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Which Venetian Blinds Are The Best For The Summer?

Which Venetian Blinds Are The Best For The Summer?

Versatility of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are arguably the most common type of blinds in the market today. In fact, venetian blinds have become the poster child for window treatments and specifically for blinds. If you have ever wondered why it has been given so much regard, it is because venetian blinds bring the best of all worlds to you. For instance, they can block sunlight, help you in controlling the light in your room, give you privacy and insulation while also acting as a decorative accent to your home décor. They are also easy and effective to use with a simplistic design. Venetian blinds have a degree of versatility in their design, use of materials and fabric. This not only means that you can find venetian blinds that can suit your home décor, but it also means that you can find venetian blinds that specialised in certain functional aspects. This blogpost will specifically address venetian blinds that are good in insulation and why they are recommended during the summer.

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian Blinds are window coverings that have slats that are attached to each other in the form of rows. Slats are basically horizontal strips of raw material and fabric fastened to each other in a way that gives individual slat some movement and flexibility. This arrangement of slats is suspended on ladder cords to form venetian blinds.

What are the benefits of Venetian Blinds?

Despite being a simple arrangement of materials, venetian blinds are given due regard because they are also quite effective. In fact, they are so effective, that they are used everywhere. You might notice that venetian blinds are not only a common feature in homes but also places like offices, hotel lobbies, conference rooms etc. Here are some listed benefits of venetian blinds –

1. It is easy to procure a custom fit venetian blinds for your home. You don’t have to worry about having disproportionate sizes between your windows and your venetian blinds because of the abundance in availability.

2. Using a venetian blind is not that difficult at all. However, if you want a safer and kid-friendly option you can always look into motorised venetian blinds.

3. You can control how much natural light enters your home. This way, you can ensure there isn’t complete darkness or overexposure at the same time.

4. Venetian Blinds are also known for their affordability. If you are looking for a budget friendly options with no compromise on quality, you can always consider venetian blinds.

5.  Privacy is also a concern that you can address with venetian blinds. The positioning of the slats gives you a unique advantage wherein you don’t have to fully sacrifice your view of the outside world for your privacy.

Venetian Blinds – An Ideal Window Treatment in the Summer

An important function of window treatments that is catching on is the fact that they can not only shield someone from harsh sunlight but also from the heat.

For ensuring that your summer is breezy you can always turn to vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are essentially venetian blinds. The only place they differ in is the fact that the slats of vertical blinds aren’t horizontally positioned (from right to left) but are positioned vertically (up to down). These are recommended for larger windows and patio doors as the slats can cover a larger surface area. This naturally means the natural light and heat cannot seep through and make life uncomfortable.

You can also always consider aluminium venetian blinds. These blinds are effective. The aluminium slats make them heat resistant and water resistant as well. They are durable and easy to maintain and are also extremely affordable. This makes them a perfect all-round pick for your summer window treatment as well. They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms as well.

You can also go for PVC venetian blinds that are just as good as aluminium blinds. Polyvinyl chloride is a reliable material that can really help making your life easy in not having to deal with the heat, constant maintenance and repairs.

If you want to go for something unique, you can also choose wooden blinds. These give your home a rustic, cabin look and its quite easy to use. Naturally, maintaining this décor is slightly more involved. Furthermore, over exposure to sunlight can cause your wooden blinds to warp. Fortunately, you can choose faux wooden blinds that is reinforced PVC that is made to look like real wood. It is affordable and solves all the problems that arise out of using real wood. You can achieve the summer cabin look with these set of venetian blinds almost easily.


Venetian blinds aim to give you comfort. The rotatable nature of the slats entails that you don’t have to choose between a dark home and a bright home. Isn’t it nice to be able to find some middle ground in these kinds of things?

Make sure you take things into consideration before you look for the right venetian blinds. For instance, are you looking to replace the blinds in your bathroom this summer or are you looking for a new window treatment for your breakfast nook? Take into account the colour of the walls and the furniture as well.

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