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Which Types of Blinds are Best for Bathrooms?

Which Types of Blinds Are Best For Bathrooms

When you set off decorating your new house to make it the home you envision and want to live in, window treatments also feature at the top of the list of things you want to add to the mix. Bare windows and doors don’t make for a great sight and take away most of the charm of the home décor that you so painstakingly put together. Being bad insulators, bare windows, and doors especially the glass windows also fare poorly when it comes to preventing heat gain, privacy, and light control. This makes window treatments a must-have for providing coverage and elegance to your lived space.

Why Window Coverings are Important for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important section of the house where ensuring privacy is of paramount significance. You would want to ensure your personal sanctity and space while you enjoy a relaxing bath. For that, you need to make sure that the prying eyes of the onlookers are kept at bay and don’t invade your privacy. Window treatments, besides giving a boost to the visual appeal of the bathroom interiors, also safeguard your privacy. This makes them an automatic choice for your bathroom windows. However, bathrooms have certain unique requirements and hence, you can’t just install any set of window coverings in your bathroom.

Things You Need to Consider While Selecting Bathroom Window Treatments

The bathroom is that section of the house which is constantly exposed to moisture. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t keep any such thing in there that does not handle moisture well. Things made out of wood are organic in nature and they can easily warp and decay due to prolonged exposure to humidity. While selecting window coverings, you need to consider this aspect. Window coverings made from wood such as wooden blinds, woven wood shades, etc. will not be a good option for your bathroom as their durability will suffer due to moist conditions. Fabric window coverings that are made from organic fabric also may not be the best option, even though these exhibit better resistance to humidity and moisture.

Window coverings that are made from moisture-resistant material will be the ideal choice for your bathroom. These window treatments don’t get affected by the high level of humidity that is present in the bathroom, so they end up being more durable. Window treatments are a costly investment and you certainly don’t want to keep spending money on replacing them too often.

The orientation of the window treatments also plays a big part in their privacy performance. Vertical window coverings such as the vertical blinds and shades, for that reason, tend to have some privacy issues. Vertical blinds and shades don’t tend to provide full coverage as the outsiders can peep inside the room when they look through the window at certain angles. While you may ignore this issue if you are getting the vertical blinds and shades for outdoor sections, living room, or any other section where complete privacy is not required. However, if we talk about the bathroom, you can not accept any slip up in privacy. Hence, you will be better off picking horizontal window coverings for the bathroom.

To ensure complete privacy, you should opt for window treatments that also offer excellent light control. Sheers may not be a good choice for that reason. Blackout window coverings provide the best light control capability but you can also opt for light-filtering options if you want to allow some diffused light inside the bathroom.

Which Types of Blinds are Best for Bathrooms?

With the above discussion, it is pretty clear that you need to be picky and pragmatic when it comes to selecting window coverings for your bathrooms. Blinds are an excellent window covering option and they are versatile enough to be installed in any section of the house. In keeping with the special considerations related to the bathroom, there are many types of blinds that can be a perfect fit for covering your bathroom window. Let us look at some of them in greater detail:

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an affordable alternative to the costlier wooden blinds. While there is no doubt that wooden blinds look absolutely amazing in any kind of home décor, they are not suited to the bathrooms. High levels of moisture present in the bathroom can cause the wooden blinds to warp and decay a lot faster than normal, thereby seriously hampering the longevity of the blinds. You definitely would not want to replace the blinds too often as that can prove to be very costly. This is where the faux wood blinds come into the picture.

Faux wood blinds are made from synthetic material such as PVC and composite wood. As a result, these blinds don’t get affected by moisture. Lower cost, water-resistance, and durability make the faux wood blinds a great choice of waterproof blinds for your bathroom windows. With faux wood blinds, you not only get the stunning looks that resemble real wood blinds but also ensure excellent privacy and light control in your bathroom.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are another good option you can look at for your bathroom windows. Aluminum blinds are budget-friendly and to top that these blinds are water-resistant. The wider vanes of these blinds also provide better coverage. If you get the blinds that are made from high-quality aluminum, they tend to have excellent longevity. Hence, you get excellent privacy, light control, and durable coverage for your bathroom windows at an extremely affordable price point.
Mini Aluminum Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the oldest and most elegant types of blinds. The familiar design of the blinds where you see one slat stacked over another has been derived from the Venetian blinds only. Available in a variety of material choices including synthetic fabrics, Venetian blinds are aptly suited for your bathroom. The synthetic fabrics are water-resistant and hence can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have many benefits that make them an ideal choice for your bathroom windows. The roller mechanism makes operating these blinds very convenient. These blinds are also motorizable and that makes using them even easier. Imagine being able to control the blinds in your bathroom with the touch of a button or your smartphone. That will be fantastic indeed. With roller blinds, you can do that with some customizations.
Roller Shades for Bathroom
Moreover, these blinds are also available in a variety of materials including synthetic material that is moisture-resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about any durability issue with these blinds. All you need to do is to pick ones that are made from synthetic fabrics and you are good to go. These blinds have adjustable slats that can be easily controlled to ensure privacy and light control in your bathroom. All these features coupled with the scope for automation make the roller blinds an excellent choice for any section of the house including the bathroom.
The bathroom should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself with a luxurious bath. With the window covering options discussed above you can rest sure of getting a peaceful environment inside the bathroom with proper safeguards to ensure complete privacy and peace of mind.

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