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Which Types Of Window Coverings Are Best For French Doors?

Which Types Of Window Coverings Are Best For French Doors?

Show Your French Doors Some Love with Modern-day Window Coverings

Once you are done with covering your windows, it’s time to pay attention to your doors. But most of the time, we often overlook this decorating part, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a uniquely shaped door like a sliding door or French door or the simple ones. But do you know that doors confront more light and sun heat compared to standard windows? And that’s why they need to be covered as well in order to achieve complete protection against harsh weather conditions. There are many reasons for covering your doors.

There is often concern about dressing French doors because many homeowners think due to their spectacular size and shape, it is difficult to find the right one. These doors are a great addition to any home decor but before you get into the part of French door coverings, it’s essential to know the best sides of having these amazing architectural frameworks. This door is made up of rectangular glass panels and can truly elevate the beauty of your space by offering exquisite illumination, elegance, and a sense of visual interest. They are not just a door, their unique specialty and artistic values make them distinct and uniform from other standard doors and complement all interior styles from modern to vintage and traditional. The doors act as the perfect gateway to a patio or backyard. Keeping them open will maximize the incoming light and fresh breeze, and also allow for more accessibility than the other doors in your house. Over time, their beauty and functionality make them a popular choice to install in every home.

But we cannot keep them open all day long as harsh sunlight can be a big issue and on top of that, they allow outsiders to peep inside your home which means a lack of privacy. And that’s why choosing window treatments for French doors has become a trend. But while choosing a particular product, there are few questions that will come to your mind like will the door handle get in the way? If we open the doors on a regular basis, then do they affect the movement of the coverings? What about the cords? Well, in this article we will answer all your French door covering solutions. But remember only the right treatment and proper installation can make your doors look polished and phenomenal.
French Door Blinds

Special Considerations for French Doors

French doors have few unique specifications and that’s the reason you need to be very careful while choosing any blind or shade.

● The dressing you decide for your door should be shallow enough to fit behind the door handle.
● Opt for cordless or motorized treatments to avoid the hassle of dangling cords and also ensure the safety and security of your pets and little ones.
● Install hold-down brackets at the bottom of the door that will keep the blinds in place while accessing the doors.

Types of Window Coverings for French Doors

There are plenty of suitable window coverings that are designed to match your French doors in a delightful way, creating a magnificent yet versatile appeal. Have a look at those options which are best and work efficiently for your decor.

● Roman Shades for Modernity:

If you are looking for a casual appeal for your arena while giving the doors a tailored look, then Roman shades are your go-to option. They add a sophisticated feel to your place with their astounding fabrics, textures, and hue choices while emphasizing the beauty of the doors. The graceful folds of these shades easily coordinate with the French door design and complete the look of the doors. With their high-quality fabric options, enjoy substantial light control along with the ultimate protection. Customizing the shades with right material and liner will keep the excess heat out of the room, keeping the indoors pleasing and refreshed all day.
Roman Shades for French Door

● Woven Wood Shades:

Looking forward to giving French doors an earthy-feeling? Woven wood shades are a great choice for a seamless appearance. They are made of natural elements like wood, bamboo, which make them extremely safe to use and non-hazardous for your interior. They are available in different fabric materials for controlling light and privacy. And you can opt for an additional liner for additional light blocking or insulation. Choose a customized shade from a wide range of colors and texture choices and add a fresh look to the decor while making the French doors look mesmerizing and highly elegant.
Natural Blinds for French Doors

● Cellular Shades:

If you live in an extreme weather condition, and excess temperature through the French door makes your stay unbearable and uncomfortable, then cellular shades are a great choice. Besides being lightweight and sturdy, their unique air pockets trap the harsh heat and cold inside, protecting the interior from unwanted UV rays while saving on your energy bills. A wide selection of designs and lift mechanisms allow you to customize your shade as per your taste and convenience that will create a statement for your area.

These are the top suggested French door coverings that fit your aesthetic and functional requirements. But there are more. Be sure to look at all those options to get the right match. For more queries and suggestions, feel free to consult with the designers who will guide you to find the right one!