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Which Remote Control Blinds Brand Is The Best?

Remote Control Blinds Brand

Some of us swear by corded window treatments, where pulling the long loops of fabrics is more convenient for drawing the blinds apart or closing them together. Cords are still used for a wide variety of window treatments, including Roman blinds, curtains, vinyl blinds and cellular blinds. However, many homes have started employing smart home technology, where your convenience and comfort have become a top priority and you can operate the shades from a distance, whether you are in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen or the bedroom.

Imagine you are lying in your bathtub filled with hot water, and you’re having the time of your life, completely relaxed and at peace. Suddenly there is a gush of cold wind that comes in, making you very uncomfortable and chilly. Getting up from the bathtub, stumbling your way across the shades and pulling the cord to close them might seem like quite an arduous task, would it not? Suppose you have a remote control by your side to simply flick a button to shut them. Now, how convenient would that be? And this is just one of the advantages of motorized, remote-controlled blinds.

As with any other product, the brand value is an important factor determining your purchase. We suggest the top window treatments for remote controlled blinds in this section, and what makes them such great value-for-money propositions.

Motorized Zebra Sheer Shades For Maximum Functionality

Often we are at a loss when it comes to choosing window treatments that can complement interior decoration without ruining the look. There are subtle colors that they go for, which can either supplement the bolder aspects of the room or complement the overall room decor. Everything should be absolutely built to perfection if you want a super-organized place.

The craftsman behind Zebra Sheer Shades probably built these shades keeping all these factors into consideration. The fabulous beauty brought forth by these shades is flexible, versatile and an instant classic, fitting into any room, big or small, subtle or loud, Bohemian or minimal, with aplomb. Built with alternating fabrics to enable both light filtering and privacy, their style is unique and contemporary. The motorized feature is an added advantage of these shades, making you feel comfortable and relaxed as you adjust and open these shades during day time, before sleeping or just after waking up.

Having a variety of colors to boast is one of the essential features of Zebra Sheer Shades, where you can choose from many options, including Black, Chocolate, Grey, Ivory, White, Blue, Midnight, Pink, Steel and Brown, among others. The vane sizes also differ, which means you can customize your window shade according to your liking.

So here are a few of the key takeaways for these must-have remote-controlled blinds.

1. Light filtering materials to block out the sun’s glare and to ensure privacy and comfort.
2. The vanes can be kept open and adjusted for a beautiful outdoor view.
3. The remote-controlled/motorized feature ensures the safety of kids and pets.
4. The high aesthetic value increases the value of your home.
5. Installation of the product is an easy and simple process.
6. They can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, dusting and soil removal.
Smart Motorized Shades

Crown For Superb Motorized Solar Shades

Crown is a name synonymous with all-round brilliance in window treatments. The good news is that it has inculcated modern technology to make things all the more functional to enable comfort, privacy and security in your home. Known primarily for their range of blackout as well as light filtering solar shades, the brand has made quite a name in homes across the world.

Their solar shades are made from a continuous roll of fabric, usually, a combination of polyester, polypropylene, and cellulose, accommodating a roller mechanism where they fold up neatly on a roller, taking up minimal space and keeping the entire space elegant, minimal and sophisticated. Because of their UV-resistant material, your rooms are kept safe even in the peak of summers where roaming outdoors can cause major irritation and all sorts of health hazards, including pigmentation and skin cancer on rare occasions. Solar shades let you enjoy your summers without letting in the blinding glare, and also boast of various opacity levels that can make the entire experience of sitting by your bay window and enjoying a reasonably good outdoor view a pleasant exercise. If, however, you want the shades in a blackout material for ensuring complete darkness in the room, you can get these shades customized as well.

The motorized feature brought about by Crown has pushed the already brilliant window coverings a notch higher. So here are a few features of this brand that you cannot look away from.

1. A crisp and neat look to complement any modern decor.
2. Made from a fire-retardant, non-toxic material to minimize dust and grime.
3. They are extremely durable and can be used in areas with high humidity.
4. You can enjoy a wonderful outside view without being spotted, thus keeping you and your belongings safe from the prying eyes of burglars and potential intruders.

Graber For A Variety Of Motorized Shades

Graber was one of the earliest brands to quickly latch on to the smart home technology that brought an unparalleled shift in window decor. As we enter the new decade, you can now operate your shades by the use of a smartphone app or the Z-Wave hub. When the blinds are powered by Alexa or Google Home, you can merely use your voice instructions to guide their opening and closing. How convenient would these be for you, where you can simply sit at the corner and bark orders, just as you would at your workplace! Cheap motorized shades also allow the blinds to automatically adjust based on the position of the sun as well as at night when privacy is your priority.

Graber has its own Virtual Cord app as well as different rechargeable battery options to make your experience in motorized shades rewarding and pleasant. Thus, Graber as a premium window treatment brand offers several advantages for your benefit:

1. You can schedule your blinds to lower or adjust at different times during the day, thus minimizing the need of energy-consuming air conditioners and heaters.
2. Without the need for cords, their motorized/remote-controlled feature enables a neat, sleek and clutter-free operation.
3. The easy-to-use remote controls, smartphone apps, and Google Home/Alexa-enabled voice control enable convenience and flexibility.
4. With their easy and very simple setup, they ensure peace of mind when you know your kids are safe from the cords in other window treatments.

Hunter Douglas and Norman are two other brands that have owned the motorized and remote controlled feature like few others. While the former is known for infusing newer technologies in the construction of a hybrid of window treatments. But even as a lot of us have begun to discard the corded and lift operation in favor of remote-controlled and motorized features, it does not mean that we can afford to go completely lazy. They still require a lot of care and continuous battery replacement, which requires you to buy new batteries at least three times a year. Also, understand and research which batteries are best for different shades. Regular cleaning of the vanes is also essential, and you are better advised to seek the help of a professional before installing them.

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