted up, it allows you better privacy from the prying eyes of the outside world.
• Better light control: On tilting the blinds up, you have the option of limiting the visibility of your room from the outside to allow you better control of light.
• Better summer option: The positioning of the blinds upward direct the flow of heat towards the ceiling. This tends to deflect the heat and keep the home environment cool.

• Lacking in aesthetic appeal: When the blinds have their rounded side facing out, it exposes their sharper edges to hang unevenly.
• Focus of light: The direction of the light moves more towards the ceiling than the center of the room where it is needed the most.

Blinds Down: Rounded Side Facing In

• Enhance the aesthetics of your home: It provides a softer look from the rounded side that fills the space with ease.
• Tilting the blinds down significantly helps direct heat towards the center of the room, allowing you to optimally tap natural resources in the winter.
• During the hot summer nights, it allows warm air to escape outside, thereby helping you reduce your cooling costs.
• When the blinds are facing down, more light can stream in from the sun, which will flow towards the center of your living space, leading to its optimum utilization.

• Tilting blinds down to give less privacy, one can easily have a peek into your surroundings and activities inside your house.
While tilting your blinds up or down during a heat spell or cold winters, you can adjust your needs accordingly at any time by just pressing a button of your cordless blinds or by the pull of a cord.
Tilt Blinds Up or Down

The Top 5 Blinds That Can Be Used to Banish Summer Heat

1. Vertical Blinds– Vertical blinds work fantastically as a window covering. These offer many options of light control and privacy. At the same time, they impart fine finishing to your home and reduce both the glare and heat coming from the outside. These blinds are considered to be the ideal ones for summers.

2. Venetian Blinds – These blinds are wonderful at effectively reducing the heat in closed spaces. It is recommended that you should opt for aluminum Venetian blinds as they are more durable and do not warp with excessive heat.

3. Roller – They are made of a solid sheet of fabric and turn out to be more effective than vertical and Venetian blinds in blocking heat from direct sunlight.

4. Vision Blinds – These blinds are dual-layer roller blinds that result in total heat reduction and privacy. Their pattern comprises of stripes of sheer and opaque fabric bands that can be adjusted to see through or block more light.

5. Perfect Fit Blinds – These will always be the most appropriate of all as they look amazing due to their style, versatility and brilliant designs. These blinds can be installed without any damage to the frame of the window or plaster.

All said and done, we have plenty of blinds choices available in diverse forms like pleated, roller and Venetian types. All of them are effective in curtailing the scorching summer heat. Thus, with the above-mentioned methods to move blinds up or down, we can survive the harsh weather in a natural, cool and energy-efficient way.

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